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Most Common Shortcuts Keys using your Computer Browsers

Image by: Pixabay.com

The task of computer, browser is to cater sites you wanted to open for a certain research or you need an information using the internet. But sometime we need to use shortcut keys to save time, rather than to use the pointing device or the computer mouse that needs to select and click a certain part of your browser.

The most common task we always did in our computer browser is sometime we need to open a site, open a new page from another site or a certain page. Or closing it because there are many open pages that may cause to clog. Or clearing history as part of maintaining your browser cached.


  1. CTRL + N- this will open a new page using browser, example Google Chrome.
  2. CTRL + T- this will open a new tab.
  3. CTRL + SHIFT + T- this will open a page you previously open.
  4. CTRL + W- closing a page you previously open.    
  5. CTRL + TAB- use to open the address bar of your browser, so that you can type a new URL or site address.
  6. ALT + F4- this is a dangerous command, it will close the entire page of your open browser.
  7. ALT + TAB- switches windows, if there are any open window in your desktop use ALT + TAB to change window display.
  8. CTRL + W- closing a current page of your browser.
  9. CTRL + R- this is use to refresh a browser page.
  10. CTRL + SHIFT + DEL- this is used to open the browser history to delete or clear history or cached.
here are different browsers, this time, all of them are capable of a different task to open a sites or any pages in the internet. But there are the most common browsers that you can assure, number one is the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge.

How to Convert Audio Video Files using Stellar Audio Video Converter


Gadgets like the mobile phone are a partner in the life of a person of this generation. One of the most popular using a mobile phone is the media files like movies, audio, or a music video of different popular and favorite artists you like. But because of different media file formats required of different devices using a mobile phone, computers, laptops, and smart TV, you need a media file converter to play it normally on your device or on your mobile phone.

Using Stellar Audio Video Converter, you can format your media files correctly into your desired format. And, you can assure that after 100 percent converting your media files, it will play or run normally on your device or on your mobile phone. And you will happy with it listens or viewing your favorite movies and songs of your favorite song artist and actors and actresses.

Below is instruction on how to use Stellar Audio Video Converter and convert it into your desired format:

After you download Stellar Audio Video Converter and install it on your computer, you can double click now the icon on your computer desktop.


Click Add files button, after the screen displayed on your computer. See the image above.


In another window, select your media files in your computer destination storage. You can use the control, then click on your mouse to select more media files, then click the open button below.


You can click add files if there are more media files you need to convert, then click the convert button.


Then select your output or what device you are going to use or play your media files. For example, click the device and select Samsung Note, then click the save button.


Click the Browse button to select where you save your media files after converting them and click the ok button.


A browse window will be displayed, select your media folder and click the ok button.


After clicking ok, it will automatically start to convert, wait until 100 percent converting your media files.

Now, after 100 percent converting your media files you enjoy watching your movies or enjoy listing and view your music videos and audio files.

If you have a smart television, you can select the device, then select either Samsung TV, now after converting it, enjoy watching movies with your loved one, especially this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To All...

Complete Parts and Function of Computer Keyboard

Complete Parts of Keyboard


A computer keyboard is used to enter commands of the computer like the laptop and Personal Computer. This device of a computer works as one of the main parts because it works to create a different command that will enter by pressing different keys accordingly by a user.

There are different keyboards, but the computer keyboard is usually designed as Qwerty with different types like the PS/2 and the USB type keyboard. With this type, there are different parts or a major part that we need to know, including the different keys it's of this major function.

  1. MAJOR FUNCTIONS OF THE KEYBOARDS- these are the 5 major functions, these are the Function keys (All F keys), Alphanumeric keys, 9 Special keys, Cursor keys (Arrow), and the numeric keypad.
  2. COMPOSITION OF ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTER- is the biggest part of the PC keyboard, it is the letters from A-Z, numeric numbers from 0-9, characters are symbols and punctuation, and the special keys.
  3. SYMBOLS, PUNCTUATION, AND SPECIAL KEYS BELONG TO ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTER- these are the symbols and punctuation both located in upper and lower cases. And the special keys position left bottom and the right side of this part.


