Wireless Image Processing of Xray Technology

IRAY Flat Panel Detector

Direct Flat Panel Detector or FPD is the latest technology of processing the images of X-ray results are called digital radiography. This is the replacement of the old system using photographic film and dark room in order to capture the images and leave the use of chemical consumption. Another method is the computed radiography which is a resemble of analog systems. Which transfers and records the images to an imaging plate. And to be read by an imaging device called CR printer attach to a computer system unit. And read by a software called DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications) a computer system, a software task to manage the CR printer reading and registration of patients.

But in Direct Flat panel detector, this technology is equipped with wireless detector installed in a plat panel device which is attached to the back of the x-ray machines bucky. So that during radiation shots it will convert wireless signal and transfer into the wireless computer receiver. Either a laptop or a desktop computer which have a wireless card either single or dual band installed in the PCI slot and or a wireless USB dongle inserted in USB compatible ports. Aside as this device is thin and easy to handle, this device also can process an image in a second only. Comparison of the analog CR system that can process in about a minute each plate that can consume more time of the patients and the radiologist doctor to wait. And can be fully auto sent images into a viewer software called PACS or Picture Archiving Communication System connected as network computer in order to manage the bulk of images. And also transfer images either in electronic mail, cloud storage, and smartphones of a radiologist doctor in order to read it even if they are in long travel or seminars and trainings in other countries.

Iray FPD Network Installation


  • This laboratory or medical equipment can be powered using the AC adaptor package after you buy it and a battery pack most two units and a charger. So you can install and operate this device using the battery pack without using the AC adaptor which contributes safety and minimize high voltage and AC wire connections.
  • IEEE 802 compliant and can be configured in both two network models, peer to peer and dedicated server connections and IPV4 and IPV6 IP configurations compatible.
  • The FPD host computer must have a maximum capacity of hardware, either quad processors both Intel and AMD compatible with 2GB of RAM and have a higher capacity of HDD storage like 2 TB and 6 TB in order to store bulk images.
  • In order to network both DR software and PACS, you need network switch, UTP cables, router if internet connected, rj 45 connectors.
  • The PACS software, computer must have also a maximum capacity of hardware and highest HDD storage to manage the bulk of images came from the DR software.
  • In order the FPD device can communicate with the host computer, you need to install a dual band wireless PCI card installed in the PCI slots. The dual band wireless card is most recommended rather than a single band, for highest sensitivity of capturing images during radiation shots of patients.
  • Burning images to backup images is recommended and can be performed by PACS software, including email sending and image hosting.


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Direct Flat Panel Detector or FPD is the latest technology of processing the images of X-ray results are called digital radiography. T...
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