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How to Create Shop Layout using Autoshapes of Microsoft Word 2007

In this post, I create a shop layout of our ICT Computer System Servicing (CSS) department with complete equipment. That will be used for the training of Tesda Accredited course, like the CSS-NCII. This shop layout will be exactly for your project. Or this post will be your reference on how to create a shop layout using the Autoshapes of Microsoft Office Word either 2007 or 2010 versions.


All need first is to use a coupon band paper and plan and draw your shop layout. Lay out what is the equipment you need to install in your plan shop. Like what you will see in the image above here. See the list below here: 

  1. Airconditioning Lecture room with a TV screen for presentation.
  2. Airconditioning Computer Laboratory 1- This will be used in the actual and assessment area with CCTV and TV Screen.
  3. Airconditioning Computer Laboratory 2- This will be the use of actual for the repair and dismantling of computer parts. This room is complete with tools for repair inside a cabinet arranged accordingly. This room also has CCTV for monitoring and repair benches.
  4. Comport Room- Separated room for female and male Students with lavatory.
  5. Learning Materials- This room serves as a mini library or contextual room serves as distance learning.
  6. Support Area- This will be used for the teacher's and assessors' corner, where learners can ask what they need or support.
  7. Fire Exit- Act as the most important part, where it is used for emergencies. The fire alarm system is installed in this area.


This is a very simple application, it's only required basic skill in computer and skills of drawing.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word
  2. Open page setup for your margin, be sure the orientation is portrait.
  3. Then use the insert menu at the top, then click the auto shapes menu button.
  4. Then in the drop-down list click your auto shapes you need for the layout.
  5. In my work, I used basic shapes and lines.
  6. Then put and use the shapes you selected in the document template.
  7. Use shading colors under the home menu and formats in putting a color of your design.
Auto shapes of Microsoft Office Word are a big help in planning a layout. Not only for a classroom design but actually for any design you need for your project. This is not a correlation, but a perfect use in planning before building in actual your projects.

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