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Can a Dual Core Do Games and Perform Good Performance?


Gamers are like students. They’d rather buy cheap essays at essaytwist than buy expensive ones. The same goes with gamers. They prefer low-cost hardware. Can a dual core rig do games, especially modern ones?

Yes and no.

Let’s start with the NO first.

You see a lot of modern game titles nowadays are made or developed in a quad-core environment. But that does not mean that it will not run on a dual core machine. There are some factors that need to be taken into considerations like:
  • Processor speed
  • Graphics card
  • RAM size
  • Motherboard capacity
  • Power supply capacity
  • Hard drive transfer rate and latency
  • Operating System quality
So if we were to use a dual core, it will drown or presumably will not keep up with the whole process of managing instructions and so on without significant hardware support.  And the chance of a dual core processor alone being able to withstand that much of a requirement is highly unlikely considering the number of processor is involved.

In the YES side, there are some ways around it. If you are willing to try and max out your rig’s capacity and output, it is possible. And do not worry. We are not going to overclock your processor if you do not want to.

Note: This has been tested and the probability that this will not work is slim. So trust me when I say that it is possible for your dual core to play modern title games. And no, Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, ARMA 3 and the likes are not included in the list. That will be absurd. Let’s just stick with mid-end modern ones.

The Rig

Dual core processors
  • Intel i3 3rd gen with 3.0ghz and up
  • AMD A4 6300 and higher
Graphics Card
  • Integrated or built-in
  • If you could afford more, go for a graphics card with 2GB VRAM and with a minimum of 128bit capacity.
RAM Size

  • 6GB-8GB

  • Any unit that is overclockable as they can render higher performance.
Power Supply

  • Go for 500-700watts, and if you can afford it, choose the rated ones.
Hard Drive

  • Choose the ones with 7200RPM and 500GB (at least) capacity.
Operating System

  • Let’s assume that you have a Windows operating system. I advise that you go for a minimum of Windows 7 64bit Pro/Ultimate, Windows 8.1.1 Pro 64bit, and Windows 10 64bit Pro. Do not use a 32bit operating system because it can only support up to 4GB RAM. So 6GB and up will only go to waste.
This rig alone can run these games at 720p to 1080p:

  • Tomb Raider (2013) in midrange settings and Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015) at low settings
  • Dirt Rally (2015) mid to high settings
  • Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 (2012) Mid settings
  • DMC: Devil May Cry (2010) High settings
  • Prototype 2 (2012) mid to high settings
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) mid settings
  • Resident Evil: Raccoon City (2012) in mid to high settings, Revelations 1 & 2 in low to mid settings
  • GTA 4 (2008) mid to high settings
  • FIFA (2012) Mid to high settings
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (2010) High settings
  • Online games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Team Fortress 2 can be played on high settings.
You can play along with the graphics settings when you think there are some drops of frames happening with your gameplay.

Please be reminded that this rig is to only make full of use of the power of a dual core. And besides, to be honest, the majority of gamers around the world cannot afford a $5000+ budget for a PC. And so the recommended rig online by those bloggers and YouTube channels is not for everyone.

Therefore, what they advise as a system requirement is not for typical gamers. If you just want to play these game titles and other similar mid-end games, your dual core with these set of hardware is good enough. Just do not expect a 2K to a 4K quality of the display.

Typically, 25fps-50fps is achievable. That depends on the resolution and the setup you made in the advanced interface for graphics. Make sure to turn off Vertical sync and then you can start fiddling those other aspects and features.

Once again, this rig is only for those who want to be able to play these titles. Another outrageous luxury requirement like having 100fps or 4K display support is not for this setup.

Do you have any suggestion for this article? Please feel free to share it in the comment box so we could talk about it.

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