Important Thing You Need To Know About Owning a Computer and Laptop


Utilizing your Personal Computer you have to apply care of your PC. Your PC prone and easy for any users error. And or cause by a software malfunction due of the hardware general failure. Or cause by a dust buildup, or over temperature condition or inside the inner equipment.


In the event that you need to purchase a PC, it must be smarter to purchase a most recent one PC. Its staggering expense analyzes to old one. Be that as it may, the favorable circumstances is you can introduce a most recent rendition of programming or another form of the working framework. For example, the windows 8 and you can guarantee that it's good with the top of the line programming. For example, 64 BIT Operating System OS.

On the off chance that you purchase an old one or absolute PC the points of interest is you will spare the financial plan for cost. But you will experience the headache. Because of terrible trouble of the system, both the software and the hardware. As a result of horrible inconvenience of your time. What's more, you will pay dependably of the administration cost for the repair. Additionally the extra parts to be supplanted of the unit. And not advisable for upgrade of the windows. Because of its hardware incompatible.

Installing license Operating System, such as Windows you can assured a better use and more secured in using the internet. Software updates from the Microsoft servers is always updated in your computer. Bugs and viruses are fully blocked and you’re always secured from hackers and crackers. Once you enter in any sites and social networking sites. And you always befitted the internet products of the Microsoft. Such as the outlook, and windows live and other new programs update.

If you are using pirated Operating System, be sure to turn off the automatic updates using the security and settings of the control panel. If this automatic update is on, it will harm to your PC systems. Because of the anti piracy updates of the Microsoft that will become "bugs" once it will load in the Operating System's registry.

You should backup your important files once your PC is being updated with the anti piracy software or a notification error called “You're a victim of software counterfeit" in the notification area of your computer desktop. Or in Windows 7 called “Your copy of windows is not genuine". Anytime your computer hardware and software will bardown. Because of the heavy load of the bugs in the main storage, or the hard disk drive (HDD). If this happens to your computer, just call an expert in the repair and to debug this error. This error is recoverable without reformatting the hard disk drive.

On Personal computer, it should have two partitions or two drives. The drive C: and drive D: whenever your computer system penetrated with a very harmful virus. You can backup your files in another drive or in the drive D:. So you need to save and copy your important files in drive D: because viruses and bugs are commonly attacked to the operating system stationary drive.

Do not install any highest capacity program, such as games. Without any consultation of the system requirements of that program. It will damage or cause general failure of the OS. And it might cause general failure of the three main hardware of the computer system unit.

If you will encountered hard to open programs do not neglect it. Remove and re- install that program. This error may cause failure of the operating system. If the problem persists even you remove the program. It is understood that the operating system application has failed. And may this cause by a virus or bugs. And cause by the dust buildup inside the system unit and need to perform the maintenance and cleaning. 
This will cause to overheating of the microprocessor and it may lower the clock rate. If you neglected this error and you will continue to use your PC, you always cycle the power button once it will clog. This will cause general failure of the hardware. Until it will not detect by the motherboard's CMOS/BIOS. And you cannot retrieve and backup your important files and programs from HDD.

If your encountered trouble that the PC is always restarting. Even you reformatted your HDD. Just open your CPU and check the motherboards capacitor near the processor. It is a cause of weak or leakage capacitor and check also the power supply unit output capacitor that have a weak and leakage cap.



When you have a netbook or notebook computer, use it in a very safety. It must be 2 to 4 hours longer. Above of this time it's not advisable. Because this computer are designed as portable and designed for mobile works. Such as when you're in travel, in a business meeting, and or in the presentation of a product to a customer.

After every use of your Laptop, notebook, or notebook computer, remove the battery to avoid damage of the motherboard. If you ever forgot to shutdown, sleep, and avoid damage due to the standby power of the battery pack.

Consider also removing the battery or even while travelling in a bus, train, or in your automobile car.

Cover your notebook, Laptop, or notebook computer and even your notepad. It is your custom that after a bath, you will open your gadgets while maintaining your hair. Falling hair will cause damage to your notebook computer, and laptop keyboard and even of the exhaust fan inside.


Following above mention is a worth and helpful procedure to avoid losses of the part of your budget And produce a safety for your own. This will contributes also the longevity and use of your computer and gadgets. And away any untoward incident that probably happen because of not learning any safety  procedures in using gadgets, laptop, and or computer.

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Utilizing your Personal Computer you have to apply care of your PC. Your PC prone and easy for any users error. And or cause...
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