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Use Google Chrome To Publish and Post Images in Instagram


One of the best social media sites on the internet is Instagram. And most of the Facebook users have also this social media account as an alternate. But because of the restrictions, we can't upload photos using our personal computer browser. Rather than use Instagram apps using our Android Mobile Phone. 

Now this time, this post will guide you on how to upload and post images using your Google Chrome Browser Incognito window.

Below are the instructions on how to Upload Images on Instagram using Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome Browser on your computer desktop.


Click the button like this ... position the top right side of the screen of your Chrome browser. Then click the new Incognito window.

2.  Incognito Window


In the Incognito window, click again the menu button (...) three-dot, position top right side of your browser screen. Point to More Tools in the drop-down list, then click Developer Tools.

3. Inside Developer Tools of Google Chrome.

Click the icon position top left of the editor panel. The icon with 1 small and big square or icon of a mobile phone. After you click it, it will become blue, you're now ready for the next step.

4. Type the Instagram URL and log in using your username and password.

In the browser address bar, type the URL of Instagram like https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login. Then, once the Instagram login account displayed. Type your username and password.

5. Close the programming editor of developer tools.


To expand the interface Click X on the top of the editor panel right side top.

6. How to post and publish images in your Instagram account.

Click the + button below of your screen interface of Instagram.

7. Select your Images 


Select images for your upload and click the open button.

8. Click the Next button top right side of your screen.


To proceed with the caption and location click the next button. See the image above here.

9. Add Caption and Select your location


Add a Caption of your image, you can describe your image by writing it in the bar description of the image above here.

10. Click Share button.


In order to share your image or photos, click the Share button top right side of your screen.

Instagram is one of the best landing pages for business marketing using the internet. All the post should be images, including videos. If you don't have an account of Instagram, you can create or download the mobile apps right here at this link: https://goo.gl/FJX6c6

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