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How to Solve Laptop Continuously Disconnect in LAN Connection


Connection with LAN port is very important, because this part of the laptop (Notebook) computer is part where you can connect to the local area network of your computer for sharing files and devices of computer like printers. But the most important is the connection through the router which will give your connection into the internet via ISP using the wired connection. Now both of this connection wired and wireless you will probably encounter a connection problem that will “Continuously Disconnect And Reconnect Again in your network”. This could be a very hassle and headache when it times you need badly the connection both internet and LAN.


If you encounter this problem now or maybe in the future, you can follow the simple instruction below:


  1. You can uninstall your Network driver by simply removing it using the device manager, then restart your computer.
  2. Then reinstall again your network driver.
  3. Then connect your Utp cable in LAN port.
  4. Now go to command mode by typing cmd in search button after you click start button.
  5. Now so that you will know that it is connected through your LAN, you can use this in your command line: ipconfig /all, then press enter key. You will see the IP address display in a black screen with white text.
  6. Then so that you will know that it is connected to the other computer, you can ping the IP address in your other computer in your area. Then, if you want to know that it is connected in a website address, you can use this in command line, example: ping google.com –t, then press enter key. You should see a TTL on black screen, this understood that you have a good connection.
  7. Now to check whether you have lost data, type this in command line ping then type your ipadress on your computer, example ping If you will see a lost data after you ping your ipadress then contact your internet provider (ISP) or operator then ask them for service support.
  8. You can use this also in windows 10 computer, in network adapter- right click on it, then properties, find and disable which is called “Energy Efficient Internet”. Then restart your computer, then observe if your problem was resolved.

  • In order to avoid getting problem of the connection of your LAN, check always the RJ 45 connectors of your UTP and clean it using a paint brush.
  • Always sure that your computer have an updated virus scanner.
  • Be sure also to update your device driver.
  • Avoid installing unlicensed OS, if you use pirated OS, be sure that your expert when troubles came.
  • The best easy way, you can contact your ISP for sure that you have no lose data in your internet connections.

Keep Your Computer Cool and Stay in Good Condition

stay computer coolThe high temperature of our environment now is overwhelming, in the Philippines is like 32~36°c and in another country is like 34~40° and 53~60°c. In this temperature condition this will affect to much our computer condition. If our computer is not ready to normalize or stay in a good condition while the computer is on. Because our computer uses hardwares that produces too much heat like the motherboard which on-board the processors and the motherboard IC’s and chipsets, video cards or gpu cards, and the processors. If your computer doesn’t have protection or to defense itself, it will contribute failure that may cause permanent failures of your hardware and might be also to your operating systems. In this post will help you give ideas how to protect your computer in this environment condition.

  1. If you buy a computer be sure that it have a good space inside.
  2. Make sure that the air ventilation is good, air can in and out inside the case. It much better that it have an exhausting fan.
  3. Put your system case inside the area where the dust away in your system case.
  4. Make sure that you remove dust build-up inside, or clean it as necessary.
Motherboard or MOBO
- The motherboard is the central sub- assembly of your computer which are mounted a variety of chips
  1. Clean your motherboard and remove dust build-up in it, use a blower machines to remove dust build-up.
  2. Put air cooler in the chipsets like the north bridge(Memory Controller Hub) and the South bridge(Input/Output Controller Hub).
  3. Put enough thermal paste of the chipsets if you put cooling fans.
  4. Water cooling is the best options if fitted in your budgets.
Processors Or CPU
- Your processor is the engine of your computer, it produces so much heat, powered by voltages and amperage.
  1. Make sure that your CPU chips have a good condition cooling fans, water cooling is the best options.
  2. Put enough thermal paste before to put the heatsink assembly.
  3. Make sure that dust of the cooling fan blades and heatsink must be take out.
  4. Monitor the fanning of your airblock or cooling fans using the BIOS, it must be 4000 rpm. Good temperature of the cpu while in gaming is 50-60°c. Above of this it will cause unstable condition of your computer.
  5. If you apply overclock, be sure that it is correct, either of the two types. Water cooling is the best idea to normalize temperature.
Video Card, Graphics Card, GPU card
- Graphics processor units or GPU, VGA, graphics cards are the pixel generator or workhorse for the graphics on your computer or called video or display through or using the monitor screen came from the system unit.
  1. Be sure that your gpu cooling fans are normal.
  2. Put enough thermal paste in gpu chips before the cooling fans.
  3. Remove dust in cooling fan blades and in the circuit board.
  4. If you overclock or even not, water cooling is the best option.
  5. Be sure to clean your gpu card and monitor it.

  • To avoid over temperature because of your software installed in HDD, be sure that the system requirements is specified according to your hardware capacity.
  • If you do upgrades of hardwares be sure that it is compatible and it is correct according to your hardware specifications.
  • If you remove dust build-up, the very safest way is using the blower machine.