Use Windows Memory Diagnose Tools to Test RAM Failure

Windows Memory Tools
One of the problems of our computer is “windows lagging”, this logging is not only the cause of a damage files of windows or cause by a virus. But actually one of the problem is cause of the Random Access Memory Modules or RAM. The cause of the problem is might be the dust buildup or an over temperature inside the case or even the modules happen to be old. That's one of the chips of the RAM modules is damaged.

Through this, bad physical memory needs to be tested in order to know it and subject for replacement. Or else, a test for the better performance of the computer system. So the best way in checking this one of the main hardware of the computer is using the built-in utility tools of the Microsoft Windows Operating system. Through the backbone system called the MS-DOS, known as the Memory Diagnostic Tools in windows 7, 8, 8.1, and windows 10.

In this article you will learn how to use and run this utility on your computer using the MS-DOS.

  1. To run the utility you must click the start button, then type in search bar CMD. Or simply if you see the MS-DOS on your desktop or start menu to open it.
  2. In command line, type the command execution, mdsched.exe, like the command you will see in the post picture above.
  3. After you type it, press enter key.
  4. Then you will see a pop-up window on your screen, instructed you with the two options to restart your computer to check the problem.
  5. After you restart your computer and return to post, it will automatically start with checking for memory problems. The application will display a blue window that will display the memory status of your computer.
  6. After 100% memory check status, it will display the status of your memory, whether it has a problem.

When you see there are problems indicated after the check, you need to open your system unit cover. And carefully remove the RAM and replace it with the new compatible memory. But before to replace it, it must better clean or remove the dust buildup. Be sure to check that you installed the RAM tightly and correctly in the slots.
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One of the problems of our computer is “ windows lagging ”, this logging is not only the cause of a damage files of windows or cause by a...
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