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Complete Parts and Function of Computer Keyboard


How To Update Windows Defender Using Your Windows 10 Laptop


Windows Defender is one of the features included in your Windows 10 computer and Laptop. This program installed on the Windows 10 operating system. Task to protect your computer and laptop for comprehensive real-time protections against software threats like viruses, malware and spyware through your email, apps, and even in your cloud storage. Or simple threats going to your computer hard drives and flash drives. 

You don't need to install this program all you need is to access and open it in your desktop and find the update button. And it will go for updating its virus definitions to unleash its power against virus threats. Just follow the instructions below for your own convenient. 



Open your windows 10 laptop. In your taskbar below your desktop, click search button. Click Windows Defender on the list.


Once it will open, find the tab menu at the top of windows called UPDATE, then click on it.


Once the Update page open finds the update definitions button at the right side then click on it.


The system now will start to update, wait until the progressive indicator will became 100 percent. And your Windows Defender will now become fully equipped for real-time virus protections. 

If happen that your system was penetrated now with viruses and malware. All you need is to backup your important files. And reset your laptop to factory default and if it is PC you need to format your HDD.

Other alternative virus scanner are Antivir or Avira, AVAST, kaspersky, and ABG. You can download right in this site: https://filehippo.com/

How To Print Screen Using Laptop Keyboard on a Windows 10

Window of Windows Defender Pasted in Windows Paint Using Printscreen Keys on a Windows 10

Print screen system request or shortly as printscreen is one of a key of your laptop keyboard. It allows you to take screenshots of all the content of your displayed on your monitor screen. You can use this keyboard feature to save any screen information of your business documents, pictures in your social media accounts, presentations, take images in a movie or videos for your thumbnails. And or any websites you search, and or a worksheet.

Some computers and laptops use Fn and Printscreen on a windows 7 or version 10 operating systems. But in other computer and laptop is using ALT and Printscreen. In order to save a certain documents to capture as an image. You can use either a word document application like MS-WORD to save as image files. And or using the Windows Paint to save and edit as image, like PNG and JPEG file format. Learn below the procedure how to perform this in your laptop.


Navigate to your documents or open a website you want to print screen. After it will open, full screen the window to take the whole screen of your display. Now in your Laptop find the ALT key and hold it, then press the print screen key on your laptop.


Now open your Windows Paint, click the search bar of your windows 10 desktop. Type Paint, once it will display, click the Windows Paint.


Then hold CTRL and press V keys to paste the image. 

If the ALT and Printscreen will not work find other way how to use this combination keys. You can try either Fn then press the printscreen key.

Parts and Functions of Facebook Messenger Interface


Facebook messenger is an application of the internet and a part or product of Facebook. Is a chat platform messaging apps originally developed by Facebook sometime in 2008. And sometimes in 2011 Facebook subsequently release it standalone IOS and Android apps.

And if you're a new user of Facebook and you need to use this chat application, you need to know the environment interface of this application. You need to know what are the basic and most common parts for better use.


