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How to Reset Windows 10 of your Laptop Computer

Reset Windows 10

One of the issues of the laptop or notebook computer is the Operating System (OS), sometimes operating system like windows 10 got serious problem. This is because of the different factor that we can consider that cause the possible problem. 


  1. User's Error- Using the computer without learning about it, like installing different apps or a program, or games that not compatible with your laptop.
  2. VIRUS(Vital Information Resource Under Seize)- Virus is the main cause why the OS got failure. And damage of the important files stored in a storage.
  3. Using USB storage- Inserting different USB flash drive is the one cause why the OS got a serious problem. This is because there are viruses inside that drive.
  4. Serious problem of hardware- Hardware also can cause damage or corruption of the OS. Like hangup cause of the over temperature. That cause the OS to stop and that cause to damage the OS. 
Above causes, no other solution to fix the problem is to reset your laptop or notebook computer. Don't attempt to use the format menu. This can damage the default partition which can damage the recovery files stored in one of the partition or drives. Every laptop has an ability to recover using the reset features. But before to do it, be sure that you backup your important files as you can. Do your best to recover it or use other expert professional to do it.

Below is the solution how to solve serious problem of Windows 10.



In your desktop taskbar, click search button, the type inside the bar, "RESET", then click reset this PC.


In other windows, in recovery features, under of the Reset this PC, click the button called "GET STARTED"


In blue window, you have two options in resetting windows, you need to click either, keep your files or remove everything. If you backup your important files, you need to select remove everything. If not try to use keep my files.


Wait until the system will become ready


Click NEXT button to proceed 


Then click reset button to proceed


The system starts the resetting of your laptop until 100%


After 100% successful, the system will restart


The system will restart and will display back to the POST(Power On Self Test). You will see below portion, "Resetting This PC"


After several minutes, the system will starts installing the windows until 100%


Wait until all windows setup will finish


After 100 percent installing and setup of new Windows, the system will prompt to the new Windows Desktop

After the installation, restart your laptop and check whether it will not hang-up or there are any problem during the startup. If this problem will rise there are problem of your computer. Check whether it is hardware or software. You can try to reset again the Windows, if there are no problem install your program again. No need to install your drivers, it is installed and reconfigure during the reset. But you need to update it if it is necessary. Check also your plug-in and utility software, like browsers and Office applications.


1. How to install Windows 10 using USB, click here
2. Backup your files using Windows 10, click here

Use Google Chrome To Publish and Post Images in Instagram


One of the best social media sites on the internet is Instagram. And most of the Facebook users have also this social media account as an alternate. But because of the restrictions, we can't upload photos using our personal computer browser. Rather than use Instagram apps using our Android Mobile Phone. 

Now this time, this post will guide you on how to upload and post images using your Google Chrome Browser Incognito window.

Below are the instructions on how to Upload Images on Instagram using Google Chrome.

1. Open Google Chrome Browser on your computer desktop.


Click the button like this ... position the top right side of the screen of your Chrome browser. Then click the new Incognito window.

2.  Incognito Window


In the Incognito window, click again the menu button (...) three-dot, position top right side of your browser screen. Point to More Tools in the drop-down list, then click Developer Tools.

3. Inside Developer Tools of Google Chrome.

Click the icon position top left of the editor panel. The icon with 1 small and big square or icon of a mobile phone. After you click it, it will become blue, you're now ready for the next step.

4. Type the Instagram URL and log in using your username and password.

In the browser address bar, type the URL of Instagram like https://www.instagram.com/accounts/login. Then, once the Instagram login account displayed. Type your username and password.

5. Close the programming editor of developer tools.


To expand the interface Click X on the top of the editor panel right side top.

6. How to post and publish images in your Instagram account.

Click the + button below of your screen interface of Instagram.

7. Select your Images 


Select images for your upload and click the open button.

8. Click the Next button top right side of your screen.


To proceed with the caption and location click the next button. See the image above here.

9. Add Caption and Select your location


Add a Caption of your image, you can describe your image by writing it in the bar description of the image above here.

10. Click Share button.


In order to share your image or photos, click the Share button top right side of your screen.

Instagram is one of the best landing pages for business marketing using the internet. All the post should be images, including videos. If you don't have an account of Instagram, you can create or download the mobile apps right here at this link: https://goo.gl/FJX6c6

How to Backup Files of Laptop HDD using Personal Computer


If you have a laptop or called notebook, it is important to backup your important files. Either using the Windows backup or using a second party backup file software. This is very important because once the internal HDD will damage like the no detection of HDD. That cause the HDD platter to stoppage inside.

