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How to Use Screen Clippings of Microsoft Office Word 2010

Using Microsoft Office Word 2010, you can use the screenshot button or the screen clipping to capture a snapshot of images, programs, or windows. You can add quickly screenshots to your office files without leaving the program you use or a program where you study and do research. Using these features will improve its readability and view to motivate your reader or viewer.

These features are available also in Microsoft Office Excel 2010, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Below is the guide on how you use these MS office features.


Open your Microsoft Office Word 2010. Double click the icon on your desktop or use the start button> all programs>Microsoft Office>and click the MS-Word 2010.


Once the Window interface of MS-Word 2010 opens, click the Insert menu, click the screenshot button, then click Screen Clippings.

This will open the non-minimize window of a program, if you want to capture pictures of your social media accounts, open first your account, don't minimize it, and open your Microsoft word 2010. The following steps 1,2, and 3. Just point the black crosshair and select and drag your mouse. After you release your mouse button. It will automatically capture the image and it will paste it into the Microsoft Word template.


After you select a portion of a program, windows, or your picture and drag your mouse to occupy the portion part it will paste automatically in the template of this MS-Office 2010. 

Another method of capturing images displayed on your screen is using the PrintscreenSysRq key on your computer keyboard. Using this keyboard feature all you need is to press the key after you open the program and paste it into your Microsoft Word templates. If your using a Laptop keyboard uses the ALT key and print screen to PrintScreen or screenshots.

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