5 Easy Steps How To Create Brand New Yahoo Mail Account


Yahoo updated its electronic mail messages (Email) called yahoomail, taking off and changes its plan of mail application for its 225 million dynamic individuals consistently. This incorporates the new outline interface, changes of list of capabilities, and Yahoomail Pro- a new subscription plan for desktop computer and mobile phone. 

If you're beginner or a user needs a new yahoo mail account this is for you. All you need to prepare is your mobile phone number. Be sure that this mobile phone number is your office phone number. And be sure to keep this number in case your account may compromise in the future. You can use it to verify your Yahoo mail account that you're the owner.


1. Open your web browser and type in the above and in the bar, yahoomail.com and press enter key.


2. Once the Yahoo mail page displayed, find and click the link "Don't have an account? Sign-up.


3. Fill-up and give your information, ask at the sign-up form. After you completely fill-up completely the form, click the button called continue.


4. To verify your account, click the "Text me an Account key" button using the mobile phone number you entered.


5. Then on the next page, Yahoo would ask to verify you're the account owner by sending a key code using your phone number you entered. Then after you received the key code, enter it in the bar, same as I put xxxxx in the image above here. Then click the button called "Verify".


6. In the next page a Congratulations form will display, this indicates that you're successfully creating your brand new Yahoo mail account. Put a check in the box below of the Continue blue button and click on it.

A brand new user interface will displayed in your computer screen. All need is to check the inbox and other feature of this brand new yahoo mail. And put your email signature and select your favorite themes and other features in your account.


Other task you need after you create your email account:

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Yahoo updated its electronic mail messages (Email) called yahoomail , taking off and changes its plan of mail application for its 22...
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