 There are several factors why you need to backup files:

  1. Cause of Viruses that might your virus scanner can't retrieve or remove the viruses.
  2. Damage of Operating System (OS)- a corruptible OS might prevent to retrieve your important files. But actually you can use second party software like Stellar Data Recovery Software.
  3. Damage of Hardware Parts- this is common like overheat of hardware that cause to malfunction the mainboard (MOBO) or the damage of LCD.
This post will guide you how to backup files using your Personal Computer. Do it right now!

  1. Position the Laptop with the rear back of laptop facing on you.
  2. Remove the HDD at the rear back of your laptop, unscrew the HDD and remove it gently inside the compartment.
  3. Now in your PC, use a SATA Cable to connect your SATA laptop Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
  4. Locate the SATA connector of mobo and use a SATA cable to connect the HDD into the mobo SATA connector.
  5. Once you have surely connected, power up your computer.
  6. Once the computer displayed the desktop, check whether the Laptop HDD is detected.
  7. Open the my computer Icon, if you see the laptop HDD drive. Copy and paste all of your files in your personal computer backup drive, like the drive D:
  8. Once you're being finished copying all the files, assemble again the HDD into the laptop drive compartment. And bring it to the expert professionals for repair.

Technical Tips:

  1. Before transferring the files into your Personal Computer be sure that your virus scanner is updated to filter all the possible viruses coming from your laptop hdd files.
  2. If you will use second party backup file software, be sure to buy a license software like the Stellar Software.
  3. If you have no little knowledge in dismantling laptop and in your PC, allow other professional persons to do it. To avoid future damage or failure to backup your files.
That's all stay tune for another post here.

HP Laptop Computer Battery Recall of Safety and Replacement Program


This January 2018, Hewlett-Packard (Hp) one of the known maker of notebook computer, voluntarily recalling its laptop or called notebook computer battery, including mobile workstations for safety concerns. And they provide replacement programs to all its customers affected.

This battery is potential to overheat, prone to fire and burn hazards to customers. So it is extremely important to check whether your laptop is one of this affected batteries.

This battery recall only involves of all models uses lithium-ion batteries for Hp Notebook computers and mobile workstations. Not involve the personal computer (PC) itself.

To check whether your Laptop model is one of this battery recalling, please check this link if one of those affected. Hp Battery Program

The following tables are the models of HP Notebook affected of this recalling:

HP Probook 640 G2
HP ProBook 640 G3

HP ProBook 645 G2
HP ProBook 645 G3

HP ProBook 650 G2
HP ProBook 650 G3

HP ProBook 655 G2
HP ProBook 655 G3
HP ZBook 17 G3
HP ZBook 17 G4

HP ZBook Studio G3

HP x360 310 G2

HP Pavilion x360


HP 11
HP 11 Notebook PC

The Hp company providing battery replacement program of all authorized service center world wide of all models affected by this recall. And they made programs updates called "Battery Safety Mode" for the BIOS system. This program identifies battery as eligible for replacement and prevent it from overheating.

For this update, visit your Hp authorized service center for additional information. 

Complete Guide how to create Blog using Blogspot or Blogger

Image by: pixabay.com

Are you a beginner and you want a blog? I recommend using Blogspot or Blogger for your own business or your personal blog. Bloggers are another platform, is the number one blogging industry found on the internet. With more than a billionth of members compared to the other platform like WordPress. 

Why you Create a Blogger Blog?

Using blogs in bloggers you can express yourself in a professional way. By using your knowledge or skills by writing it and posting it on your created blog site. And might be, you can help other peoples to solve their problem and even help them to elevate their lives by imparting knowledge to them. And even it can elevate your daily living because of the good income of your blogger blog.

Blogger blog is totally free, you will own a subdomain from Google, either you will set up a custom domain and templates.

So, I created this post for you, so that you can start to create your own, a full proof guide for your start. Without learning basic HTML or reading a tutorial in your internet browser.

What you will learn in this post?

  1. Setup your blog site together with the blog name and URL.
  2. Select a theme for your blog.
  3. Create and set up your blog description and preferences or called Meta tags.
  4. Create a layout for widgets on your blog.
  5. How to add posts and create pages.
  6. Register a domain and hosting.
  7. Start growing your blog. 
Creating a blog and maintain it is not easy. You need enough time and even your spare time will be used. Sometimes I've found new bloggers make mistakes and resulting in abandoning their blog altogether. And this is the wrong decision you ever made instead of keeping it on track. 

