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How to Convert Audio Video Files using Stellar Audio Video Converter


Gadgets like the mobile phone are a partner in the life of a person of this generation. One of the most popular using a mobile phone is the media files like movies, audio, or a music video of different popular and favorite artists you like. But because of different media file formats required of different devices using a mobile phone, computers, laptops, and smart TV, you need a media file converter to play it normally on your device or on your mobile phone.

Using Stellar Audio Video Converter, you can format your media files correctly into your desired format. And, you can assure that after 100 percent converting your media files, it will play or run normally on your device or on your mobile phone. And you will happy with it listens or viewing your favorite movies and songs of your favorite song artist and actors and actresses.

Below is instruction on how to use Stellar Audio Video Converter and convert it into your desired format:

After you download Stellar Audio Video Converter and install it on your computer, you can double click now the icon on your computer desktop.


Click Add files button, after the screen displayed on your computer. See the image above.


In another window, select your media files in your computer destination storage. You can use the control, then click on your mouse to select more media files, then click the open button below.


You can click add files if there are more media files you need to convert, then click the convert button.


Then select your output or what device you are going to use or play your media files. For example, click the device and select Samsung Note, then click the save button.


Click the Browse button to select where you save your media files after converting them and click the ok button.


A browse window will be displayed, select your media folder and click the ok button.


After clicking ok, it will automatically start to convert, wait until 100 percent converting your media files.

Now, after 100 percent converting your media files you enjoy watching your movies or enjoy listing and view your music videos and audio files.

If you have a smart television, you can select the device, then select either Samsung TV, now after converting it, enjoy watching movies with your loved one, especially this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All...

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