kindly see the image above of the first paragraph here in this post.
  1. SETTINGS- It is located left side top of your messenger window. It's a setting for active contacts, message request, archive threads, unread threads, help, and report problem.
  2. NEW MESSAGE- It's located left side top of your screen and top right of your list of friends panel at the left of your screen. It's a button once you click it will open a new text bar for your conversations.
  3. PROFILE NAME- It's situated right top of your screen, it's a link of the picture and the name of your friends you chat on messenger.
  4. VOICE CALL- It's a button top right of your screen and above of the profile name. It is used to start a voice call between you and your friend.
  5. VIDEO CHAT- It's a button top right of your screen and above of the profile name. It is used to start a video chat between you and your friend.
  6. FRIENDS SEARCH BAR- It's located left top side of your screen. It is used to search easily a friend in your messenger.
  7. CURRENT CONVERSATION AREA- It's a big part of the messenger screen, it's located at the center where your messages displayed. 
  8. PROFILE MAINTENANCE SETTINGS- It's a gear button beside of the profile name at the right top side of your screen. It is used to mute, archive, delete, mark as unread, mark as spam, report spam or abuse, ignore messages, and block messages of your friends.
  9. FRIENDS PANEL- It's located left side of your screen, it's loaded with your friend's name and pictures.
  10. SHARED PICTURES- It's located right side below next of the options menu. It's the images you shared both of you and your friends.
  11. OPTION MENU- It's located right side of your screen, it's an option to search in conversations, edit nicknames, change color of your messenger screen, change emoji or emotion icons, and notifications.
  12. MESSAGE TEXT AREA- Is a text bar located below the center of your screen. Its use to write your messages or conversation.
  13. ADD FILES BUTTON- It's below of your message test area, it is used to add files from your computer storage. Like MS-WORD DOC.
  14. CHOOSE STICKER- It's a beautiful sticker, it's describe your emotions and you can attach it in your message easily.
  15. CHOOSE GIF- It's a graphics interchange format, it's a bitmap image expressing emotions. The difference here with other images, these images are moving or have motions.
  16. CHOOSE EMOJI- It's an emotion icon, it's also expressing your emotions that can be easily added in your message.
  17. SEND A VOICE CLIP- Once you click you can record your voice and sent to your friend in your conversation. But you need here your mic or you can use your earphone mic.
  18. PLAY A GAMES- It's a button once you click you can select a game and have a play. Have a play games sometimes.
  19. TAKE A PICTURE USING QUICK CAM- You can use this to take pictures, but you need to setup your video cam in your computer.
  20. SEND A LIKE- Click this button if you want to like your friends message.
That's all the parts I know in this very popular chat platform of Facebook. If you have questions or you need to report any abuse, use the gear button of the profile name. And select your menu or you can block any message from your friend list.

5 Legitimate Sideline Job While at Home Using your Internet


Sideline or partime job is an uttered word of every working Filipinos, we can't deny that most of us have a minimum income. And we need additional income or most of us needs part time job. 

The internet is a world of business as I understand, this means that most of the Philippines companies or foreign companies have internet sites. Or there are sites there offered a business or task to work on it. And they give a good income as a payment or commission of your work you rendered to them. 

But also be aware that the internet is a place where a deception is visible. There are many business sites offered at such work, but later you haven't paid. Or you deposit an investment money, but after you will not receive your return on investment or ROI. Because the company or a business site where you registered is not a legitimate site.

So in this post you are going to learn what are those sites or companies offered a good income. Or a legitimate site for your sideline job while at home. But remember, to have a good income or to have a sideline job while at home, this means it needs your skills or ability. And you need to give your patient, effort, and time management.



BLOGGER- Blogging is an online platform, you will become like a journalist or press that have ability to write a unique content. And can build or manage a blog site professionally. And if your content got a good traffic on the internet, you will get paid by adding ad codes. It means monetizing your sites you will get paid through it. Adsense is one of the best recommended sites who offered big amount of income to the blogger or the owner of a blog site. That having a good reputation and good traffic on the internet using webmasters like Google, Bing (MSN), Yandex, and Yahoo.


WORDPRESS- Is another blogging platform, it's also a very popular and reputable blogging sites. The difference of the two Wordpress and Blogger (Blogspot) is, WordPress uses PHP coding while Blogger uses HTML coding. But in terms of monetizing, Blogger became most popular. Because Google own Blogger and Adsense that can monetize your site. Technically, in terms of site errors, Blogger has a simple HTML coding and you can manage directly your HTML editor right in your dashboard.  


ONLINE PRODUCT RESELLER-  Facebook is the number one social media sites that have 2.19 billion monthly active users. This site is considered as a big community and this is the site where business income is very possible. One of the best you can do here is to create your account and create your own business site page. And became an online reseller of different products, like apparels and kitchen wares. Become a local online product reseller, you must find a product distributor using your FB account. And copy its product code and paste it in your timeline or right in your business page. Simply when there are orders, you need to find the product distributor store. And by the orders of your customers, you will earn on every product by price adjustment. It depends on your price increase percentage.

ONLINE STOCK TRADING-  In order to become an online stock trader, you need to register an online brokerage platform like the COL Financial. This company is one of the popular sites offered a low starting investment of 5 thousand pesos or equivalent in dollar currency in foreign countries. Then you can start your online trading and earn an income from your investment.