This serves to indicate different pronunciations like Sto. NiƱ0, in mathematical numbers, is used to describe a range of properties, like 220~240 volts of wall outlet standard voltage.
This is used for the stressed vowel of the last letter of the multivoxel word. Accent grave
It is used for uttering forceful feelings and also use for coding language purposes.
 at sign
It's a replacement of a word and commonly used for an email address after the name or in between of email name and the email provider., ex. example@gmail.com
This symbol is describing a number to follow and describe as no., it is also used of other social media to describe a keyword or a topic within your post. 
 Currency Symbol
This is used to denote a monetary value or money, in the keyboard, you will see the dollar symbol.
It is used in mathematical operations as a division property of a whole number. It's a division of 100, example 5% can be divided into 5/100 is equal to 0.05
This key found at the top of 6 numbers and it is used to indicate an exponent in mathematical operations.
 and sign or ampersand
Use to describe the word and, the ancient name is the ampersand. This is used also for coding language like Visual Basic.
This used to express Mathematical operations of Multiplication instead of using X in a spreadsheet application. And also use of coding language.
 Open Paren thesis
This is mainly used to separate a sentence or a word that is different from the meaning of a word or sentence. It is also for the spreadsheet application like the IF function of Microsoft Excel. 
 Close Paren Thesis
This is mainly used to separate a sentence or a word that is different from the meaning of a word or sentence. It is also for the spreadsheet application like the IF function of Microsoft Excel. 
In Mathematical operations dash is the minus
It's an alternate of the space-bar key, it is used when the space-bar not in use. And in coding language, its use in creating a variable like $my_example.
In Mathematical operations, it is used to add numbers. 
It's used to show a result of calculations, in a spreadsheet application, it is the first to type before the logical formula.
 Curly brackets
It is used to enclose a group of statements. And in other coding languages, its use to enclose a variable.
 Curly Brackets
It is used to enclose a group of statements. And in other coding languages, its use to enclose a variable. 
 [ ]
 Square Brackets
In writing its denotes error, in Mathematical operations, it used to enclose integer numbers.
In URL it's the use of the end of HTTP, and use to describe a drive of computer storage, like C:
In programming language used to describe the end of the instructions. In other use, this serves as equal or use to separate two sentences that have the same equal. 
 Pipe or Vertical Bar
It is also used to separate a combination word, in a command like MS-DOS it is used as a separator.
 Back Slash
In a command like MS-DOS, it is used as a separator indicates as a directory or a folder. 
 Double Quotation Mark
It is used to enclose a group of text that use to describe as a sentence or a quote, like the remarks. Example in MS-Excel, =if (d4>100, "very high","very low")
 Single Quotation Mark
Use to quote within a quotation, ex. Philippines President said, 'I hate drugs'. In other programming languages, it is used to describe lateral strings.
 Less Than
Use to compare numbers that lower to other numbers in Mathematical calculations, like 5 < 10
 Greater Thank 
Use to compare numbers that higher to other numbers in Mathematical calculations, like 10 > 5
Its a punctuation mark describes in programming as an operator or instruction. This is used also to indicate thousands and logical operations it's used to separate logical tests and the value. 
This is used to indicate the end of a sentence or a full stop of a paragraph. In MS-DOS it indicates a parent directory.
Question Mark
It indicates a question, need to answer. And in the browser, it indicates a web address.
Forward Slash
In Mathematical operations, it is used as a division symbol and separator of an item of command in MS-DOS.
MinusMathematical operations of subtractions.


 This is the indention key for the document and the tabulator of the windows.
 Caps Lock
 Capital Letter Lock
 For the capital letter of a document during writing.
 Shift key
There are 2 shift keys, this is the use for single upper keys during writing.
 Control key
There are 2 control keys, use of partner-specific keys to function another command, see the images above or the link here: 16 CONTROL KEYS
 Windows Logo
Flying Windows key
 This is used to open or customize the start menu of the desktop.
 Alternate key
There are 2 ALT Keys, This is used to partner the numeric keypad and other special keys to function another specific command like the character map or other symbols of computer application.
This is used to give a space between letters and words or use to indent a character in a document at the specific size of 0.1 inches
Desktop Property Key
Desktop Property Key
This is used to open the backdoor command, just like a right-click of the mouse in the blank of desktop or in a template of application.
This is used to erase a character position on the left side.
Enter key
Enter key
Use as to accept any command.


Print Screen SysRq
Print Screen System RequestThis is used to print the current screen image of the computer or called screenshots.
Scroll Lock
Scroll Lock
This is used to lock all the scrolling techniques that are meant to scroll the windows instead of moving the cursor.
Pause Break
Pause Break
In multimedia, this is used to pause the movie and in command applications like in MS-DOS, this is used to break the command.
It is used to overtype or insert a text or overwrites a text with the current location.
This is used to move or jump the cursor on the keyboard at the beginning of a line of a paragraph.
This is used to move or jump the cursor on the keyboard at the end of a line of a paragraph.
Page up
Page up
This is used to rolling up a page of a document going up.
Page down
Page down
This is used to rolling down a page of a document going down.
This is used to erase a character position on the right side.

