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How To Setup Email Signature And Auto Replies For New Outlook Account


Email Signature and Auto or automatic replies are one of the tools you need in your Outlook Account. The outlook is an email account design by Microsoft for us, it's the replacement of the Hotmail that was before by the Microsoft email users. Therefore, this new Outlook email or Outlook.com is a new interface and equip with a new interface with new menus and tools with a different new application for your message satisfaction. So therefore email signature and automatic replies are one of the tools built-in in your outlook account that you need to setup. This tool will make your email account become professional look and easy to read. And make your email receiver become confident in the message he/she will receive in here inbox.




  1. Open up your Outlook email account. 
  2. Once it open click the mail settings gear button at the top right side of your screen. (See the images 1 above)
  3. Under in the drop down list click options. (See the images 1 above)
  4. In another window displayed and left side of your screen, find the layout menu under of the Mail and click there called Email Signature. (See the image 2 above)
  5. At the center you will see a writing pad where you can write your personal information. Such as your full name, position, company name, company tag lines, email address, contact numbers, web address if you have. Or copy and paste the email signature from your gmail account.(see the post picture 3 above) 
  6. After you type it completely, find the save button above and click it to save your settings.



  1. After you create your email signature, set also the automatic replies using the same window you use.
  2. Click the Automatic replies at the top left side of the screen. (See the image 2 above)
  3. After you click it, at the center follow the image part stated or pointing by arrows and callouts instruction. Such as the start and end date and time of your vacation. (See the image 4 above)
  4. After you did it all, find the save button above and click it to save your settings.  
After you finish this all settings, you need also to edit your profile settings, like your phone numbers to verify that you own the account you created. 

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