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Best Utility Tools and Helping Hands In Maintaining Data and Files



For software utility that could be use in maintaining data and helping hands in saving or backup from one drive to another drive of your computer. You need the best software to perform this task, which is very important for the reason that files and computer data are easily lost if a virus or computer error occurs. It is important that you have a backup if ever there are major computer problem.

For this instances I've encountered so many times a major problem in my customer's computer data. Both in my data recovery business, one of my best software used is AOMEI Backupper Pro. This software is a best utility, it has power to create what I need in maintaining files, such as to create huge backup file.

This software is not only used for backupping large amount of files and data, but there are other features you can use to answer all you need for your data and files. One of this is cloning the system inside the hard disk drive like the Windows System and restore it in new HDD or SSD. This will be a big help to backup and recover your files.


This professional software is made of five versions, but I use the Professional versions. Because this version is made of the two versions that present in this version that suitable to my business need. So I will share with you the features that helped me to solve problems in my different customers HDD files.


This is the complete backup tool for your files and data, it consists of system backup that if you wanted to backup the entire windows including the partition you can easily do it without hesitation. Also consist of the following features: 
  1. DISK BACKUP- You can backup your hard disk drive to an image file.
  2. PARTITION BACKUP- It is to create a backup on partitions of your drive or a dynamic volume to an image file.
  3. FILE BACKUP- You use backup your files and folders easily into an image file.
  4. FILE SYNC- This is to backup file folders in real time synchronization. Without creating an image file for backup.


This feature allows you to restore your backup files as you needed in your in your files using your computer. It has a powerful support to restore your data and files, such as File and Folders, System Restore and Drive Partition.


This feature allows you to clone the computer disk drive, it support also a partition and clone with sector alignment. In this great way you can restore the entire disk drive files or the entire system.


I said super utilities because there are nine utilities in this feature built into one. 
  1. You can check image of your backup before to restore.
  2. You can make rescue media using the CD/DVD or using a USB flash drive.
  3. Manage centralize backup and restore tasks for multiple client in your networks of computer in your home or in your work.
  4. You can explore the backup image to a virtual partition for browsing my computer using the icons on your desktop.
  5. You can merge also multiple incremental backup into one.  
  6. You can import and export file configuration to manage your backup task.
  7. And you can use the Preboot Execute Environment  tool or AOMEI PXE to enable the computer networks to use the bootable environment. To perform the backup process and restore operations. 
  8. And also you can check the date and time, what you back up and status if success or not. This software is built to record all your tasks using this software.

This software can support both technologies that we have that probably you have and needs to backup when it come and worried about compatibility. It can supports allocation tables like FAT/NTFS/EXT file format, USB External drive, USB flash drive, cloud storage, Solid State Drive SSD, network drive attaches in your LAN and BIOS or UEFI boot mode.


AOMEI BACKUPPER PROFESSIONAL support all versions of windows operating system, such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Windows Experience or Xp. So don't hesitate to use this software, your budget to buy this software is safe and guaranteed money back in your wallet.


I've been test to use this software and made a 100 percent guaranteed product to me. It's a state of the art technologies that could be used in your IT task that never exist in other backup software. I can guarantee to use this software as I recommended to you for your satisfaction. For this time AOMEI offer promos of this Christmas season and you can use a free software before to purchase for your testing purposes.

Best Google Apps and very Useful for Business and Personal Use


Have you experienced a difficult situation, finding a person in the contacts in your phone or email? Due to the different messages you received that make your email inbox became cluttered. Google Contacts is the best answer for you. This app is useful for your business contact or even useful for your personal use. "This is a management tool that available in your Gmail account. It's a standalone application of the internet that part of Google Business oriented site."

How to get this Google Apps? This tool is available after you register with Gmail. If you have no gmail account, all you need is to register. You can also sync your Samsung android phone contacts to this application. Follow the instruction below to sync your phone contacts.

  1. Click the Apps button below of your phone main menu.
  2. Open the gear button or the settings button.
  3. Scroll down and find the "Cloud and Accounts" and open it.
  4. Then click Accounts.
  5. Then find your Google button which your email is also displayed. Note: If you have not added your Google account in your android phone just press Add Account then press Google and follow the onscreen instruction to create your account right in your phone.
  6. If you have added Google account now sync your account, just click Sync Accounts.
  7. Scroll down and find and click Sync Contacts.
  8. Just wait several minutes to finish the task.  

