What is guce.yahoo.com and how to Solve this Yahoomail Error

Guce Yahoomail Error

Guce is unknown word, there are no words with definition defined in different dictionaries. But this word is a url or universal resource locator of yahoomail, once you open your yahoomail account using your browsers. Is a redirection after you login using your username or yahoomail address and password. And after your mobile phone verification code. Your browser will not open the yahoomail window, but instead of information at the center called "This site can't be reached guce.yahoo.com too long to respond". This is because it has no clear or wrong DNS settings or the DNS (Domain Network Provider) through a certain hosting provider is not responding.

Base of different feedback from different forums, someday telling that this error will not cause damage. Because this redirection is a part of the new yahoo policies in using yahoomail, link here: Oath Privacy Center 

Although we're not able to determine what is the cause of this error. Rather than make clear and have a clean computer. Or what I mean is that, your computer became ready and clean. Free of bug and viruses to access the new yahoo mail policies and your yahoo mail account. I will let you know what is the results after I done my testing.

I made a testing of a computer that can't access my yahoo mail account. But actually I don't know if there are bugs and viruses, all I knew is that the computer has an antivirus called Avira. So what I did is:



  1. I tried to open my yahoomail account using Chrome and Firefox, but same problem will display on my browser.
  2. I tried to open my gmail account using the Chrome and Firefox but works normally.
  3. So I decided to format my computer, to let myself if after the formatting and reinstall again, my all programs, including all my file backups, browsers, and antivirus.
  4. I made a backup all of my files.
  5. Then I formatted my HDD with two partitions with the file allocation table of 32 bit using the Windows 7 operating system.
  6. After the formatting I install a new Chrome and Firefox browser and I've done updates.
  7. Then I setup my Ip address of my computer including default gateway, preffered, and alternate DNS.
  8. Then reinstall all the programs I need, including the office applications and antivirus software.
  9. After all the installation and testing, including the installation of all computer drivers and updates, I open my yahoo mail account using the Chrome and Firefox browsers. And good to tell you, my yahoomail account opened normally.
  10. And I've done, the problem is fixed. And guce.yahoo.com was gone.
Some peoples in the internet said that they can't solve the problem. Because they didn't allow their computer to be formatted. Because of different important programs that may cause complex during installation. But think of the problem, your yahoomail is also important and there are no other way instead of cleaning your computer and make fresh.


Use  the link below to format and backup your computer, follow the guide.

What is guce.yahoo.com and how to Solve this Yahoomail Error combinebasic 5 of 5
Guce is unknown word, there are no words with definition defined in different dictionaries. But this word is a url or univers...
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  1. The whole thing is called being hacked by an idiot

  2. "So I decided to format my computer"
    Because Yahoo mail wasn't opening??


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