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Excel Basics: Working With Multiple Worksheets


After you open Microsoft Office Excel, there are three worksheets as default pages in a single workbook in your computer screen. This is because you can create a workbook of data that maybe consist of multiples worksheets or workbook pages of your Excel application. Due to this, you need to add pages of worksheets or delete any of it. Or move any of the worksheets to create a copy and rename it and put color of every page tab of your workbook worksheet pages.

By renaming its worksheets tab and put color, you can easily identify the worksheets you want to open and work on it. And after some work on your worksheets, you can set up passwords if you want to make it safety and nobody can open with it.
Below are the instruction how to perform this in your computer.

1. INSERT NEW WORKSHEETS IN YOUR WORKBOOK- In order to add another worksheet page you need only to click the button at the right side, called "Insert Worksheet". See image below here.


2. HOW TO RENAME NEW WORKSHEET- After you insert a new worksheet, you need to rename it with your own desired name in order to easily identify in your workbook. See image below here.


Right click in sheet 1 or any of the page tab, then click "Rename".


After you click rename, the worksheet tab will be highlighted, now you can type your own worksheet name.

3. MOVE OR COPY A WORKSHEET IN ANOTHER PAGE OF WORKBOOK- You can move a worksheet into another page, example from sheet 1 to sheet 5 or at the end of worksheet page. And also you can move and copy the worksheet by creating another duplicate of the worksheet.


Right click of the worksheet page you want to move and click Move or Copy command.


Then a pop-up small window will display, select where you want to move the worksheet, example "Move To End". And then, if you want to create a duplicate during moving the worksheet, you can check box " Create a copy" by clicking on it.

4. TAB COLOR- In order to easily identify your worksheet page you can put a color of your worksheet page tab.


Right click of the worksheet page tab, then click Tab color, then on the right side select a color you like. You can add different color each of its tabs.

5. PROTECT SHEET- You can put the password of your worksheet for security reason.


Right click of a worksheet you want to put a password, then click Protect Sheet command.


A pop-up window will display, Check box the entry you want to put a password, and at the bar position top, type your password then click OK.

6. HOW TO DELETE A WORKSHEET PAGE- In order to erase a worksheet permanently, you can right click the worksheet page then click delete.


7. SAVE YOUR WORKBOOK- In order to preserve your application you need to save your workbook. You need to click the File Menu Top left side of your screen.
Working with the Microsoft Excel data through the workbook and worksheet you need to organize each of your data in order to easily find and avoid data loss. This is a routine if you create worksheet using your Microsoft Office excel. 

How to Create 3D Road Map using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 or higher version of this application, you can now create a stunning 3d roadmap sketch you need for your document presentation. This application uses the tools menu available on your PowerPoint version like 2007, 2010, or higher version. In this application, you can use either autoshapes, format menu like color, shapes outline describes below in this post.

This is a simple application only, you need a basic skills using the Microsoft Office through the PowerPoint application.

1. Open PowerPoint in your computer and follow the image below here.
Once the PowerPoint interface displays on your screen, you can setup first your margin. By clicking design menu, then click page setup on the left.

Now, once you finish to set up the margin, all you need is to click the home menu, then click curve connector. Then drag it inside your template using your mouse.

2. Drag the curve connector inside the template

3. Right click on the curve connector

Right click on the curve connector, and click Format Shapes

4. Format Shapes window to adjust size of the curve

When format shape window display on your screen, click the bar of the width and adjust the size to 120. Now click the close button below. Then use the node handle of the image and drag your mouse to fit it in your template. Like the image above.

5. Change color of the curve to black or a color you need

If the curve now fitted in your template, you can now change the color. Click the curve image first. Then look above in your screen and click the format menu. Then click shape outline, then click the black color or any you want.

6. Duplicate the curve connector you created once

To create a dash line of the road to divide into two lane, you need to copy paste the curve connector by clicking the image. Then use Ctrl + c and then Ctrl + v, once it duplicated, click the one and drag it below the other image. Then you're ready to reduce the size. See the image below.

7. Reduce the size of the curve connector

Reduce the size of the second curve connector, by right click the image, then click format shape. Once the window will display, click the width bar and adjust it to 9, then click close.

8. Change color and dash styles

Now you need to change color to make it appear on the center of the first curve connector. Now click format, shape outline, then select the color white.

Use your mouse to drag the second curve line, the size 9 into the center of the first curve line, the 120 size.

Once it's there, at the center, point your mouse cursor at the dashes below, then click the dash same on the image above here.

Then after, you can now apply shape effects, click the the shape effects using the format menu. Then click either shadow or try other effects until you will satisfy of the view of the image.

Now to put banner like the first image above, you can use the Home menu, then go to the drawing ribbon group, then select wave under on the stars and banner. Then drag it on the curve connector you created. Then to put a pole to make it a banner, click the line under of the lines of the autoshapes. Then apply formats using the shape styles in the ribbon group menu.

