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8 Easy Steps How To Create New Gmail Account


Do you want email account? or another email account for your personal use or for your business use? Gmail is the best recommended, it is state of the art electronic mail services (email). It has maintained own by Google, the giant network of the internet that provide better delivery of your messages in a safe way. And give you an email account freely with at least 15 GB free storage in a Google server. 

Use your Gmail account for everything, for your personal shopping, for your messages, social media accounts, billing payments, even for job finding and more. This email account also has an ability to block spam and viruses. And you can use it in your entire accounts of Google products.



1. Open your web browser, and type in the address bar Gmail.com


2. On the next page, find and click the button "Create An Account", position top right of your screen.


3. Fill-up the form, write your True first name and last name, next the username and your passwords. Then click the next button below.


4. On the next form, enter in the bar, same as in the image above here your mobile phone number. Be sure that this mobile phone number is your official number. Because this will be used to recover your account when it is compromised in the future. And in the below portion, select your language, the default is English. Then click next after you finish.


5. You will receive a verification code from Google right on your mobile phone. This is the verification key confirming that you're the owner of the account base of the mobile phone number you entered in the form. Then type it in the bar, same as I entered in the image above here. Then click verify button.


6. In the next form, type your alternate email same as what made in the image above here. This alternate email will be used to recover your email account if ever it will become compromised. Then type also your Birth Date in the box of month, day, and year. And select also your gender. Then click the next button at the bottom of your screen.


7. On this page, click the "Yes, I'm In" button at the bottom of your screen.

8. In this page, drag the scroll bar until to the bottom, this is the Privacy and Terms or state here the terms and conditions of Google in using their products. After you read it, click I agree button at the bottom of the screen.

After the 8 steps, your new email account interface will display on your screen. Just wait the progressive indicator until 100 percent. Then dress-up your new email account like the email signature your favorite themes and your profile pictures. Then you can use now your email account for sending messages. 


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