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New Processors And The Windows 10 Supports

Windows 10 SupportsWhen Windows 10 started to release, Microsoft Company announces its support for the new processors of the new operating system. Users of computers wanted to use this new operating system will force to upgrade their processors and likewise users who use windows 7. Microsoft will support only on the new processors base of its new operating system platforms. Users for AMD and Intel processors will push to upgrade its operating system in order to use this new processor technology.

Throughout the design of the Windows 10 platform, Microsoft continues its partnerships of its silicon base company, including Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm to ensure its Windows 10 platform takes its full advantage of the silicon features. And for better achievements and development of the performance of imaging, connectivity, power, graphics and more where users and consumers expects for better performance in using the Windows 10. Modern computing world rely on its deep integration between silicon, platform and hardware to take ahead on innovation in using the new operating system.

Intel on their new 6th generation Intel core processors, code name Skylake, enable its best performance of graphics up to 30x and battery life up to 3x, better security called Credential Guard introduce by Windows 10 Enterprise. include features such as hardware security, virtualization-based security, better protection against advanced persistent threats, and manageability. AMD processor in other hand updated on its new processor called “Bulldozer” this is a Hyper- Threaded Cores that supports the new windows operating system alongside to support the new AMD’s MCMs processors.

Microsoft will continue supports and updates for all computers who uses 7, 8, and 8.1 operating system related to the new Intel Skylakes processor. But when kaby lake and AMD’s Bristol Ridge processor will release, Microsoft will only update this processor for Windows 10. All computers use an older operating system, rather than Windows 10 for this processor. It might be encountered troubles, unstable low performance, high rated power draw because of its incompatibility performance.

Upgrading our computers to new Windows 10 is not easy, it involves budgets and time to do it. Because hardwares need to configure to its new operating system platform in order to make it compatible and run smoothly as a system of both the hardware and softwares. But Microsoft wants everyone to move us in Windows 10 to optimize the use of daily computing and to meet the advancement of technology and to make us safety as we use our computers online.    

How To Check If AC Adapter Is Dead

AC AdapterAC Adapter or Alternating Current Adapter is a device used to convert standard wall outlet electricity coming from electricity line or any auto voltage regulator (AVR) or UPS. This is used commonly in any portable devices like laptop, notebook computer, notepads, and smartphones. This is used also in other devices or machines that don’t have primary input voltages like in other thin computers or branded computers. This adapter is a switch mode power supply that converts electrical power from higher voltages down to regulate direct current voltages or called as AC to DC once you plug-in in a wall outlet and turn your device on.
How To Open AC Adapter
If this device will damage or have abnormal functions, commonly “no power”, you will wonder “how and why” it happen or how it happen. There are common factors in the cause of the problem, might be over voltages or fluctuations coming from the electrical line or voltage regulators, over temperature inside the devices that causes malfunction of electronics components, shortages either inside the components and through the voltage regulator.Adapter Circuit Parts
So here in this post, I will let you know how to check it internally or inside of this device, where and what components should be checked. But this procedure needs a basic skills in electronics and how to use VOM and test electronic components use in it.Adapter Electronic Parts
  1. SYMPTOM: The machine or a device doesn’t power-up, no lights at all, nothing on screen, no moving parts once you turn on.
  2. PROBLEM: No Power
  • Unplug the AC adapter in your device of machine.
  • Open the cover, if you find a screws at the back uncrew it, and unlock the clip using the rounded part of a twizzer. (See the 2nd post image above)
  • Remove the circuit board after you open the cover.
  • After you remove the circuit board check the primary circuits.( see the 3rd post image here)
  • Remove the electronic parts I mention in 4th post image, the bridge diode, transistors, fuse, and filter capacitor using the soldering iron.
  • Test it one by one using multitester(VOM)
    1.  FUSE- Normally have a resistance once you check using multitester. If the device has no power commonly this part is damaged and don’t have resistance once you check it. Replace this with correct value.
    2. BRIDGE DIODE- This part is used to rectify AC voltages to direct current or DC, normally this part can be checked using VOM that has a forward and reverse bias, this part has a four diode peak as one or have a four junctions. If this is normal you can check the positive and negative in the four pins of this part. Commonly, if the fuse is blown this part also is damaging.
    3. TRANSISTOR- This part is used to trigger, switch, or regulate current voltages in the primary section of the circuit. This part have a 3 pin assign as base, emitter, and collector. check if this 3 configuration present using the forward and reverse bias of your tester. Another type of transistor use of this device is the FET transistor, it has also 3 pins as gate, source, and drain. You check by finding high resistance and low resistance through forward and reverse bias of the gate, source, and drain channel junction. Check here in this link:How To Test JFET Transistor  
    4. FILTER CAPACITORThis part is used as storage of the current voltages in the primary section of the circuits. It acts to store large amount of voltages coming from the input source voltage, like 400 AC voltages and rectified it using the diodes. This can be also damage in a long time of use, this usually damage through high temperature because normally this part has a resistance temperature up to 150 degrees. You can check this using capacitance tester or Multitester by checking the resistance, whether it leaks or weak.

