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How To Setup Yahoo mail Pro Inside Your Brand New Yahoo Mail Account


The Yahoo Mail Pro is a brand new version of Yahoo Mail, it is an email account that enables the users to use its email accounts with no ads. And better or high priority customer supports and highly organized inbox. This is good for business professional email that gives you a better brand in communicating your customers. Remember this account needs a payment that you can register using your credit card.

This post will guide you how to create your yahoo mail pro using your brand new yahoo mail account.

Your procedure is below here:


1. Open your web browser, and type in the above address bar: yahoomail.com
2. Once the yahoomail login interface displayed on your screen, login using your username as email address and your password.


3. Once you login in your account, at the right side top, click the gear icon.


4. Click More Settings below of the list.


5. At the left side panel, click the Yahoo Mail Pro link.


6. As for testing click the "Try for free" button.


7. In this step you need to select free as for 7 days or try for 14 days. In this case you need to use a credit card to pay the registration after the trial ends.

8. Just proceed after the step 7, follow the onscreen instructions.

Just tune up for the next post about the brand new Yahoo Mail account.

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