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How to Change WIFI Password of PLDT Ultera Home Bro

WIFI or wireless fidelity is a loop signal within your locality or within your house as your Ultera Internet Plan. And it connects the router through your computer, LAN port. This router came from an Internet Service Provider or ISP called PLDT MyDsl. This is an internet plan that you will pay the exact amount of monthly, example 999 pesos per month.
This connection of the internet using your ultera router through your computer, there are two features that you can use to access the internet like the wired connections and the wireless connections. Which popularly called WIFI. Using this WIFI, it is dangerous that you will not change your wifi password. If you notice that there are other devices connected with your WIFI network. Might be you will easily hack or identified you or your bank account and credit cards. So, this WIFI you need to change its password, and this very easy if you know how to do it. By following the instructions written below in this post. Also there are images attached here so that you can easily follow the instructions,

Login page of Ultera ISP
  1.  Login in your ISP website page by typing the network ip address assign in your router, like this is only an example)
  2. Once the login page for username and password display on your screen, type the username and password assign to you, like homebro.
    Ultera ISP page display interface using your browser
  3. Inside of the ISP page, scroll it below and find the show password and right side of it, click the box to put the check. see the image below.
    Click the box to show the default password or your pre-shared key
  4. Under the Pre-shared key bar, right side, type your new password.
  5. Then click apply command bar at the right side of it.

  • If you want to change your WIFI SSID or your network name, just scroll up and find the wireless network name (SSID) at the right side of it's type in the bar your new SSID.
  • If you want to hide your SSID just click or check called hide SSID. or see the image below
  • If you want a good review for a best WIFI Adapters for your Desktop Computer and smartphones. You can read the best reviews here: 10 BEST WIFI ADAPTERS FOR PC GAMERS  

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