When you open your Google Contacts in your browser. You can manage now this APPS. Below are the main functions of the interface of this application.


  1. CREATE CONTACT BUTTON- This a button once you click it will open a pop-up window that you can type a several important information of your contacts. Like the First Name and Last Name, Phone number.
  2. LIST OF TOOLS TO MANAGE- These are the most common tools needs, like you want to look who are the persons of your contacts that you frequently contacted, You can check also if you have duplicate contacts, and other contacts listed in your email. You create also labels to easily search.
  3. Manage Tools at the right side of your screen- This is the tools you can use to edit the list of your contacts. Example one of your contacts have no phone number you can use these tools to edit to add the phone numbers. Also use these tools to delete the a contacts. 


If you want to complete the information of the person you wanted to add to your Google Contacts just fill-up the important fields here below.


  1. First click the CREATE CONTACT BUTTON.
  2. A pop- up window will display, Enter the first name and the last name of that person, company, job title, email address, and phone number, you can also type a note for this person.
  3. If you want to add more fields, just click the More Fields below.
  4. And save your works after. 

As of now this Google Contacts is a newest version that uses in internet. This was initially released three years ago, sometime on March 3, 2015 and it's part of an Android web browser. And was stable release early this year on August 29, 2018. This APPS this time is very useful that can help so much in sorting the many emails and phone numbers, including the complete information of the person that serves as your contacts. Think if you're a businessman the complete contacts in your phone and in your emails is very important.

Key Questions to Guide Your Way to Rank Higher on SERPs


Since you’re here, maybe it’s safe to assume that you own or manage a website and you’re looking to
improve its place on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). If that’s the case, then the thing you
need to do first is to perform an SEO audit. You will have to research into a current template/plan and
follow it to check your SEO.

Whether you’re confident you can do it by yourself or you’ll get a help from JSMM-VBM in Kansas
City for your marketing, an SEO audit enables you to how well your website is optimized. The
process includes checking keyword relevancy and broken internal links. When an audit is completed,
the next process is to start fixing your site’s SEO. Once SEO problems have been fixed, that’s the
time for your website to rank higher and faster on SERPs.

1. Is the internal website easy to navigate?

Your site’s navigation should be easy to use. The navigation system must be intuitive and must be
easily found. The search bar must be located at the top of the page, and that any small sitemaps are
on the footer.

You must have at least 3 internal links coming from every page, and the anchor texts used for them
must be optimized as well. For example, you could have a link back to your homepage on every page,
and you could call that link homepage. You can also tweak it a little on each page, such as writing
Go back to home page or back to our Homepage.

The navigation should be bug-free. Simply put, you should be able to click a link then it will take you to
the page it describes. The link should be clickable and should never lead to the web page freezing.

2. Are the pages not too heavy?

This may depend on the company who developed your website. Every page that a person
looks at should be loaded into their computer. It should take less than three seconds to load. If it
doesn’t, then it could mean that there are too much to load, and you would have to lower the weight
of your page. Maybe you need to make the images smaller, lower the weight of elements, or split
particular portions of a page so there will be two. Here’s the thing: the longer it takes for a web page
to load, the lower the chances it will rank on the search engine results pages.

Some individuals create very good web pages that are attractive and salable. However, the problem
is that some people, especially those with 3G, will have to wait longer for it to load and render. Lucky
are you if there will be a few who’ll choose to stay but the majority will leave a website that seemingly
takes a lifetime to load.

3. Does the website have relevant keywords?

What you need to do is conduct as many keyword researches as you can. You need to find out what
set of keywords your target audience is using to search for web pages. You should also check to
see what keywords your competitors use because they too are aiming to attract the same audience
as you. You should research the correct keywords for each of your pages since each page likely
differs from all the others.

You should use keyword tools to check and see if a certain keyword is used a lot, but you should also
think about keywords that come to your mind. Think of yourself as a prospect. When looking for
things to buy, what is it that you would type into the search engine? You need to be aware of what you
would write and what your target audience would write. For example, you may choose keywords like
“item X for sale”, but remember that as a buyer, what you may actually search is “Buy X” or “Where to
buy X”. Always consider putting yourself in your target audiences’ shoes and use a little bit of common
sense and gut instinct. It would really work that way.