So I want you to read this post and follow the instruction. I'm going to walk through with you in setting up the whole process.

Ready to create your blog today! Alright, let's make this true. 

Step 1: Create your Google Email Address

If you have a Gmail address it's better, you can now login by typing in your browser "blogspot.com"


The blogger site will open, just click create your blog.


In another window, enter your email address in the bar provided and press enter key. You will bring into the next bar which is to enter your password and press enter key.

Step 2: Setup your blog site together with the blog name and URL.


Once you log in, type the title and URL of your blog in the bar provided. Same as what you will see in the image above.

Step 3: Select your blog theme


After you successfully create your blog title and URL, you need to select your blog theme. See the image above. Then click the "Create blog" button.

Step 4: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: Create your blog description after the blog title.


Inside Blogger Dashboard: At the right panel of your screen, click Settings, and click Edit of the Description. Write lesser words for your description, not more than 500 characters.


And don't forget to click and save your description. 

Step 5: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: Create your blog search preferences or called Meta Tags.


Click settings and click search preferences, now in the right portion at the top, you will see the Meta Tags description, then click edit.

This Meta tag is a snippet of text that use to describe your blog content. That helps tell the webmaster search engines what the page all about.


After you click the edit, click yes and in the text area, a bar writes the description not more than 150 characters. Then don't forget to click the button "Save Changes"

Step 6: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: Create Create layout for widgets on your blog.

Blog widgets are an easy-to-use design, only to drag and drop without having knowledge of HTML and CSS programming code. Mostly position at the right-side panel of your blog site. For example, I use a picture window as my theme, this theme design has only a right sidebar.


Click Layout in the left panel and click "Add a Gadget" at the right panel.


In another window, select a gadget like an example profile, above, I put arrows is very important. You need to set up this in your blog.


Write the title if needed as necessary like the image above here. Then don't forget to save your gadgets to take effect on your blog. You can see it by clicking the "View Blog" above the left side of your screen.

Repeat this procedure to complete your widgets, like the archive, label, and blog search.

Step 7: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: How to add posts and create pages.


Click Pages at the left panel than at the right portion top click "new page".


Write a page title on the bar provided and click publish button on the right side. 

Now displaying the pages as page menu at the top of your home page follows the image below here and the instruction.


Go back to the layout menu on the left panel of your blogger dashboard, then click "Add Gadget" at the top called across the column.


In the next window click "Pages".


In order to display the Pages, check box the pages that you create. Same as what described in the image above here. Then don't forget to save your settings to take effect.

Now preview your blog by clicking the "View Blog button at the left top of your screen.

Step 8: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: How to add a post and publish it.


Click "POST" at the left panel of your screen, then click "New Post".


Inside the compose interface, you need to write a Post title located above. Write your article at the center. Then set your labels and write a search description about your post or article. Learn what is the importance of publishing a post.

  1. Labels- is a word used to categorize your article or post in order to easily find your post by your user.
  2. Search Description- is a group of words not more than 150 words used to hold the keywords and short description of your post. That can easily understand by the search engine of webmasters like Google.

Step 9: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: How to add images to your post.

Posted images are the primary need of your article before publishing. It's a catching eye of the users to easily understand your post. Follow the image below and the instruction.


In order to add an image in your post, the button describes the image above here.


Then click choose files button left side of the add images window.


Then select a file in the next windows and click the open button located below that window.

Step 10: Inside the Blogger Dashboard: Setup a custom domain.


To set up a custom domain of your blogger blog is a good decision you ever plan. Owning a custom domain, rather than a subdomain, like createblog888.blogspot.com,,, is not easy to memorize by the user, rather than createblog888.com. Another you do not directly hold your blog site. You have no full authority. And some of the users, avoiding the subdomain site.

The best domain and hosting where you can purchase, I recommend Hostgator. This company is very professional. And they can help and address your problem arising during and after the setup of your new custom domain.

Step 11: Start Growing your Blog: By linking your blog to different Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.

After you complete the setup of your blogger blog, you need to start building links in order to grow your site. Quality traffic is the importance of your site, quality traffic means is an income. In order to achieve this goal, you need to link your blogger blog to Facebook and Twitter. In my case, I use IFTTT to link my every post on Facebook.

Another is planning a better marketing campaign, you can use either email marketing and social media. But this requires quality content of your site. Do your best to write a good, informative, and quality post.


To become a professional blogger and financially free because of enough income from your blogger blog is not easy. You need enough time to maintain your blog, some bloggers paid writers to write a quality article. And hire an SEO company to maintain its site technical errors-free.