5. CURSOR KEYS- These are the four arrows at the right side of your keyboard that it is used to navigate the environment or the user interface of the program or in any games.

6. NUMERIC KEYS OR NUMERIC KEYPAD- There are two uses of this part, once the number lock is pressed. The numbers will function, and once it off (No light indicator at the top of the number lock) it is used only for special keys like the cursor keys.


In different programs of the computer, there are many commands use for a command function, as the shortcuts. It is a combination of keys to make the command directly without using a mouse. Like in the Windows of closing the program automatically, the CTRL + F4. In any laptop design, the keyboard is nearly different, like the Fn keys that add to the alphanumeric character. And the numeric keypad is attached also in this part.

How To Fix Runtime Error: Explorer.exe of Windows 10 And How To Reset

Windows 10 laptop
Did you encounter "Runtime Error Explorer. exe of your Windows 10" on your Laptop? If you sort some source of answers, only I can suggest is to reset your Laptop Windows 10 operating system. This problem can't be solved by changing any settings in the windows 10 system. Damage of the O.S. can't be undone easily by using SFC /SCANNOW or using the TASK MANAGER and clean boot settings. If this will resolve the moment you change the settings, but after a moment you perform different tasks to your computer, like opening your browser. You will notice that this error will pop-up again on your monitor screen. 

So no other way to solve this problem is to reset your windows 10 operating system. But this idea is very dangerous, probably it can lose all your important files and data in the local storage. So before doing anything else, you need to backup first all your files and data in the external drive. Because you need to cleanup everything or restructure your operating system using the rest of your Windows 10 laptop.

Follow the below instruction how to reset your Windows 10 operating system:



Find the search bar of your Desktop, type there RESET, once you see the "Reset this PC click it.


Another window will display, under on the recovery reset this PC, click "Get Started"


A pop-up window will display, select remove everything


Next Select and click all drives


Next click "Remove files and clean the drive".


When you see "Getting things ready" wait until to the next step


Next step is to click "Reset" button to start the reset process.


When you see "Resetting this PC" wait until the progression will end to 100 %.


After 100 % progression during resetting windows, the computer will restart and will return to Power on self test (POST) then you will see again "Resetting this PC 1 %, wait until to the next step.


After the above step, the computer will restart again, then will start to install the new files of Windows 10. After 100 % here, you need to input what needed in your Windows setup, like area code, country, and or keyboard layout. Just select and input as what are provided during the setup process. Until the system setup will arrive in Desktop, configure your Desktop as what you're needed like the Desktop icons.


After you complete on the Desktop, then you connect to the internet, the system will ask for Live update if available. Do as what is needed.


Fixing Runtime error is not easy, try to fix it by changing the settings of the Windows like the task manager is not effective and even running the SFC _Scannow to replace the damage or corrupted files. To avoid trial and error that might cause to lose data. Backup all your important files and do the rest of the Windows 10. And the problem of your computer will solve.

Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline Installer

Downloading Google Chrome installer in your new PC or Laptop or after you formatted your computer is not easy, particularly if your internet connections is very slow. If you notice after downloading the small Google Chrome installer,  it will download first the full installer file in Google server. Before it will install completely in your computer storage. But in another way you can download the full standalone offline installer of Google Chrome.


You can download this Google Chrome versions in this link below here:

Google Browser

Install Google Chrome Offline Standalone browsers in your own user accounts:
  1. Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer version 32 bit version 
  2. Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer version 64 bit version

Install Google Chrome Offline Standalone browsers for all user accounts:
  1. Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer version 32 bit version
  2. Download Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer version 64 bit version

Downloading and installing this version of Google Chrome browser is very easy after you download it completely. You can follow below instructions on how to download and install this browser.

  1. You need to open Microsoft Edge or IE, Mozilla Firefox
  2. Once the browser open our website by typing combinebasic.com
  3. Once this site open, use the search bar and type Google Chrome Offline Installer.
  4. Once this page open in our site, all you need is to click the link provided in this post.
  5. Once the link open, you can follow the onscreen instruction to download this browser.


Open the destination folder where you save the Google Chrome Offline installer browser during you download the files. Or after you followed the instructions above here.


After you open the folder, double click it only until it will open and you will see an installation wizard, click YES.


This will starts to install this chrome browser, a progressive indicator will display, wait until it will finish.


