New Processors And The Windows 10 Supports

Windows 10 SupportsWhen Windows 10 started to release, Microsoft Company announces its support for the new processors of the new operating system. Users of computers wanted to use this new operating system will force to upgrade their processors and likewise users who use windows 7. Microsoft will support only on the new processors base of its new operating system platforms. Users for AMD and Intel processors will push to upgrade its operating system in order to use this new processor technology.

Throughout the design of the Windows 10 platform, Microsoft continues its partnerships of its silicon base company, including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm to ensure its Windows 10 platform takes its full advantage of the silicon features. And for better achievements and development of the performance of imaging, connectivity, power, graphics and more where users and consumers expects for better performance in using the Windows 10. Modern computing world rely on its deep integration between silicon, platform and hardware to take ahead on innovation in using the new operating system.

Intel on their new 6th generation Intel core processors, code name Skylake, enable its best performance of graphics up to 30x and battery life up to 3x, better security called Credential Guard introduce by Windows 10 Enterprise. include features such as hardware security, virtualization-based security, better protection against advanced persistent threats, and manageability. AMD processor in other hand updated on its new processor called “Bulldozer” this is a Hyper- Threaded Cores that supports the new windows operating system alongside to support the new AMD’s MCMs processors.

Microsoft will continue supports and updates for all computers who uses 7, 8, and 8.1 operating system related to the new Intel Skylakes processor. But when kaby lake and AMD’s Bristol Ridge processor will release, Microsoft will only update this processor for Windows 10. All computers use an older operating system, rather than Windows 10 for this processor. It might be encountered troubles, unstable low performance, high rated power draw because of its incompatibility performance.

Upgrading our computers to new Windows 10 is not easy, it involves budgets and time to do it. Because hardwares need to configure to its new operating system platform in order to make it compatible and run smoothly as a system of both the hardware and softwares. But Microsoft wants everyone to move us in Windows 10 to optimize the use of daily computing and to meet the advancement of technology and to make us safety as we use our computers online.    
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When Windows 10 started to release, Microsoft Company announces its support for the new processors of the new operating system. Users of ...
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