Philippine Stock Exchange or PSE is the mainstream of all the Philippines online stock trading brokerage. Online stock trading means is, you need to invest the amount of money or you need to deposit an investment money to this company. You will earn after buying or selling your product during the Market hour. You will earn either by percentage or dividend of any Philippines companies, either blue chips or giant. There are two ways you can work here, either to became a daily trader, if you don't have a fulltime job. Or a long time stock investor and you will earn a dividend of your stock you purchased.

BDO NOMURA- This company is another online stock trader platform. Same in COL Financial, BDO Nomura is also an online stock trading broker. And also offered a very low investment money so that you can start trading. The best of this company is a part of the BDO Unibank. And you can withdraw your money and deposit it in your BDO Nomura account directly. And there is no maintenance deposit required in your account. And you can withdraw your income and have deposited in your BDO account directly.\

All the above mention are parts of the internet business that you can have your part time job or sideline. There are other platform that you can use, but the above I mention I can sure that your money is safe and sound. To make an income through this, it needs your patient and efforts and by God prayer. And also to make your self as a good starter like as online trader, you need to research and study first and make yourself as humble and knowledgeable.

How to Create a Blog Post and Publish in Blogger Blog Completely


After you finished setting up your blog, like the blog title, blog url, themes, description, logo, favicon, Feedburner, and meta description. These settings should must strictly done for better SEO. If you can afford to buy your own domain like the (.com) or your custom domain, that it's the very important to own your blog. And also your own custom template to make your sites professional look. Rather than permanently use the subdomain and blogger themes on Google.

With the above mentioned, your blog site is ready to go. You need to write a post or what we called article for your first post to publish. But first you need to know the what and how or either the 5 w's and 1 h.This is the purpose of this post to let you know what are inside here using the WYSIWYG or the What You See Is What You Get. This means to compose a post. But first familiarize the basic parts of the WYSIWYG user interface.


  1. COMPOSE BUTTON- Situated left to use to select compose article as your blog post you want to publish.
  2. HTML BUTTON- Beside the compose button where you can select this if you want to display the html code of your compose post. Like attaching ad codes in your post or article.
  3. Blog Title Bar- Situated top, here in this part where you can type your blog post title you want to publish.
  4. PUBLISH BUTTON- Situated top right side, once you click this it means you published your post on the internet via your webmasters, example Google.
  5. SAVE BUTTON- Beside of your publish button, use this if you want to save or draft your writing before to publish.
  6. FONT STYLE MENU- Situated top one of the menu buttons at the left side. You can select a font style during typing your post paragraph.
  7. FONT SIZE MENU-  Situated top one of the menu buttons at the left side. This is used to increase, decrease font size. You can select either normal, large, largest, smallest, small. Not a number as your font style to select. 
  8. FORMAT MENU- Once of the menus at the top, here you can select a format part of your post. Either normal, subheadings, heading, minor heading.
  9. B, I, U MENU- It's a bold, Italics, and underline where you can change the appearance of your word or text.
  10. LINK MENU- One of the menus at the top, where you can put your link or URL of the other blog site or website.
  11. IMAGE MENU- Use this to upload image for your blog post. Be sure that your images are related to your article's thought.
  12. VIDEO MENU- Use this to upload or link to your YouTube Channel videos for your blog post to publish.
  13. LABELS-  Situated right side of your screen. It's a group name of your post, somewhat it's a keywords of your articles that have the same topics.
  14. PERMALINK- Its a permanent link or custom URL, use this to create your own blog post URL. Be sure that it's readable, short, and concise, and good format using with dashes.
  15. SEARCH DESCRIPTION- It's a part situated at the right side of your screen. As important requirements before to publish, you need to write a short description at least 150 character description about your article. This will serves as snippets once, it will crawl in webmaster search engine.
  16. WYSIWYG WRITING AREA- It's the test area and the biggest part situated at the center of compose post. Where you can write, put image or videos and publish.       



  1. Click the image menu button at the top.
  2. Then click Choose Files button of the next window that will display. 
  3. Then select the image you want to upload.
  4. Then click open.
  5. Once the image is successfully uploaded, you can click now the image, then click add selected button at the bottom of your window. 