  • To ensure that your AC adapter will become normal after repair, replace the damage parts with correct values.
  • Do not tampered of jumper the circuit boards, it will damage the device where it is used to power.
  • Do not test devices with other known voltage output or have it test the new repair AC adapter to the other device.
  • For more information on how to repair AC Adapter, you can open the site of Mr. Jestine Yong about electronic repair.

Wireless Image Processing of Xray Technology

IRAY Flat Panel Detector

Direct Flat Panel Detector or FPD is the latest technology of processing the images of X-ray results are called digital radiography. This is the replacement of the old system using photographic film and dark room in order to capture the images and leave the use of chemical consumption. Another method is the computed radiography which is a resemble of analog systems. Which transfers and records the images to an imaging plate. And to be read by an imaging device called CR printer attach to a computer system unit. And read by a software called DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications) a computer system, a software task to manage the CR printer reading and registration of patients.

But in Direct Flat panel detector, this technology is equipped with wireless detector installed in a plat panel device which is attached to the back of the x-ray machines bucky. So that during radiation shots it will convert wireless signal and transfer into the wireless computer receiver. Either a laptop or a desktop computer which have a wireless card either single or dual band installed in the PCI slot and or a wireless USB dongle inserted in USB compatible ports. Aside as this device is thin and easy to handle, this device also can process an image in a second only. Comparison of the analog CR system that can process in about a minute each plate that can consume more time of the patients and the radiologist doctor to wait. And can be fully auto sent images into a viewer software called PACS or Picture Archiving Communication System connected as network computer in order to manage the bulk of images. And also transfer images either in electronic mail, cloud storage, and smartphones of a radiologist doctor in order to read it even if they are in long travel or seminars and trainings in other countries.

Iray FPD Network Installation


  • This laboratory or medical equipment can be powered using the AC adaptor package after you buy it and a battery pack most two units and a charger. So you can install and operate this device using the battery pack without using the AC adaptor which contributes safety and minimize high voltage and AC wire connections.
  • IEEE 802 compliant and can be configured in both two network models, peer to peer and dedicated server connections and IPV4 and IPV6 IP configurations compatible.
  • The FPD host computer must have a maximum capacity of hardware, either quad processors both Intel and AMD compatible with 2GB of RAM and have a higher capacity of HDD storage like 2 TB and 6 TB in order to store bulk images.
  • In order to network both DR software and PACS, you need network switch, UTP cables, router if internet connected, rj 45 connectors.
  • The PACS software, computer must have also a maximum capacity of hardware and highest HDD storage to manage the bulk of images came from the DR software.
  • In order the FPD device can communicate with the host computer, you need to install a dual band wireless PCI card installed in the PCI slots. The dual band wireless card is most recommended rather than a single band, for highest sensitivity of capturing images during radiation shots of patients.
  • Burning images to backup images is recommended and can be performed by PACS software, including email sending and image hosting.



Why My SmartPhone Not Turning On After Charging?

Smart Mobine Phone Not Turning OnMany are wondering why their smartphones suddenly got failure during charging or got a problem of “no power”. There are some common factors why this happens to our phone that in the pass hours or in a day of using it, it is normal. But when you leave it in your room or table for charging, after it you notice that it got a serious failure. Definitely this is also our error because we don’t know how to handle carefully our phone during and after we use it likewise during charging on it. Some common factors we will consider and we should learn about this post.


One of the best cause of failures is the sudden high fluctuation happen in your home or area, that your AC adaptor can’t not hold-on the surge current coming from your wall out electricity. One of the best examples is a welding machine near to your home. It is best recommended to use AVR or UPS, especially if your home belongs to a commercial place.

  1. Corrupt Operating System during charging- it also happens once the operating system is corrupted due of the viruses, the application that was downloaded that cause the storage full and cause also overheating the system board. The damage operating system can prevent the phone to charge normally according to its condition.
  2. Overcharging time and charging while power on- this is also one of the user errors we always practice, we charge the phone until we forgot it to pull- out in the wall outlet. Or use it or perform gaming while it's charging that cause the battery to overheat and the charging IC is affected.
  3. Charging failure- this will happen once the battery is drained or the allowed minimum charging current drop excessively that cause the system to shut down and hard to power-up.
  4. Grounded electronic parts- this will happen if your phone accidentally drop, fell, or spills with a liquid or water that cause the mainboard to be grounded and became dead set.