4. Where can you resource from?

As an advice, you should never simply accept the information you got from articles and websites online.
The truth is that various online contents were not created and written by real experts. A large portion of
it has been made by people who are making up plausible lies while the rest of it is created by well
meaning yet misinformed individuals.

There is some very good advice to be found online. However, you must take it all under advisement.
Your best place to start is with Google itself. They have a lot of tutorials on their Google webmaster
section and even some forum answer from their staff which is very helpful.

Books are an okay place to look, but you really need to get a book from a company that is highly
respected for being reliable and credible. To tell you, there are some published books out there that
look like they know what they are talking about, but that is only filled with misinformation. That being
said, be wary of everything you purchase and anything you utilize.

Tech Threats Facing Filipinos in 2019

Hootsuite, a US-based social media management platform, published a digital trends report early this year. The report indicated that the Philippines now have 67 million internet users. All of these users are active on social media.
Elsewhere, according to cybersecurity firm ExpressVPN’s research on internet use in thePhilippines, a typical Filipino spends 9 hours online per day. The report goes to state that thanks to this prevalent use, the government has started initiatives aimed at providing free internet to 99% of the country.
As a result of this widespread internet use, cybercrime is also on the rise. The Philippine Cybercrime Report 2016-2017 indicated that the various relevant investigative divisions received a total of 3,951 complaints of cybercrime between January to December 2016.
That was 53.92% higher than the number of complaints received the previous year. If there is any chance of successfully combating cybercrime in the country, it is essential to understand the tech threats facing Filipinos in 2019.
 1. Facebook Hacking
Just recently, in September of this year, a Facebook data breach compromised the personal information of 755,000 Facebook users in the Philippines.
The data breach compromised the users’ basic profile such as name, email address and phone number. It also compromised other sensitive data such as location, list of friends, groups and recent search queries.
Even though Facebook claimed to have fixed the breach within three days on September 28, it does not change the fact that thanks to this breach; these 755,000 Filipinos are now future targets of attacks.
With such a breach, the hackers can use the information to design a phishing or spam attack that is next to impossible to detect. Consider this scenario. User A is a fashion enthusiast, and she follows some reputable fashion brands.
User A’s most recent queries revolved around fashion, and some of her friends are fashion icons. With such data now in the hacker’s hands, all they have to do is design a believable advertisement that is seemingly from one of the brands User A follows.
Since they have her email address, they can send advertisement via email and chances are high User A will click on any links embedded in the email. That done, the hackers now have access to everything they need—from banking information to sensitive passwords and usernames.
So real is such a scenario that Privacy Commissioner Raymond Liboro said that Facebook ought to take into account the culture gap when it comes to risk analysis and react accordingly.
In essence, he was saying that compared to developed countries, those affected in the Philippines did not fully realize the risk and exposure. Every Filipino should keep this in mind as 2019 approaches.

2. Ignorance of Cybersecurity Best Practices

Globally, cybercrime is on the rise. Cybercriminals are using the advancing technology to their advantage to device even more sophisticated modes of attack. To stay ahead of the cybercriminals, one has to practice cybersecurity best practices religiously.
Unfortunately, most people are ignorant of these practices and only try to educate themselves once an attack has already happened. A good example is the ABS-CBN online storehack that affected 208 customers.
The hackers uploaded the malicious code on August 16th, and it kept running until the store takedown in October. Information stolen included customer’s name, credit card number, credit card expiration date and card verification number.
The saddest thing is that the store could have avoided this hack by using multi-factor authentication. The hackers kept guessing the Admin’s password until they got it right. They then used the access to upload the malware.
With multi-factor authentication, even after guessing the right password, they would have encountered another layer of protection such as verification via phone number. In addition to multi-factor authentication, here are some more best practices every Filipino should keep in mind.
  • Use of a good firewall
  • Always document your cybersecurity practices for future reference and to enable you to discard one that isn’t working anymore.
  • Constant reeducation on emerging threats.
  • Consider mobile phones as a source of threats and plan for them
  • Enforce safe password practices such as employees changing their passwords often.
  • Always backup your data.


