How to Install Windows 7 and Run BIOS Setup

The Windows 7 operating system is the most common operating system use in our computer. It said that Windows 7 is a user friendly like the windows experience or xp. To install this operating system you must know first that your hardware is compatible with this operating system. Preferably dual-core or higher both Intel and AMD processor. With a higher storage of Hard Disk Drive preferably 320, 500 gigabytes or highest capacity and main memory size of 2 gigabytes or Higher. Less capacity of what I mention might be the computer will perform normal, but you need to prepare the computer as highest capacity or maximum hardware capacity rather than the computer will encounter error during the installation. That probably will cause permanent damage of your internal hardwares and of your hard disk drive. This is considered also that not only the operating system you wanted to install but including the program you need including the games.


To run the installation, you need Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installer CD or higher version, either License or not by the Microsoft. But the license operating system is you can assure your system is normally good during the installation including the updates after the installation. Follow the instruction below for this installation.

CONFIGURE BIOS SETTINGS FOR THE FIRST BOOT SEQUENCE- you need to enter BIOS settings for the first boot device as CD/DVD drives.

  1. Power-up system unit and press “F2” or “Del” key to enter bios setup.
  2. If you ask a password, enter the BIOS password you created.
  3. Once you're in the BIOS windows, check the standard CMOS features and check your hard disk drive capacity and RAM if correct and presents. This is important so that you can assure that during the installation this two hardware are good and detected.
  4. Next click the “Advance BIOS Features” and find “Boot Device Priority”.
  5. Then set the CD/DVD drive as first of the list of drives listed.(see the second picture)
  6. As you set the first boot, put the CD/DVD installer of your Windows operating system in the DVD drive.
  7. Then save your BIOS settings by Pressing “F10” key then press enter key as “ok”. (see the 3rd picture)
  8. The installation will return to POST, press spacebar to load the startup files.
  9. When you see displayed on the screen “windows setup EMS enabled), press enter key.(see 4th picture)
  10. Then you will see “Windows is loading files” wait until you will see the windows logo
  11. Press the next button right side down of the pop-up screen called install windows, change the language, time and currency format if necessary.(see the 6th picture)
  12. Click “Install Now”  Button of the next windows called “Install Windows”.
  13. Wait until you will see “Setup is starting” and in the next windows checkbox called “ I accept the license term”.
Hard Disk Partiton- Here in this instruction you need to partition the HDD for the station of drive c as OS: and the drive D: as backup. 
  1. Next window will display click/select “Custom Advance”.(see the 8th picture)
  2. Youneed to create drive capacity of its logical partition by clicking below called “drive options” or select the old drive c: partition.(See the 9th picture)
  3. Click Ok button of the information pop-up window, notice that your old operating system and old files will not damage of this custom partition.
  4. Now you will see “Installing windows” of the next windows, wait until all the task will finish 100%. (see the picture above here)
  5. If the task is complete you will see “Windows needs to restart to continue” and return to post.(see the picture above here)
  6. Then the installation will startup again until you will see the windows logo and go back again in step no.4 or “installing windows”.
  7. If all the task will completely finish, the installation will go back again in the POST, and startup again until you will see and windows asking for “username”. (see the picture above here)
  8. After you type a username click next button right side below, then next window will follow asking for password, leave it as blank, including the product key window.
  9. When you’re prompted in 3 options of the window called “Set up windows”, select “ask me later”.(see the picture above here)
  10. In the next windows neglect the date and time settings, you can setup it later.(see the picture above here)
  11. Then the installation will bring you until on the windows desktop.
  12. Then you’re done.
  • Do not delete your partitions if there are important files, you can select that partitions and create it, the windows will create the old operating system as windows old. All your files will remain and became old windows folder of your new operating system.
  • After the installation you can update your new windows using the internet if it is license OS. Do not update it if it is a non license. Ask me about this if you need my advice.
  • Install all the drivers of your computer and programs you need like browsers.
  • In BIOS setup there is different type, here I’m using American Megatrends, so it is understood that other BIOS settings are different setup like keys to enter bios. But if you familiarize the terms or acronyms of computer it is easy to understand other type of BIOS.
  • Any error you will encounter during and after installation you can link here:Installation and setup
How to Install Windows 7 and Run BIOS Setup Arnel G. Cartoneros 5 of 5
The Windows 7 operating system is the most common operating system use in our computer. It said that Windows 7 is a user friendly like the...
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