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How to Fix Blank Black Display Screen of Samsung Laptop

Samsung Laptop is one of popular laptop or notebook this time, might be your one who owns one of the newest models of this gadget. 

If you encounter problems with one of the newest models, such as displaying blank/black display on screen with blinking cursor but no image you will see on the screen. And also attempts to boot windows, displays Samsung logo in POST display, but nothing displays on screen.

This commonly happens during the windows updates, in most instances, this will happen at the time of updates once the laptop goes to sleep. Then you attempt to wake on sleep, but after it will displays blank/black screen and blinking cursor on the screen.

This post will let you guide to try to resolve the problem of your Samsung laptop. Follow the list of instructions below:

  1. Remove your CD/DVD inside the CD/DVD ROM or any flash drive installation tools in USB ports.
  2. Power Off the Laptop by forcing the power button to off the system, If you worry that your Laptop will damage, don't worry about it, this will not happen.
  3. After you power off, power up again your laptop and press F2 key to access the BIOS system. If your laptop could not access the BIOS utility, power off again your laptop and try again to enter the BIOS settings.
  4. Once you enter in the BIOS settings, press F9 to "Load  Default configuration now" then press enter key to select yes.
  5. Press the F10 key then press enter key as YES to "Save configuration changes and exit now".
  6. Then the system will restart, allow the computer to restart and boot normally to windows.

If tendencies happen that you will not access your BIOS system, you can create an online service request. Click the link provided: Samsung Online Service Request
Then, if you access your BIOS now normally, but it did not resolve the problem. You need to restore your windows, you need to restart your computer, then press F4 key repeatedly to access the recovery software install in your laptop. For a complete guide in restoring laptop, windows, follow this link: Samsung Complete Guide In Restoring Windows  

Google Docs Presentation User Interface Parts And Functions

Google Docs is one of the Google Products known use of the internet. This product called Presentation, it's just like Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation. It's a highly organize and friendly user interface with ready made to use templates for your slide presentation of your documents. The best of this application is online base, that you can collaborate your presentation documents through the internet with your colleagues and business partners. And you can upload your files from any office application easily. 

Available templates are: Education, Student Certificates, Work, Personal. More templates are base of the common design, that usually use in our presentation application.

As you are beginning of this application by using the internet, you can open this application using your browser, you can use this link: Google Docs Presentation, and below the parts and function of the user interface. So that you may know and familiar the environment of this application.

User Interface Parts And Function:

  1. TITLE BAR- situated at the top left side of your screen and below of the URL address bar. You can change easily the title by clicking the bar with the default name.
  2. DROP DOWN MENU- Situated below the title bar, it's a group of menu name with a drop down mode. Once you click it, it will go down and you can easily now select your command. The menus are: File, Edit, View, Insert Slide, Format, Arrange, Tool, Table, and Help.
  3. STANDARD TOOLBAR- It's a toolbar located below of the Drop down menu, it's a command presented as a button, you can click this easily to apply it in your application. They are: new slide, print, undo and redo, zoom in/out, text box and etc. you can click on the buttons situated right to display as your task manager position on the right side of your screen.
  4. SORTER PANEL- A position left side of your slide template, it is used to arrange consistently your slide document or a template that you can use for your application.
  5. SLIDE TEMPLATE- It's the biggest part of the user interface application, it's a part where your slide and template will display in a beautiful manner. You can add text and design by using the drop/ down menu above of the application.
  6. TASK MANAGER- position right side of your slide template, you can add this task manager by selecting a menu in the right side of your standard toolbar. Like themes, background, layout, and transition for your animation.
  • You can start your presentation by clicking the command buttons, position above of the task manager.
  • You can apply comments and also you share your presentation with your colleagues by click the command buttons position right side of the present buttons above of the task manager.