3. There Aren’t Enough White Hat Hackers and Yet Too Many Black Hat Hackers

In a recent hacking conference known as Rootcon, Raymund Liboro, the Privacy Commissioner urged all white hat hackers to rise and help improve cybersecurity in the Philippines. In essence, he was asking for help in combating the rise of black hat hackers.
A few months ago, in April, a Filipino black hacking group known as Pinoy LulzSec hacked numerous websites including government sites such as the official website of the Municipality of Sta. Cruz.
The hacking of these sites is an annual event, and the group has promised to extend the event to April 3rd come next year. That means more websites will be hacked and the information exposed to everyone.
The need for white hat hackers is particularly urgent due to the launch of the PhilSys next month. PhilSys is a Philippine Identification System that will centralize all the personal information of Filipino residents.
Data from this system is sensitive and needs to be secure. As Liboro noted in the same conference, white hackers can play a significant role in helping secure the information from this system.
The Philippine government’s intention to work with white hackers is so serious that Liboro announced an upcoming “hackBAYAN” project. The project aims to work with white hackers to help the PhilSys managers identify weaknesses in the system, and develop strategies to deal with the flaws.

Final Word

With such weighty security threats, the need for cybersecurity experts in the Philippines is on the rise. The demand for white hackers and top cyber security firms is a burning need. Keeping this in mind is essential.

Writer’s bio:

Jack is an accomplished cybersecurity expert with years of experience under his belt at TechWarn, a trusted digital agency to world-class cybersecurity companies. A passionate digital safety advocate himself, Jack frequently contributes to tech blogs and digital media sharing expert insights on topics such as whistleblowing and cybersecurity tools.

Getting Started with Peoplesoft Test Framework (PTF)


Technology can help out people with everything, from personal to professional problems. Companies
greatly benefit from technological solutions that other companies provide. A  great example is the
Oracle Cloud Services in Milwaukee. They offer computer software solutions to help businesses
perform better than those not using technological solutions. Typically, developing a test plan takes
a lot of time and effort. As we know, time and effort also means extra expenses for the company.
This is why Oracle created a solution to this problem. The main product that they have is the
Peoplesoft Test Framework. It is a self-operating tool that does different tasks such as functional
testing. Here is an overview of what Peoplesoft Test Framework does.

Peoplesoft Test Framework

This is a great tool that can repeatedly do tests. It is effortless to use. Users can quickly change
variables to use the same scenarios and cases over and over again. It works by recording and
re-doing the actions of a single user who is executing functional tests. The system can replicate
movements so that functional testing becomes easier to do.  The user can record his movements
or manually apply them for the test that he wants to do. It just works like a playback that the user
recorded. All test recordings and variables are automatically saved in the database which is
transferred and copied to other databases. This tool is extremely time and cost-efficient. It can run
even during non-operating hours and does not need any human guidance while running.

Peoplesoft Metadata integrated

PTF can look beyond the user interface. It can identify an area on a page not by where it is but by
what it is. This is important because, even if a textbox was moved from one part of a page to another
part, it could still perform the test without any problems. Furthermore, this helps the tests to continue
with less maintenance, and it will be able to tell where the problem is located. The scripts will be able
to run and run again even if elements of the page are moved to different places on the page.

Easy to make test scripts

Peoplesoft Test Framework can create test scripts by recording. While it is on record mode, it can
reproduce all the clicks and steps that the user does. By doing this, PTF can create managed objects
that fill out a grid in a table in the Peoplesoft application database. PTF saves these objects inside
Peoplesoft which has some advantages. Being a standard Peoplesoft managed object, it can be
transferred to different databases and can be ready to use in other tests.

Intended use and user

Peoplesoft test framework was created primarily to be used by business owners or analysts. But,
they also need the assistance of IT to be able to use it properly because of script maintenance and
migrations of managed objects.
According to Oracle, “PTF is a tool that automates various tasks within the PeopleSoft Enterprise
application – primarily functional testing. Automating functional testing allows you to execute more
tests with greater accuracy during a shorter time window”. So, its primary function is functional
testing, which is one of the most critical steps in testing.

To sum up

There are companies that are created to give other companies technological solutions to help them
with their daily work from scheduling to testing. There are a lot of problems that can be solved with
thehelp of technology. It is incredibly time-saving to integrate technology for the further development
of your company. Make use of technology solutions for your business and be able to see increased
productivity in your company.

