5 Legitimate Sideline Job While at Home Using your Internet


Sideline or partime job is an uttered word of every working Filipinos, we can't deny that most of us have a minimum income. And we need additional income or most of us needs part time job. 

The internet is a world of business as I understand, this means that most of the Philippines companies or foreign companies have internet sites. Or there are sites there offered a business or task to work on it. And they give a good income as a payment or commission of your work you rendered to them. 

But also be aware that the internet is a place where a deception is visible. There are many business sites offered at such work, but later you haven't paid. Or you deposit an investment money, but after you will not receive your return on investment or ROI. Because the company or a business site where you registered is not a legitimate site.

So in this post you are going to learn what are those sites or companies offered a good income. Or a legitimate site for your sideline job while at home. But remember, to have a good income or to have a sideline job while at home, this means it needs your skills or ability. And you need to give your patient, effort, and time management.



BLOGGER- Blogging is an online platform, you will become like a journalist or press that have ability to write a unique content. And can build or manage a blog site professionally. And if your content got a good traffic on the internet, you will get paid by adding ad codes. It means monetizing your sites you will get paid through it. Adsense is one of the best recommended sites who offered big amount of income to the blogger or the owner of a blog site. That having a good reputation and good traffic on the internet using webmasters like Google, Bing (MSN), Yandex, and Yahoo.


WORDPRESS- Is another blogging platform, it's also a very popular and reputable blogging sites. The difference of the two Wordpress and Blogger (Blogspot) is, WordPress uses PHP coding while Blogger uses HTML coding. But in terms of monetizing, Blogger became most popular. Because Google own Blogger and Adsense that can monetize your site. Technically, in terms of site errors, Blogger has a simple HTML coding and you can manage directly your HTML editor right in your dashboard.  


ONLINE PRODUCT RESELLER-  Facebook is the number one social media sites that have 2.19 billion monthly active users. This site is considered as a big community and this is the site where business income is very possible. One of the best you can do here is to create your account and create your own business site page. And became an online reseller of different products, like apparels and kitchen wares. Become a local online product reseller, you must find a product distributor using your FB account. And copy its product code and paste it in your timeline or right in your business page. Simply when there are orders, you need to find the product distributor store. And by the orders of your customers, you will earn on every product by price adjustment. It depends on your price increase percentage.

ONLINE STOCK TRADING-  In order to become an online stock trader, you need to register an online brokerage platform like the COL Financial. This company is one of the popular sites offered a low starting investment of 5 thousand pesos or equivalent in dollar currency in foreign countries. Then you can start your online trading and earn an income from your investment.

Philippine Stock Exchange or PSE is the mainstream of all the Philippines online stock trading brokerage. Online stock trading means is, you need to invest the amount of money or you need to deposit an investment money to this company. You will earn after buying or selling your product during the Market hour. You will earn either by percentage or dividend of any Philippines companies, either blue chips or giant. There are two ways you can work here, either to became a daily trader, if you don't have a fulltime job. Or a long time stock investor and you will earn a dividend of your stock you purchased.

BDO NOMURA- This company is another online stock trader platform. Same in COL Financial, BDO Nomura is also an online stock trading broker. And also offered a very low investment money so that you can start trading. The best of this company is a part of the BDO Unibank. And you can withdraw your money and deposit it in your BDO Nomura account directly. And there is no maintenance deposit required in your account. And you can withdraw your income and have deposited in your BDO account directly.\

All the above mention are parts of the internet business that you can have your part time job or sideline. There are other platform that you can use, but the above I mention I can sure that your money is safe and sound. To make an income through this, it needs your patient and efforts and by God prayer. And also to make your self as a good starter like as online trader, you need to research and study first and make yourself as humble and knowledgeable.

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Sideline or partime job is an uttered word of every working Filipinos, we can't deny that most of us have a minimum income. A...
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