  1. Click the link menu button at the top.
  2. At the pop-up window displayed, type the title of the link you follow that have the same topic of your blog post.
  3. Paste the URL of the link you follow.
  4. The check box "Add rel=nofollow attribute" for better SEO requirements.
  5. Then click OK.  


  1. Click the video menu.\
  2. Click upload then click "Choose a video to upload"
  3. Then select a videos in your drives.
  4. Then click open button at the bottom of your displayed window.
  5. Then click select button.
  6. You can use "From YouTube" menu at the top. If you wanted to link a videos coming from other YouTube channels.
  7. You can use also the "My YouTube Videos" from your own YouTube Channel's videos. 




  1. Click the image, then click the Properties link, see the image above here.
  2. At the pop-up window, click and type the Title Text of the image.
  3. Then below called ALT text, type the alternative text of the image.
  4. Then click ok.
In writing a post you can use the other menu at the top like the alignment menu that you can select either center, left, and right alignment of every paragraph of your blog post. You can use also the numbering and bulleted list.

Then, before to publish your blog post or article, be sure that you put a label, permalink, and search description. If all I mention above is complete in your article or blog post you write, you can click now the publish button at the top right side of your screen. 

What is guce.yahoo.com and how to Solve this Yahoomail Error

Guce Yahoomail Error

Guce is unknown word, there are no words with definition defined in different dictionaries. But this word is a url or universal resource locator of yahoomail, once you open your yahoomail account using your browsers. Is a redirection after you login using your username or yahoomail address and password. And after your mobile phone verification code. Your browser will not open the yahoomail window, but instead of information at the center called "This site can't be reached guce.yahoo.com too long to respond". This is because it has no clear or wrong DNS settings or the DNS (Domain Network Provider) through a certain hosting provider is not responding.

Base of different feedback from different forums, someday telling that this error will not cause damage. Because this redirection is a part of the new yahoo policies in using yahoomail, link here: Oath Privacy Center 

Although we're not able to determine what is the cause of this error. Rather than make clear and have a clean computer. Or what I mean is that, your computer became ready and clean. Free of bug and viruses to access the new yahoo mail policies and your yahoo mail account. I will let you know what is the results after I done my testing.

I made a testing of a computer that can't access my yahoo mail account. But actually I don't know if there are bugs and viruses, all I knew is that the computer has an antivirus called Avira. So what I did is:



  1. I tried to open my yahoomail account using Chrome and Firefox, but same problem will display on my browser.
  2. I tried to open my gmail account using the Chrome and Firefox but works normally.
  3. So I decided to format my computer, to let myself if after the formatting and reinstall again, my all programs, including all my file backups, browsers, and antivirus.
  4. I made a backup all of my files.
  5. Then I formatted my HDD with two partitions with the file allocation table of 32 bit using the Windows 7 operating system.
  6. After the formatting I install a new Chrome and Firefox browser and I've done updates.
  7. Then I setup my Ip address of my computer including default gateway, preffered, and alternate DNS.
  8. Then reinstall all the programs I need, including the office applications and antivirus software.
  9. After all the installation and testing, including the installation of all computer drivers and updates, I open my yahoo mail account using the Chrome and Firefox browsers. And good to tell you, my yahoomail account opened normally.
  10. And I've done, the problem is fixed. And guce.yahoo.com was gone.
Some peoples in the internet said that they can't solve the problem. Because they didn't allow their computer to be formatted. Because of different important programs that may cause complex during installation. But think of the problem, your yahoomail is also important and there are no other way instead of cleaning your computer and make fresh.


Use  the link below to format and backup your computer, follow the guide.

Intellectual Property in Software Technology

A lot of people fuss about the intellectual property right and what it has to do with information technology business. But what are they? What it has something to do with software technology? Why do we need to protect them and how to do so.

IP right is said to be the software industry's foundation. It is a right of ownership in an asset like a software program. The law offers diverse ways for protection of these rights.

Basically, there are four types of IP rights imperative to the software you can file in reputable intellectual property law firm in the Philippines. These are patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. Every type supports a definite level of legal protection. Patents, copyrights and trade secrets can be utilized for the protection of the technology itself. While the trademark does not do that, what it protects instead are the names, logos, and/ or symbols that are used to identify a product and/or service in the marketplace.