What to do if Your USB External Drive is Recognized But Files won't Open


If you have 1 or 2 terabyte USB External hard drive, then you have big files inside of it that compose of documents, images, graphics, and movies. There is no problem of storing, using this drive, but the time that your files will not open, the folder you made where there are files and data stored its now not responding when you double click or right click to open. This is now the biggest problem when this was happening in your drives. And then when you attempt to fix using the windows tools is not effective due to the bad damage of the files that your windows can't manage.

What is the cause why this file can't be open in your external drives? There are some factors why this happens.
  1. You remove the drive, but you not safely remove the drive using the windows.
  2. You accidentally remove the drive immediately.
  3. You inserted the drive in your laptop, but the laptop suddenly shut off because of lack of battery power.
  4. The external drive was inserted in a laptop or computer that have many viruses.
  5. You inserted the external drive in not compatible USB port like the 2.0 MBPS instead of using the USB 3.0
If this was to happen in your drive and in your files, don't panic that may cause to permanently lose your data. Don't attempt to fix the folder or use any repair software or a tool using the windows of your computer or laptop. This may cause to permanently damage the location of the files on your drives that no hope for recovering your important files. Below are some tips how you manage correctly to recover your files.
  1. If your drive was inserted in your laptop or computer, remove the external drive safely using the windows desktop at the notification area.
  2. If it can't remove safely, shutdown your laptop or computer. Then you can safely remove your drive.
  3. You can use any recovery software to retrieve the files, but you need time and effort retrieving the files that will mostly finish up to 3 to 5 days. It depends of the speed of the computer you use.
  4. You need another new external drive that have a capacity of 1TB, during the recovery process the retrieve files will automatically transfer to the new storage.
  5. Be sure to use a compatible USB port in both external drives like the USB 3.0.

Recovering or retrieving the important files is not easy, you need extra time to monitor the files. The computer will permanently open. First the files will be scanned deeply before retrieving the files. If you have not enough skills to do this task. You can contact me using the contact page of this site and also in our Facebook account. Will cater your need and make our service to you.

What Should I do If My Computer Program was Damage?

If you have a problem with your computer due to a damaged software? All you need to do is to remove it. But first before to go on emptying this program in your computer storage, consider that you have an installer of this program keep in your computer drive. With the same version or higher from the version that having the problem. You need to reinstall with the same version to consider your files that came from the damage program are compatible after the installation that you can open it easily without any error.

If you're sure about I said above go on by following the instruction below.



  1. Click the start button.
  2. Click the Control Panel
  3. When the control panel window is open click the uninstall program icon.
  4. Then select the program you want to remove.
  5. Then click the uninstall link above
  6. A pop-up window will display, click the ok button on it.
  7. It will start to remove the program, wait until 100% finish.


  1. Click the search button beside the windows icon on your computer taskbar, left side part.
  2. Type control panel in the search bar.
  3. Then click the control panel link as given.
  4. Once the control panel displayed, just select the program you want to remove.
  5. Then click uninstall link just position above the uninstall program.
  6. Then proceed by following the onscreen instruction. Same as the procedure above.


You can reinstall the program with the same version as needed after you remove the old damage program.


  1. Open the drive where you stored your backup program, for example, drive d:
  2. Then, open it and find and double click the execution file for setup, commonly the file has an extension like exe. or setup.
  3. When it will open if it will ask for a product key just insert it first.
  4. Then click the run or next button, if you want to select where you want to install the file you can select and click the Browse button to select a folder of a drive.
  5. Then proceed to the installation, just wait until it will finish the installation process.

Removing the damage program is a great help to maintain the stability of the computer performance. It will help to maintain the correct speed. If all, the program is healthy it will help also the windows to stay in a good performance. And through this, the hardware also maintains its performance in a corrective mode like the correct temperature and correct processing of its data.

You can link also here for more information:

5 Best Brain Training Android Apps in 2018


Most of the people feel bored when they are in travelling, so how you can create fun by simply installing these 5 best brain training android apps.

1. 1. Lumosity brain training app:

This is one of the most popular brain training apps in google apps store. Let's check what the features they are offering and how it will make fun by installing. Lumosity designed 40 games to test critical thinking in adults brain, you can also increase problem- solving skills and test your memory skills. Lumosity gives you challenges to your muscles across a variety of segments like memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem-solving.

