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How To Solve “Not Registered Network” In Sun Cellular Phone

New updates of the Sun Cellular Subscribers, any android or iPhone Phone who uses Sun Cellular SIM or Micro SIM pack may encounter this problem, “Not Registered Network” or any related errors during sending and calling using your smartphones, tablets and I pads. This is because of the new promo of sun prepaid and postpaid, the unli trio and the tri-net. Using your smartphones with the sun SIM pack. You can call now any Smart and Globe subscribers in Sun product promos. Because of this new scheme, you may encounter this error on your phone. You will notice that during sending of the message, it will only rotate the sending icons, just like your phone hanging-up. And you will notice in the above signal icons a square signal that has an “R”. This understood that your phone is set in roaming, but you can’t use your smartphones in any messaging.

In order to solve this error follow the steps provided below in this post. Note I use only an android phone but simply the application icons similarly the same, all you need is to understand and find the solution to the problem.
Select Settings Menu

1. Find and open settings gear icons

Click More Networks 

2. Scroll down in the list of menu icons. And select More networks Icon

Click Mobile Networks

3. In the next menus, select Mobile networks

Click NetworksOptr

4. Then select network operators

Click Search Networks

5. Then select Search Networks

Wait Until

6. Wait until the searching will finish

Select Smart

7. When the Smart and Globe display, select Smart
8. Wait until your settings will recognize
9. And you’re done.
10. You will receive 9 notifications from Sun, which means you’re now registered for the new products they offer.
11. You can now use again your smartphones using the Sun Cellular sim pack.
You can log in in this link using the SUN Cellular site: Suncellular or just call this phone for technical supports: Sun Hotline Number

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