Let's discuss things further below:

1. Patent

Patents are the rights in making, using and selling of an authorized invention. This is considered a reward for the efforts of making an invention. For this to be filed, the creation should be described in detail to the Patent Office who will publish the information, thus increasing the amount of technological knowledge available to the public.

Software patent can be an exceptionally powerful economic tool. It can secure features of a program that cannot be easily secured under a copyright or trade secret law. Like for instance, a patent can be obtained for systems, ideas, algorithms, methods, and methods exemplified in a specific software product such as display arrangement, menu presentation, program algorithm, function setup, interface feature, etc.

The patent right is exclusive. That be, or sell a patented intellectual property without an authorization from the owner is guilty of an infringement.

2. Copyright

Copyright protection extends to a specific form to which ideas are expressed. For software, copyright law applies to the source and object code, and some other unique elements of the user interface.

As with patents, the exclusive rights that can be afforded under copyright law sought to reward the creative and efforts of the “author” of the copyrighted work. The exclusive right to control duplication protects the owner of copyrighted software against the competition that would result from verbatim copying of the program’s code. Copyright law also protects against indirect copying, such as unauthorized translation of the code into a different programming language.

Copyright protection arises automatically upon the creation of an original work of authorship. There is no need to “apply” for a copyright or register the copyrighted work in order for protection to exist. Generally, the duration of a copyright is the author’s life plus fifty years. In the case of software created by an employee in the course of his or her employment, the resulting “work made for hire” would be protected by copyright law for seventy-five years from publication.

In contrast with patents, independent development of a copyrighted work is a defense to an allegation of copyright infringement. Imagine, though, how unlikely it would be for the same thousands of lines of code to be created independently by one not engaged in unauthorized copying. Unlike patents, copyright law affords no protection to the ideas underlying the program. Ideas and concepts are fair game for competitors to the extent they are not protected by patents or trade secrets.

3. Trade Secret

Trade secrets are any pattern, formula, process, compound, device, or tool that is not usually known to others, are maintained in secrecy by owner/s as they provide competitive advantages in the industry.

In a manner, this can last for length to forever as long as the inventor provides reasonable efforts to keep it secret and somebody else hasn’t independently created or discovered it.

Many features of software like codes and the concepts reflected in it, can be secured as trade secrets. The protection lasts for as long as the element maintained its trade secret status. Trade secret protection is quite different from patents and it doesn't extend to elements of software that are readily discernible through lawful processes, like reverse engineering and independent development.

Those who will disrespect the trade secret security will not be subjected for infringement. Rather, it will be considered as an act of theft. Its legal status as a protected intellectual property right will only be applied when its owner is able to prove that intellectual property was not known and reasonable steps were taken to preserve its secrecy.

Perfect Remedies how to Change http to New https Protocol and Common Issues


Hypertext Transfer Protocol for Secure communication (HTTPS) is required on the world wide web or in the internet world over networks of the computer. The main purpose is to secure data over the communication protocol is encrypted by means of using the Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Google this time provides free certificates of Secure Layer (SSL) Certificates to comply with this new protocol over the internet to all bloggers that have a custom domain. Rather than only to the subdomains that automatically settled to the new HTTPS protocol under the Blogspot domain.

Changing HTTP to the new HTTPS protocol is not simple, because probably you will encounter mixed content from the previous posting of your articles. And most probably to your images that link to different sites or in blogger itself.

So meaning before changing HTTP to HTTPS protocol you need to check first all your previous posts that don't have HTTPS, you need to change it manually. Including all the links that belong to your site's navigation menus, including the static pages. In this case, it's very hard to scan hundreds of pages, but thanks to whynopadlock.com help to scan pages and post sites for a mix of contents. BELOW ARE THE REMEDIES HOW TO CHANGE HTTP TO HTTPS



  1. Open your blogger dashboard and click Settings on the right-side panel.
  2. Then click basic.
  3. Now below Publishing, it has HTTPS availability, click the no link beside it.
  4. Then select YES.
  5. So when HTTPS now is a turn-on, you need to redirect your contents from HTTP to HTTPS protocol. Below under it, you have HTTPS redirect, change the NO to YES. Then wait several minutes or hours to fully propagated your new URL protocol.
  6. Now if you see your HTTPS is propagated, click the view blog of your dashboard. And check if the padlock is green and said secure. (Note: If this padlock is not available, your site has a mix of contents and needs to fix it before the HTTPS is fully functional and all your contents are fully encrypted.)
  7. But if the padlock is green meaning your site HTTPS protocol is fully functional.