Start your first test by entering 10 min challenge, here you can test your baseline scores and see how your memory compete with people of your age.

Some of the best features are:
  • Daily brain exercises 
  • Workout modes 
  • Detailed Brain Training Insights 
  • Mindfulness Brain Training 

Daily Brain Excises: In this Feature, they will offer you 40 brain games to challenge core cognitive and academic abilities, including:
  • Puzzle games 
  • Memory games 
  • Problem-solving games 
  • Logic games 
  • Critical thinking games 
  • Math games
  • Word and vocabulary games 
Workout Modes: Here you find best-curated games designed for you, make your game preferences
and habits to find new ways to challenge your Brain.

Detailed Brain Training Insights: Level up your gameplay by analyzing your game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns in your game.

2. NeuroNation - Brain Training & Brain Games:

Neuro brain training app helps you sharpen memory, focus and intelligence with a daily dose of fun brain-games.
It helps you know where you stand now, Neuro Nation provides a great experience for adults, Free University of Berlin and training experts have been working on that topic for the last 7 years, brain games help in increasing your memory and provide great relaxation to your brain. Let's check some of the best features in this android app.

29 fun exercises and 7 tailored courses
  • It Provides best insights on your potential and strengths 
  • They offer Personalized and scientifically developed training 
  • From peer group of people, you can get precise insights - know where you stand right now 
  • Games are very Engaging and frequent new exercises 

3. Peak Brain Games & Training:

The peak brain coaching app is awarded together of the most effective humanoid apps in 2016 by the
Google. It’s the smarter app wherever you'll sharpen your brain. It trains your brain with straightforward and colorful exercises and games. you wish to travel for the professional version if you wish to access all the forty-one games at your console.

Features found out From Peak:
  • You will access free games that challenge your emotions, memory, attention, drawback resolution, mental thinking, ability and feeling management. 
  • You can learn within which class you're professional and vie along with your friends to attain success in this space. 
  • You can meet the non-public trainer for your brain therefore on track your progress. 
  • It conjointly works offline and you'll relish peak games anyplace you would like. 
  • You can get over thirty-five games and regular updates conjointly.\ 
  • With a professional subscription, you'll get customized insights and workouts. 
  • You can get access to peak advanced coaching modules wherever you'll be trained in anybody explicit talent. 

4. Elevate-Brain coaching games:

Elevate is one amongst the most effective free brain coaching apps for the up the abilities. It uses the language because of the tool for brain coaching. solely West Germanic language speakers get pleasure from it. you'll get access to the free trial version for fourteen days with five games and to unlock forty-three games you would like to travel for a professional subscription.

The elevate could be a brain educational program designed to enhance attention, speaking skills, process speed, memory etc. With Elevate one and all will get customized educational program thus on maximize the results. With Elevate you'll build the crucial psychological feature skills that area unit designed to spice up productivity, earning power and sureness.

Features of Elevate brain coaching app:
  • 35+ brain coaching games specialize in crucial psychological feature thinking skills. 
  • You can track your elaborate performance output. 
  • You can get customized daily workouts that embody the abilities you would like. 
  • Adaptive issue progressive to make sure your expertise is difficult. 

5. Memorado – Brain Games:

Memorado brain games because the name implies that it's chiefly targeted on the memory management games. you'll access pictures, maths, language-based games that take a look at your overall brain power. Then solely the customized travail plans area unit created for you.
A strong and mentally well-developed brain leads abundant happier life. quite four million users across the world use this Memorado brain coaching games. It acts because the leading gymnasium for your mind in providing the fun, customized workouts that area unit geared towards your memory. you'll choose between 450 levels in fifteen games supported neurobiology that is meant to urge slicker.

Key Options of Memorado:
  • You can challenge your friends to search out out UN agency is smartest. 
  • It provides customized daily workouts patterned in line with your preferences. 
  • Over 450 levels in fifteen game to train five key brain areas. 
  • It's terribly simple to handle with the beautiful graphics. 
  • It will regular scientific tests that show your brain fitness levels and progress. 
  • It shows statistics from your strengths and potential. 
  • You can boost your skills essential for real worlds like maths, drawback resolution and logic.