  1. Do not attempt to troubleshoot unless you know how to do it.
  2. If the battery of your phone is removable, remove it and back it again and power-up. If the battery is non-removable like the SAMSUNG S6 you need to disassemble your phone and remove it and back it again. This will possibly can recover the phone if there is no major damage.
  3. You can format your operating system if you know it, and check the memory card of viruses.
  4. Disassemble your phone either to remove dust build-up inside and to check whether it is grounded or not.
  5. If you don’t know how to repair, bring it to the experts personnel or shop.
  6. The very best to secure phone bring it to the service center and claim your warranty. Remember do not attempt to disassemble your phone or repair if this is under warranty. This could void the warranty of your phone.

 Leave your comments and questions below in this below. See you next post.

Why My Laptop Won’t Turn On Or Dead?

Laptop No PowerThe no power problem of laptop or notebook computer is common, this is the major problem of the internal parts if the AC adaptor is good. The mode of your laptop once you press the power button or the micro switch, the LED light indicator will flash only and nothing you will see on the monitor screen and the LED light suddenly turn off. Or else nothing will happen, no led light indicator or moving parts inside like the exhaust fan. The main cause of this problem is overheating that one of the parts of the power section of the mainboard is affected. Or else the system of the laptop will cut off automatically the power once will sense an overheated temperature. This is the cause of the failure of the exhaust fan that can’t exit the heat came from the main chip sets likely the processor, VGA chips, ICH, and the MCH controller Hub.


  1. ACV Fluctuations- This is the irregular voltage coming from your wall outlet electricity or commonly we called convenience outlet. Your AC adapter can’t hold on the surge current in actual time that the fluctuations occurred. Probably your AC adapter also affected even though have a voltage you notice, but the amperage is high that cause the power section of the mainboard is affected. To avoid this use a voltage regulator and connect your AC adapter.
  2. Overtime charging failure- This will happen if you connect your laptop and it is power-on in a longer time, this will cause damage of the electronic parts of the power section. And can damage of the battery pack that will cause to drain.
  3. Overuse and use in gaming- Laptop or notebook not recommended to use for gaming even though manufacturers allow it. Users abuse it and probably use it in a long time. And this will cause overheating the processors and the main chip sets and the exhaust fan that can’t handle to exit the over temperature.
  4. Forgot to remove the battery while in travel- It is advisable to remove the battery once it is used and most especially when you’re on travel. If the battery is attached through the compartment this is understood that the system uses the standard power of about to 5 to 10 percents. And this will cause to produce an overheat and this will cause internal damage.
  5. Failure of exhaust fan and drain of battery- If the exhaust fan can’t perform better to exit the over temperature this will cause failure also and the drain of battery that the HDD also is affected.
  6. Micro switch or power button was damage- If the power button is damaged because in a long time we use it and press thoroughly to power-up, this will cause damage itself. This will became grounded or the pin is disconnected through the circuit board.
  7. Accidentally drop or bump- We need to avoid this if we can, one of the causes of the no power is failing or drop and or accidentally bump. This will cause to clutter the internal parts and cause to grounded and spark.
  8. Upgraded RAM without knowing and consultation- One of the best errors made by the user is the trial and errors. Changing or adding a RAM or main memory will cause of permanent failure of your laptop. Main memory is the very dangerous parts if not fitted will through the slots. Because there are many RAM types that you need to consider, the capacity, bandwidth, and the number of pins so that it will fit exactly into the slot. If not this will cause to spark and the voltage divider electronic parts will cause to burn.
  9. Overload software or program- One of the activities of the user is to install software most especially the games without knowing the system requirements. One of the requirements we need to install big capacity of software is the compatibility. So that the hardware will run normally and will not cause over temperature that the cooling system or exhaust fan through the thermal heat sink can handle it.
  10. Dust build-up and clog of the exhaust fan- One of the very problematic causes is the dust build-up that can’t be avoided. One of the cause of the damage of the microchips is the dust build-up and the damage of the exhaust fan because of the clog either cause of hair or dry-up. That’s why you need to lubricate the exhaust fan.


  1. If you have ample experience in dismantling and troubleshooting go it and repair. One of the best way is to remove dust build-up and to condition the exhaust fan or replace it. But in this problem no power, if you find that the AC power adapter is damage repair it or change it with the same power rating.
  2. In the damage part of the power section of the mainboard is very difficult because of the surface mounted parts, you need a device to remove it like the hotair and bga machine. One of the best recommended is the bga machine that can remove a chip sets and reball it again. Using the hotair is very dangerous to the parts and microchips if you don’t know how to combine the exact heat and air.
  3. The best idea is to replace a parts like the mainboard, RAM, processor, and exhaust fan. Or bring your damage laptop in the service center or shop near to you that experts of the problem or any person in your area.
  4. Do not attemp to repair or troubleshoot if you don’t know how to do it.