Then after all the application, you can now apply animation or effects of your application.

If you have questions please leave it in the comment bar below.

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How to Transfer Large Files using Internet for Free

Transfer Large Files up to 2 GB for free using We Trasfer 
Transfer of files is one of your tasks using your email, like using your gmail account, yahoo mail, or the outlook. But one of the problem when you need to transfer a large file using the attachment of your email account, most likely in gmail is only below 25 MB of files. Like attaching a one software folder that impossible to accept in gmail or in other email services. Rather to use the google drive or the onedrive of outlook. Here we can suggest other sites that you can use for free.

Transfer Large Files up to 5 GB for free using We Send it
But this time using our internet browsers, there are sites that offered or serve to transfer large files from your computer to another computer for free. This site gives us a chance to use their site and make possible our large files will be transferred to another computer for important tasks.

1. WE TRANSFER- this site offer 2 GB of files that you can transfer via internet for free without registering your information using your email account. Here how you can transfer files using this site. see it below.


1. Open your browser and open we transfer site 2. Once the site is open, at the left side you will find the panel called "Add Your Files" 3. Type the email of the recipient who will receive the files in the bar provided 4. Type also your email in the bar called "You email" 5. Then type your message also


1. To add files, you need to click the button below left side of the transfer button on the panel 2. Then click the plus (+) button called "Add Files" 3. A window called Open will display, select your files inside 4. Click the button called "Open" below of that window 5. After you select all your files, click the transfer button below 6. Wait until the transfer of files will 100 percent finish. 

2. WE SEND IT- this site also offer 5 GB of files that you can transfer using the internet without registering your email information. Here how you can transfer files using this site. See it below.


1. Open your browser and open the We Send It site 2. Once it's open, at the left side of your screen you will find the WeSendit panel 3. Type the email of the recipient and type also your email as the sender in the bar provided 4. Type your message also to complete 5. Click the Add files bar top of that panel 6. Select all the files in the pop-up window 7. Click open button below 8. Then Click SEND button below right at the WeSendit panel 9. Then wait until 100 percent finish.

After you will finish, the recipient of the files will receive the link of files, be sure to inform the recipient that you need to click the link so that he/she can download the files using this site.


  1. http://www.combinebasic.com/2014/09/microsoft-one-drive-for-cloud-storage.html

How To Remove USB Malware Virus In Your Computer

AVast Antivirus
Computer viruses have an ability to infect your computer and capable in copying itself. And this will cause harm or will cause damage to your computer files or system. And this will cause you also to killing your time in working on your computer. This will cause to hindrance all your work using your files and access to the internet.

One of the most damaging virus that will infect to your computer storage like the USB flash drive. This storage device is most commonly we use, but aware that this will easily also infected by the virus called "Malware-gen [TR]" with the filename called MYNUKWAKL.JS. This malware virus is not so harmful in computer operating systems, but in your USB flash drive files. Once you have inserted a USB flash drive infected with this virus, and open it and double click a folder. It will open automatically a command mode program. And after that you will see your files have a multimedia icons shortcut. By this case you can't open your files using that autorun shortcut. And the worse of all, this will cause you will not install a program directly in a normal mode of your desktops. Like installing antivirus programs or even running the cleaner. Another this will cause also to infect another clean USB flash drive if you will insert it into USB port.

Below are the instructions how to solve or fix this malware virus. Follow it as what it said here:


1. DISABLE THE AUTORUN SHORTCUTS USING WINDOWS GROUP POLICY- Since malware infected the autorun shortcuts all you need is to disable this.

Click start button, this click in the search bar, then type gpedit.msc/ Once the Group Policy Interface will open, click Administrative Templates under user configuration. / Then click windows components on the right side of the screen.


Then double click autoplay policies.


Double click to turn off autoplay. Then in another window, click enable. Then click apply, then click ok.

2. INSTALL A ANTI- MALWARE SOFTWARE- Since you can't use your anti-virus software free edition like AVIRA in a normal mode of desktops. You need to install anti- malware software like MCSHIELD, this program are very good to remove malware of your USB flash drive. But since you can't install in normal desktop, windows, you need to restart and run your computer in safe mode. Follow the instruction below.
  1. Download the MCSHIELD anti-malware.
  2. Then restart your computer.
  3. Once it will back in POST, then upon starting windows, press F8.
  4. Once the advance menu will display, select safe mode.
  5. Wait in a minute, after that the windows will ask you to enter your password. 
  6. Then, once you're in the desktop of your computer using safe mode, install the MCSHIELD.
  7. After you install the anti malware program restart your computer. And back to normal mode on your computer desktop.
  8. Update the newly installed program by right clicking the MCSHIELD icon in the notification area. Or double click the shortcut icon in the desktop.
  9. Then after updating, insert your USB flash drive that have the malware virus and runs the MCSHIELD and perform scanning.
  10. After the scanning this program will give you notification using the notepad.
  11. Then check all the malware on your USB flash drive will be removed.

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