Why My Laptop Won’t Turn On Or Dead?

Laptop No PowerThe no power problem of laptop or notebook computer is common, this is the major problem of the internal parts if the AC adaptor is good. The mode of your laptop once you press the power button or the micro switch, the LED light indicator will flash only and nothing you will see on the monitor screen and the LED light suddenly turn off. Or else nothing will happen, no led light indicator or moving parts inside like the exhaust fan. The main cause of this problem is overheating that one of the parts of the power section of the mainboard is affected. Or else the system of the laptop will cut off automatically the power once will sense an overheated temperature. This is the cause of the failure of the exhaust fan that can’t exit the heat came from the main chip sets likely the processor, VGA chips, ICH, and the MCH controller Hub.


  1. ACV Fluctuations- This is the irregular voltage coming from your wall outlet electricity or commonly we called convenience outlet. Your AC adapter can’t hold on the surge current in actual time that the fluctuations occurred. Probably your AC adapter also affected even though have a voltage you notice, but the amperage is high that cause the power section of the mainboard is affected. To avoid this use a voltage regulator and connect your AC adapter.
  2. Overtime charging failure- This will happen if you connect your laptop and it is power-on in a longer time, this will cause damage of the electronic parts of the power section. And can damage of the battery pack that will cause to drain.
  3. Overuse and use in gaming- Laptop or notebook not recommended to use for gaming even though manufacturers allow it. Users abuse it and probably use it in a long time. And this will cause overheating the processors and the main chip sets and the exhaust fan that can’t handle to exit the over temperature.
  4. Forgot to remove the battery while in travel- It is advisable to remove the battery once it is used and most especially when you’re on travel. If the battery is attached through the compartment this is understood that the system uses the standard power of about to 5 to 10 percents. And this will cause to produce an overheat and this will cause internal damage.
  5. Failure of exhaust fan and drain of battery- If the exhaust fan can’t perform better to exit the over temperature this will cause failure also and the drain of battery that the HDD also is affected.
  6. Micro switch or power button was damage- If the power button is damaged because in a long time we use it and press thoroughly to power-up, this will cause damage itself. This will became grounded or the pin is disconnected through the circuit board.
  7. Accidentally drop or bump- We need to avoid this if we can, one of the causes of the no power is failing or drop and or accidentally bump. This will cause to clutter the internal parts and cause to grounded and spark.
  8. Upgraded RAM without knowing and consultation- One of the best errors made by the user is the trial and errors. Changing or adding a RAM or main memory will cause of permanent failure of your laptop. Main memory is the very dangerous parts if not fitted will through the slots. Because there are many RAM types that you need to consider, the capacity, bandwidth, and the number of pins so that it will fit exactly into the slot. If not this will cause to spark and the voltage divider electronic parts will cause to burn.
  9. Overload software or program- One of the activities of the user is to install software most especially the games without knowing the system requirements. One of the requirements we need to install big capacity of software is the compatibility. So that the hardware will run normally and will not cause over temperature that the cooling system or exhaust fan through the thermal heat sink can handle it.
  10. Dust build-up and clog of the exhaust fan- One of the very problematic causes is the dust build-up that can’t be avoided. One of the cause of the damage of the microchips is the dust build-up and the damage of the exhaust fan because of the clog either cause of hair or dry-up. That’s why you need to lubricate the exhaust fan.


  1. If you have ample experience in dismantling and troubleshooting go it and repair. One of the best way is to remove dust build-up and to condition the exhaust fan or replace it. But in this problem no power, if you find that the AC power adapter is damage repair it or change it with the same power rating.
  2. In the damage part of the power section of the mainboard is very difficult because of the surface mounted parts, you need a device to remove it like the hotair and bga machine. One of the best recommended is the bga machine that can remove a chip sets and reball it again. Using the hotair is very dangerous to the parts and microchips if you don’t know how to combine the exact heat and air.
  3. The best idea is to replace a parts like the mainboard, RAM, processor, and exhaust fan. Or bring your damage laptop in the service center or shop near to you that experts of the problem or any person in your area.
  4. Do not attemp to repair or troubleshoot if you don’t know how to do it.
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The no power problem of laptop or notebook computer is common, this is the major problem of the internal parts if the AC adaptor is good....
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