After successfully enabled, your HTTPS and after viewing your blog, the HTTP's have no padlock, follow the below list of the remedies.

  1. Open the whynopadlock.com
  2. Copy your blog URL, and paste it into the secure address bar.
  3. Check box the I'm not a robot.
  4. Then click the test page.
  5. Below you will see the mixed content results.
  6. Copy and paste the mixed content URL and paste it in your browser address bar. Then you will see the image link that has no HTTPS.
  7. All you need is to find the post or article having the links or image links that have HTTP. Put manually the letter s of HTTP to became HTTPS.
  8. Change your post settings to HTML, and find and change HTTP to HTTPS.
  9. Then save your post.
  10. Repeat the procedure until all the Soft Failure of mix content post is all finished.
  11. Check again using why no padlock if there are no soft failure results. Then view your blog again if the padlock is enabled now or the color green and secure.

  1. This is the failure of your hosting provider, if you're using a free hosting provider like CloudFlare this is a common problem. You need to purchase a SSL certificates to complete the settings of https.
  2. If you don't have budgets to buy this certificates using cloudflare, I suggest disconnecting your cloudflare account and call your hosting provider to redirect your domain to your blogger account.
  3. In the procedure above base on my experience, too many redirects, errors will solve 100 percent.


This is not an error or failure, if you remember before the HTTPS you can type your URL like this, example.com rather than www.example.com. Because common our internet users will type the URL without the www. So meaning we need the www.example.com to redirect at example.com.

In this case, Blogger or Google not provided the free SSL certificates with the naked domains. So try below remedies to fix this URL setting.

  1. Inform your hosting or domain provider, example hostgator.
  2. Use the Chat or email to inform them.
  3. And use this statement to help them to understand what you need:
"I need to correct my site DNS address". Forwarding not working properly in my blogger account. I need to use the CNAME referral both the domain root and www host".


Before any changes to your blog, use the draft.blogger.com for beta testing as you test your blog if it is not fully or fully functional, like the new HTTPS protocol.

How to Create Shop Layout using Autoshapes of Microsoft Word 2007

In this post, I create a shop layout of our ICT Computer System Servicing (CSS) department with complete equipment. That will be used for the training of Tesda Accredited course, like the CSS-NCII. This shop layout will be exactly for your project. Or this post will be your reference on how to create a shop layout using the Autoshapes of Microsoft Office Word either 2007 or 2010 versions.


All need first is to use a coupon band paper and plan and draw your shop layout. Lay out what is the equipment you need to install in your plan shop. Like what you will see in the image above here. See the list below here: 

  1. Airconditioning Lecture room with a TV screen for presentation.
  2. Airconditioning Computer Laboratory 1- This will be used in the actual and assessment area with CCTV and TV Screen.
  3. Airconditioning Computer Laboratory 2- This will be the use of actual for the repair and dismantling of computer parts. This room is complete with tools for repair inside a cabinet arranged accordingly. This room also has CCTV for monitoring and repair benches.
  4. Comport Room- Separated room for female and male Students with lavatory.
  5. Learning Materials- This room serves as a mini library or contextual room serves as distance learning.
  6. Support Area- This will be used for the teacher's and assessors' corner, where learners can ask what they need or support.
  7. Fire Exit- Act as the most important part, where it is used for emergencies. The fire alarm system is installed in this area.


This is a very simple application, it's only required basic skill in computer and skills of drawing.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word
  2. Open page setup for your margin, be sure the orientation is portrait.
  3. Then use the insert menu at the top, then click the auto shapes menu button.
  4. Then in the drop-down list click your auto shapes you need for the layout.
  5. In my work, I used basic shapes and lines.
  6. Then put and use the shapes you selected in the document template.
  7. Use shading colors under the home menu and formats in putting a color of your design.
Auto shapes of Microsoft Office Word are a big help in planning a layout. Not only for a classroom design but actually for any design you need for your project. This is not a correlation, but a perfect use in planning before building in actual your projects.