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How to Create Email Signature and Auto Response of New Yahoomail Account

Yahoomail Signature Auto Response
Email Account like Yahoo mail is a primary way of communications for us, either Google mail or Gmail and or outlook mail. Using your personal email is like branding yourself as a professional and legitimate user of your account. Whether you use your email account for your own business or working in a company as professionals.

1st Instructional Picture

This is also one way of branding your company as professional and legitimate users of that email account. So, therefore, mark your email account as what I said here. There are things you need to set up in your every email account. Remember, if you set up before your email signature and vacation response, you need to set up again using the new Yahoo user environment. So consider below as follows:

2nd Instructional Picture


  1. Open your yahoo mail account, enter your email and password.
  2. Now once you open your Yahoo email account, click the settings gear button located above the right side of your screen. (See 1st picture above)
  3. A pop-up window will display, click the accounts menu situated left side panel of that window. (See the 2nd picture above here)
    3rd Instructional Picture
  4.  After you click it, hover and click your Yahoo email address situated at the center of the pop-up window. (See the 3rd picture above here)
    4th Instructional Picture
  5. Then you need to check the box same as shown in the 4th picture above here, called "Append a signature to the emails you send". Then below it, you need to type your personal information or your email signature, same as what you did in Gmail. More information here: Create Gmail Email Signature
  6. After you write your email signature stated in step number 5, you need to click the save button below the left side of the pop-up window. (Shown in the 4th picture above here) to take effect the settings.


Auto Vacation Response

  1. After you follow all the instructions above, you need also to learn how to set up "Auto Vacation Response". You need this if you're busy or out of town that you can't open your Yahoo mail account. (Follow the Post Picture above here)
  2. Now click the vacation response menu situated left side panel.
  3. Then check the box, "Enable automatic response during these dates (inclusive)"
  4. Then set the date of the start of your vacation or the date where you are busy including the end date and time.
  5. Then you need to write a message about why you can't reply using your Yahoo mail account. (Follow the post picture above here)
  6. Then click the save button to take effect on the settings.
  7. Now test your email account by sending a message to your alternate email.

And this all about this post, hope you will learn something. See you in the next post.


  1. Outlook Email: http://www.combinebasic.com/2017/01/how-to-setup-email-signature-and-auto.html

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