After the installation you will see your new Chrome browser in your computer.


Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser of computer, installation of this browser is not time easy, it will consume more hours before you installed. Particularly if your internet connection is very low. So you need to download it on a computer that have a fast internet connection, and you can install this browser easily in your computer.

How To Recover Files Using Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Software


One of the storage disk I encountered is the Transcend Micro SD memory card of a smart mobile phone. I found that this storage is corrupted. And I know some of the storage like this if corrupted, all files in here will not retrieve. Due this if you attempt to format or delete the files inside here, you will notice that it will remove but after you close the drive, then open again the drive the files still there. This is because the files you remove or format is just like recopied again back to its normal state.

Without trying to recover it, you will lose important files. And this a very headache and worse experience in using a memory card like this. Thanks, I found this Data Recovery Software called "STELLAR PHOENIX DATA RECOVERY", through the help of this software I really recovered all the files of this storage and put in an other drive as backup. See the image below here:




Here you can learn through this instruction how to use this amazing program on your computer. But first you need to download this version of software in this link: STELLAR DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE PROFESSIONAL either you after you use the trial version you will buy the license key to register your program as professional. After you download this program, open the location drive where the files is stored and double click the icon to execute.

HOW TO USE STELLAR PHOENIX DATA RECOVERY SOFTWARE- To use this recovery software is very easy and effective. Just follow the procedure below here:


1. To open this program, double click the icon at the left of your desktop. Wait a minute until the user interface will display.


2. If you see this on your screen, you can select either one of the tasks here, if you don't need the other mention here. Just tick the box to uncheck the other selection. Then click next button right lower down on your screen.


3. Then in another window like the image above here, you need to select the drive to recover the files inside it. Like the USB flash drive, if the storage is Micro SD memory, you need a USB card reader on it. Then click scan button below right side down on your screen.


4. Scanning of files needs to recovered is until 100 percent. Wait until it will finish and the system will pop-up the recovered files.


5. After you will receive a pop-up informing the "Scanning Competed Successfully" just click OK button to start saving the recovered files.


6. After scanning the disk you need to save the recovered files into the safe drive or in the external drive. Click receiver button below right side to start saving the files. Take note, saving the files will take a long time if there are many files like images and movies stock of the drive you recovered.


As my experience in using this software, I can prove the performance of this software is 100 percent to recover your loss files as what I did on my part in my computer troubleshooting business. Recovering files is one of my services in my customers. You can assure that this software will work accurately and make you satisfy with the updates to make this program more potential.

Fix Start-up Problem Of Computer Due To Over Temperature


Not all the hang-up problem of computer cause of operating system start-up file problem. This is because the hardware is also the main cause because of the parts failure. Like the failure of the VGA or graphic adapter cooling system, like the water block use to normalize temperature of the VGA. One of the causes why the cooler fan not rotating in exact RPM or revolution per minute is due of the clog or dust build-up. And also the weak capacitor use of the Mainboards or (MOBO) and VGA. The main cause why this happen because of the lack or poor maintenance of your computer. Learn below how to diagnose and fix this problem in a simple way.



First turn-off your computer and open the system unit or CPU. Then check if the computer uses video card or VGA card. If it is using this part use your hand to touch the VGA card. If you sense that the VGA produce uncontrolled heating property or overheat. Check the VGA card by removing it in the CPU case and check if the cooler fan can rotate exactly. If not, this is the main cause why the video card got overheated. You can remove this part and you can lubricate it using a mechanical oil or lubricant solution. If not replace it with a new compatible cooler fan.

This part need to lubricant or replace it

The circled in red it's a capacitor part of the motherboard that perform abnormal

One of the causes why the computer, hang-up or freezing, this is because of the capacitor weak performance. You can notice it through visual inspection once you open your CPU. You can compare it to the other good capacitor appearance of the top of the capacitor. If you notice this you can change that capacitor since the display is normal. But if you change that weak and abnormal caps, replace the mainboard or MOBO with a compatible of your processor and RAM or main memory.



Since you can't use your video card, check if your motherboard has a built-in video card adapter or a VGA port on the rear panel. The problem will fix after also you change the abnormal or weak caps of your motherboard. Check the image below:


After following all the procedure above, try to power-up the CPU. But first check all the connections are properly connected like orientations of the cables and the connection of hard disk drive (HDD). Check also the main memory is properly attached to the memory slot. Now, connect your monitor to the built-in VGA port of the motherboard and power-up your computer. If the computer performs now normally like the start-up of the windows, your problem is solved.