How To Format Samsung Android Phone Due To Hang-up Error

Samsung Galaxy J5 Damage OS

One of the problems of using an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy is the failure of the operating system. If the operating system or we called Android became unstable, your phone will not boot-up or no startup, it will halt only in Samsung display during turn-on. This means you can't open or use your phone home screen menu. In case of the situation, you need now to format or hard reset your phone back to factory default.

But one of the problems is how you will back up your phone? if you can't use your phone menu. This is a total failure. So all you need is to backup your phone in early stages before it will be got failure. But this hangup error during power-on, you can't back up. So this will serve as your learning experience. And make a backup of your file as early as you can. Before your phone got a failure of the operating system.

Below is the complete guide on how to reset your phone. For those android phones that can be back up. Do it right now, before you proceed to format.


Wipe Data Factory Reset

  1. Power-off your phone
  2. Press and hold the volume up and home of your phone
  3. Long press the power button 2-3 seconds
  4. Release only the power button but keep pressing volume up plus home button
  5. Using the volume down you can select the wipe data/factory reset on the list of display
Use Volume Button, Select Wipe Data Factory Reset

Using volume button select wipe data/factory reset 

Wipe Data Factory Reset, press Yes to proceed

     To confirm use the power button and select "Yes"

Reboot System

Select reboot system now using the power button to confirm

Select Your Language

The system will now reboot until the language settings. Select your language click start button below to start.

WiFi Connection Setup

Then the system will ask now your wifi connection if you have. But in this installation, you need an internet connection. So that Google can update your phone, like your Google account and Samsung account. If in this process, your phone was updated in early-stage, all your files will be restored.
Then proceed to next.

Enter Your WIFI Password

Then enter your wifi password as needed, then proceed to connect.

WIFI Setup Proceed to Next

Once you're connected proceed to next below

Accept Samsung License Agreement

Just proceed to license agreement, after reading it press next

Agree To The SamsungTerms and Conditions

To accept the License agreement press agree.

Enter or Create Your Gmail Account

Just enter your google email address, so that your Google account can update your Samsung phone

Gmail Account Setup Proceed to Next

After typing your email address press next button

Gmail Account Setup, Enter Password

Then enter your Gmail password then press next

Gmail Account Setup Proceed and click Yes

In this pop-up proceed by pressing "Yes"

Google Services Proceed to Click Next

Google services proceed by pressing the "next" button

Create Other Email Account

Add any of your email services in this part, there is no other account press not now

Create Pattern Security Password

Press the Next button below to proceed for the Security pattern setup.

Draw Your Pattern Security Password

Draw your security pattern in this part, then proceed by pressing the continue button below.

Type Your PIN Backup Number

Enter your backup pin number in this part. Type in the keypad your own pin number.
To retype your pin number, then proceed by pressing ok 

Phone Notifications

Proceed by selecting the option "Do not show notification" then click the next button.

Account Verification, Click Next

Your Google account now was added" Proceed by pressing the "Next" button below

System is Updating

Wait for a second to finish the new updates

Create Your Samsung Account

If you have a Samsung account password" Just enter it here or create your account here in this part.

Accept Terms and Conditions

Accept the terms and conditions by pressing the create button below

Create Other Account In Other Samsung Apps

You can continue to create your Samsung account or skip in this setup
Confirmation to skip the setup, just press "SKIP"
Just proceed next after.

Samsung Easy Mode

Just proceed in this part by pressing the next button or you can turn and off this part.

My Know Secuirty Virus Scanner Setup

You can press the "Finish and Install" button, this will install the "My Knox" or just press the Finish.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Main Menu

Then you're done, you will be prompted now in your main menu or on your home screen.

You can now use your Samsung Android phone, check your contacts and other settings like date and time using the settings button. And or restore your backup if you have backup your phone earlier. You can use also your Google account and Samsung if you have a backup it before.

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One of the problems of using an Android phone like the Samsung Galaxy is the failure of the operating system. If the operating system or...
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