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How To Apply Picture and Text Watermark Using Microsoft Office Word 2010


Watermark application using Microsoft Office Word 2010 is one of the best features found on the menus of this application. For example, you wanted to create a certificate for the training of the employees of a certain company and you need to apply a company logo before the text of a certificate's. In another way also if you wanted to apply text watermark inside your document. The best of the watermark if applied it can't be erased and you can be sure in your document can't be owned by others. And also to the certificates you created, not only to add designs, but also it will protect your documents. 

Below are the simple instructions how to apply.

1. In your computer desktop, click the Microsoft Office Word 2010 icon. Or click start button/ all programs/ Microsoft Office/ Microsoft Word 2010.

2. Once the Microsoft Word 2010 displayed in you screen, prepare your document template. First apply margin, paper size, and orientation.

3. If your document is ready now, you can apply watermark.


In the tab menu above in your interface, click the tab menu called Page Layout.


Then click Watermark button in Page background menu group, then in the below portion of the list click Custom Watermark.


Then in the pop-up window click the option called Picture Watermark. The click select picture, here you can select your picture or logo in your computer folder or on your USB flash drive.


After you click Select Picture button, just select your picture logo then click Insert button below. Same as what I made in the image above here.


After uploading the picture logo, unchecked by clicking Washout, then click apply button below. Here you will see the picture logo in your certificate document. And also, you can apply washout in the image or picture if the image is high color and your document text became blurred after inserting the picture or logo image. 



  1. Go back to custom watermark using page layout menu, watermark button, then click custom watermark.
  2. In pop-up window, select Text Watermark.
  3. Then in the Text field drop down bar type the word or sentence you like to put in your document as watermark. Or click the arrow in the bar and select from the list a readymade text watermark.
  4. Then click the font field to select a font style, example: Arial.
  5. Then click the size field to select a font size, example 60.
  6. Then click color field to select a color, here you can unchecked semitransparent.
  7. Then also you can select your layout option such as Diagonal and Horizontal.
  8. Then click Apply button below.

The after you created all of this application and your certificates or documents are finished, you can make a hard copy now. But you need to set up first your Microsoft Word for the printing of a document with images, color, and background. You can browse our sites for this application.

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