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How to Change WIFI Password of PLDT Ultera Home Bro

WIFI or wireless fidelity is a loop signal within your locality or within your house as your Ultera Internet Plan. And it connects the router through your computer, LAN port. This router came from an Internet Service Provider or ISP called PLDT MyDsl. This is an internet plan that you will pay the exact amount of monthly, example 999 pesos per month.
This connection of the internet using your ultera router through your computer, there are two features that you can use to access the internet like the wired connections and the wireless connections. Which popularly called WIFI. Using this WIFI, it is dangerous that you will not change your wifi password. If you notice that there are other devices connected with your WIFI network. Might be you will easily hack or identified you or your bank account and credit cards. So, this WIFI you need to change its password, and this very easy if you know how to do it. By following the instructions written below in this post. Also there are images attached here so that you can easily follow the instructions,

Login page of Ultera ISP
  1.  Login in your ISP website page by typing the network ip address assign in your router, like this is only an example)
  2. Once the login page for username and password display on your screen, type the username and password assign to you, like homebro.
    Ultera ISP page display interface using your browser
  3. Inside of the ISP page, scroll it below and find the show password and right side of it, click the box to put the check. see the image below.
    Click the box to show the default password or your pre-shared key
  4. Under the Pre-shared key bar, right side, type your new password.
  5. Then click apply command bar at the right side of it.

  • If you want to change your WIFI SSID or your network name, just scroll up and find the wireless network name (SSID) at the right side of it's type in the bar your new SSID.
  • If you want to hide your SSID just click or check called hide SSID. or see the image below
  • If you want a good review for a best WIFI Adapters for your Desktop Computer and smartphones. You can read the best reviews here: 10 BEST WIFI ADAPTERS FOR PC GAMERS  

Virtual Assistant Course Training at KOM Academy

KOM School
Virtual Assistant or VA is an online job using the internet. It is one of the best jobs here in the Philippines, because you will income dollars for a successful client who will pay for you for a certain jobs after it will finish. Virtual Assistant is generally a self- employed jobs, you can work without an office, you can work either in your home, beach, malls, and even while in the refreshment store. This will provide professional administrative, technical, and creative assistance to a certain client remotely, while in home office using your computer with a high speed internet connection.

KOM Academy or Knights Of Online Marketers here in Davao, Philippines offered this course at a very affordable price in a 12 course package. This school is a highly reputable school, they are TESDA accredited school and many times conducted training's of different government agencies, like Department Of Trade And Industries or DTI. They are recipients and received more awards from different government agencies and private sectors.

Their programs or courses offered are:
  1. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM (SDEP) - This course covered with 12 courses, from Administrative Assistance, Creative Assistance, Social Media Process, Technical Assistance, Introduction to blogging, Basic Off-Page SEO, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Building Your Online Reputation
  2. LEARNING DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROGRAMS (LDTP)- This course covered  with Social Media  Marketing in Facebook for Business, Content marketing in blogging, Email Marketing in Mailchimp, Search Engine Marketing Using Google My Business, Video Marketing Strategy Training.
  3. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (CPEP)- This course covered with Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Training, Photoshop Course for Beginners, Content Development and Marketing Training, Social Media Management and Marketing Training, Learning Photography from Scratch Training.

  1. INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM (ITP)- This is 80 hours internship/ on-the-job training.
  2. ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING PROGRAM (OTP)- This is 20 hours Virtual Assistant Training.
  3. ADVANCE LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM (ALTP)- This course includes Real State Training for Virtual Assistants, Book Keeping Training: Accounting for Non- Accountants, QuickBooks Online Accounting Training, Business English for Career Development Training, WordPress Quick Start Training, Call Center 101 Training, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light Room

For more details about their courses offered, you can reach them through telephone number: 224-4284, or log-on in http.//www.facebook.com/KnightsOfOnlineMarketers

This school is located at Door 21 Leonora Complex Ponciano Street, Davao City, Philippines. Just in front of UM Multitest and besides Techo Life computer store.

How to Register Basic and Advance Computer Courses in Tesda Online

Good news to all Filipinos! Technical Education Skills Authority (TESDA) now offered free online courses, like Information Technology in Basic Computer Operation for the beginners of computer who wanted to learn. 

TESDA find a good idea in using online of the internet. For those peoples who are busy, but they wanted to learn more about computer courses. This aims to promote courses which fitted in your own needs in every industry and business, like computer courses. And all this course is all demand, which can help you more to find a good job both abroad and here in the Philippines.

Every course have individual competencies, it's just like in TVET training centers, example in computer hardware servicing (CHS) it has both basic, common, and core competencies like to install computer systems and networks. 

Inside the online training, all you need is to follow the step by step instructions. It has also videos to keep yourself easy to understand and follow. Its easy to learn even no guides of a TVET trainer.

Here are the online courses in this images:


First face of the image kindly click it to make it bigger.


Second face of image, kindly click it to make it bigger.

How to register in this computer online courses?


1. Click sign-in link at the top right side of the screen


2. In the next window click "New Account"


3. Fill-up the form completely and write the CAPCHA and click "Create My New Account"


4. After you click the "create my new account" it will open in the next window. It will notify you to open your email for verification.

Click first this email link

Email Confirmation

Click this link to confirm your registration

5. After you open your email check for the link "TESDA Online Program Account Confirmation", once you find it click on it. And you will bring into the TESDA online program site.

6. You need to log-out first in TESDA online course program site and login it again using your new account.


7. After you will login, select your computer course you want. Like "Basic Computer Operation" or other course of computer you wanted to enroll.

8. After you select your course, follow the onscreen instruction to continue, there are links that will guide you until you will finish the registration to start your online class.

After you finish your course in this online program, all the learners that will graduate from this course can be ready to take the certification exam like NC2 (National Certification II). If you feel that you're already enough to pass the examination. Go to any assessment center like the Core Institute Of Technology in San Pedro St., Davao City.

If you any questions fill free to write it in comment bar below.