How to Install Windows 7 and Run BIOS Setup

The Windows 7 operating system is the most common operating system use in our computer. It said that Windows 7 is user-friendly like the windows experience or XP. To install this operating system you must know first that your hardware is compatible with this operating system. Preferably dual-core or higher both Intel and AMD processor. With higher storage of Hard Disk Drive preferably 320, 500 gigabytes or highest capacity and main memory size of 2 gigabytes or Higher. Less capacity of what I mention might be the computer will perform normal, but you need to prepare the computer as highest capacity or maximum hardware capacity rather than the computer will encounter an error during the installation. That probably will cause permanent damage to your internal hardware and your hard disk drive. This is considered also that not only the operating system you wanted to install but including the program, you need including the games.

Win7 Installation

To run the installation, you need Microsoft Windows 7 operating system installer CD or higher version, either License or not by Microsoft. But the license operating system is you can assure your system is normally good during the installation including the updates after the installation. Follow the instruction below for this installation.

CONFIGURE BIOS SETTINGS FOR THE FIRST BOOT SEQUENCE- you need to enter BIOS settings for the first boot device as CD/DVD drives.

  1. Power-up system unit and press “F2” or “Del” key to enter bios setup.
  2. If you ask a password, enter the BIOS password you created.
  3. Once you're in the BIOS windows, check the standard CMOS features and check your hard disk drive capacity and RAM if correct and presents. This is important so that you can assure that during the installation these two hardware are good and detected.
  4. Next, click the “Advanced BIOS Features” and find “Boot Device Priority”.
  5. Then set the CD/DVD drive as first of the list of drives listed.(see the second picture)
  6. As you set the first boot, put the CD/DVD installer of your Windows operating system in the DVD drive.
    Save Bios Settings
  7. Then save your BIOS settings by pressing the “F10” key then press enter key as “ok”. (see the 3rd picture)
  8. The installation will return to POST, press the spacebar to load the startup files.
    Win7 Installation
  9. When you see displayed on the screen “windows setup EMS enabled), press enter key. (see 4th picture)
    Win7 Installation
  10. Then you will see “Windows is loading files” wait until you will see the windows logo
    Win7 Installation
  11. Press the next button right side down of the pop-up screen called install windows, change the language, time, and currency format if necessary. (see the 6th picture)
    Win7 Installation
  12. Click the “Install Now”  Button of the next window called “Install Windows”.
    Win7 Installation
  13. Wait until you will see “Setup is starting” and in the next windows checkbox called “ I accept the license term”.
Hard Disk Partition- Here in this instruction you need to partition the HDD for the station of drive c as OS: and the drive D: as a backup. 
  1. The next window will display click/select “Custom Advance”.(see the 8th picture)
    Win7 Installation
  2. Youneed to create the drive capacity of its logical partition by clicking below called “drive options” or select the old drive c: partition. (See the 9th picture)
    Win7 Installation
  3. Click Ok button of the information pop-up window, notice that your old operating system and old files will not damage of this custom partition.
    Win7 Installation
  4. Now you will see “Installing windows” of the next windows, wait until all the tasks will finish 100%. (see the picture above here)
    Win7 Installation
  5. If the task is complete you will see “Windows needs to restart to continue” and return to post. (see the picture above here)
    Completing Setup
  6. Then the installation will start up again until you will see the windows logo and go back again in step no.4 or “installing windows”.
    Win7 Installation
  7. If all the task will completely finish, the installation will go back again in the POST, and startup again until you will see and windows asking for “username”. (see the picture above here)
  8. After you type a username click next button right side below, then next window will follow asking for password, leave it as blank, including the product key window.
    Select Ask Me Later
  9. When you’re prompted in 3 options of the window called “Set up windows”, select “ask me later”.(see the picture above here)
  10. In the next windows neglect the date and time settings, you can setup it later.(see the picture above here)
    Win7 Installation
  11. Then the installation will bring you until on the windows desktop.
  12. Then you’re done.
  • Do not delete your partitions if there are important files, you can select that partitions and create it, the windows will create the old operating system as windows old. All your files will remain and became the old windows folder of your new operating system.
  • After the installation, you can update your new windows using the internet if it is license OS. Do not update it if it is a non license. Ask me about this if you need my advice.
  • Install all the drivers of your computer and programs you need like browsers.
  • In BIOS setup there is a different type, here I’m using American Megatrends, so it is understood that other BIOS settings are different setup like keys to enter bios. But if you familiarize the terms or acronyms of computer it is easy to understand other type of BIOS.
  • Any error you will encounter during and after installation you can link here:Installation and setup