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How To Print Screen Using Laptop Keyboard on a Windows 10

Window of Windows Defender Pasted in Windows Paint Using Printscreen Keys on a Windows 10

Print screen system request or shortly as printscreen is one of a key of your laptop keyboard. It allows you to take screenshots of all the content of your displayed on your monitor screen. You can use this keyboard feature to save any screen information of your business documents, pictures in your social media accounts, presentations, take images in a movie or videos for your thumbnails. And or any websites you search, and or a worksheet.

Some computers and laptops use Fn and Printscreen on a windows 7 or version 10 operating systems. But in other computer and laptop is using ALT and Printscreen. In order to save a certain documents to capture as an image. You can use either a word document application like MS-WORD to save as image files. And or using the Windows Paint to save and edit as image, like PNG and JPEG file format. Learn below the procedure how to perform this in your laptop.


Navigate to your documents or open a website you want to print screen. After it will open, full screen the window to take the whole screen of your display. Now in your Laptop find the ALT key and hold it, then press the print screen key on your laptop.


Now open your Windows Paint, click the search bar of your windows 10 desktop. Type Paint, once it will display, click the Windows Paint.


Then hold CTRL and press V keys to paste the image. 

If the ALT and Printscreen will not work find other way how to use this combination keys. You can try either Fn then press the printscreen key.

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