Why My SmartPhone Not Turning On After Charging?

Smart Mobine Phone Not Turning OnMany are wondering why their smartphones suddenly got failure during charging or got a problem of “no power”. There are some common factors why this happens to our phone that in the pass hours or in a day of using it, it is normal. But when you leave it in your room or table for charging, after it you notice that it got a serious failure. Definitely this is also our error because we don’t know how to handle carefully our phone during and after we use it likewise during charging on it. Some common factors we will consider and we should learn about this post.


One of the best cause of failures is the sudden high fluctuation happen in your home or area, that your AC adaptor can’t not hold-on the surge current coming from your wall out electricity. One of the best examples is a welding machine near to your home. It is best recommended to use AVR or UPS, especially if your home belongs to a commercial place.

  1. Corrupt Operating System during charging- it also happens once the operating system is corrupted due of the viruses, the application that was downloaded that cause the storage full and cause also overheating the system board. The damage operating system can prevent the phone to charge normally according to its condition.
  2. Overcharging time and charging while power on- this is also one of the user errors we always practice, we charge the phone until we forgot it to pull- out in the wall outlet. Or use it or perform gaming while it's charging that cause the battery to overheat and the charging IC is affected.
  3. Charging failure- this will happen once the battery is drained or the allowed minimum charging current drop excessively that cause the system to shut down and hard to power-up.
  4. Grounded electronic parts- this will happen if your phone accidentally drop, fell, or spills with a liquid or water that cause the mainboard to be grounded and became dead set.


  1. Do not attempt to troubleshoot unless you know how to do it.
  2. If the battery of your phone is removable, remove it and back it again and power-up. If the battery is non-removable like the SAMSUNG S6 you need to disassemble your phone and remove it and back it again. This will possibly can recover the phone if there is no major damage.
  3. You can format your operating system if you know it, and check the memory card of viruses.
  4. Disassemble your phone either to remove dust build-up inside and to check whether it is grounded or not.
  5. If you don’t know how to repair, bring it to the experts personnel or shop.
  6. The very best to secure phone bring it to the service center and claim your warranty. Remember do not attempt to disassemble your phone or repair if this is under warranty. This could void the warranty of your phone.

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Many are wondering why their smartphones suddenly got failure during charging or got a problem of “ no power ”. There are some common fact...
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