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Parts and Functions of Facebook Messenger Interface


Facebook messenger is an application of the internet and a part or product of Facebook. Is a chat platform messaging apps originally developed by Facebook sometime in 2008. And sometimes in 2011 Facebook subsequently release it standalone IOS and Android apps.

And if you're a new user of Facebook and you need to use this chat application, you need to know the environment interface of this application. You need to know what are the basic and most common parts for better use.


kindly see the image above of the first paragraph here in this post.
  1. SETTINGS- It is located left side top of your messenger window. It's a setting for active contacts, message request, archive threads, unread threads, help, and report problem.
  2. NEW MESSAGE- It's located left side top of your screen and top right of your list of friends panel at the left of your screen. It's a button once you click it will open a new text bar for your conversations.
  3. PROFILE NAME- It's situated right top of your screen, it's a link of the picture and the name of your friends you chat on messenger.
  4. VOICE CALL- It's a button top right of your screen and above of the profile name. It is used to start a voice call between you and your friend.
  5. VIDEO CHAT- It's a button top right of your screen and above of the profile name. It is used to start a video chat between you and your friend.
  6. FRIENDS SEARCH BAR- It's located left top side of your screen. It is used to search easily a friend in your messenger.
  7. CURRENT CONVERSATION AREA- It's a big part of the messenger screen, it's located at the center where your messages displayed. 
  8. PROFILE MAINTENANCE SETTINGS- It's a gear button beside of the profile name at the right top side of your screen. It is used to mute, archive, delete, mark as unread, mark as spam, report spam or abuse, ignore messages, and block messages of your friends.
  9. FRIENDS PANEL- It's located left side of your screen, it's loaded with your friend's name and pictures.
  10. SHARED PICTURES- It's located right side below next of the options menu. It's the images you shared both of you and your friends.
  11. OPTION MENU- It's located right side of your screen, it's an option to search in conversations, edit nicknames, change color of your messenger screen, change emoji or emotion icons, and notifications.
  12. MESSAGE TEXT AREA- Is a text bar located below the center of your screen. Its use to write your messages or conversation.
  13. ADD FILES BUTTON- It's below of your message test area, it is used to add files from your computer storage. Like MS-WORD DOC.
  14. CHOOSE STICKER- It's a beautiful sticker, it's describe your emotions and you can attach it in your message easily.
  15. CHOOSE GIF- It's a graphics interchange format, it's a bitmap image expressing emotions. The difference here with other images, these images are moving or have motions.
  16. CHOOSE EMOJI- It's an emotion icon, it's also expressing your emotions that can be easily added in your message.
  17. SEND A VOICE CLIP- Once you click you can record your voice and sent to your friend in your conversation. But you need here your mic or you can use your earphone mic.
  18. PLAY A GAMES- It's a button once you click you can select a game and have a play. Have a play games sometimes.
  19. TAKE A PICTURE USING QUICK CAM- You can use this to take pictures, but you need to setup your video cam in your computer.
  20. SEND A LIKE- Click this button if you want to like your friends message.
That's all the parts I know in this very popular chat platform of Facebook. If you have questions or you need to report any abuse, use the gear button of the profile name. And select your menu or you can block any message from your friend list.

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