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How to Adjust Facebook Apps Settings to Avoid Scammers and Hackers


Facebook now has a billionth of registered members, family of families and friend of friends got members and even a student of an exact age. Even businesses got interested to do business by putting their products through fan pages. Because Facebook is the number one most strategic sites in social media doing strategic marketing. Because Facebook offers a good idea and strategy in doing campaign by using ads for your business and through sites or business sites linking. Such as the so called SMO or Social Media Optimization.

FB Accounts

Therefore, you will see an ad displaying mostly on your right side of your account pages. Through this, Facebook has also become best fishing ground of the hackers and scammers. They created best strategy also that you will get stuck on their fishing net, more information here: 5 dangerous Facebook scams spreading like fire now

FB Accounts

Avoiding tricks and strategy is the best and easy way to become a victim. Facebook did the best way to make our accounts most protected. They sent us updated terms and conditions and policy, including new settings of our profile account. But frankly, we became idle in reading the whole thousands of words and understanding what it is inside the whole article. Below is one of the task we need to do in our FB accounts.

FB Accounts


FB Account

  1. Open your Facebook accounts. 
  2. Once your account is open, click the drop-down bar above the right side of your screen. See the first image above.
    FB Account
  3. Under the drop/down menu click the settings.
  4. You will be brought to the other screen window called "General Account Settings".
  5. At the left side panel of your screen click "Apps".
  6. After you click it, your haft Facebook application will display. You display the whole of your application by scrolling down and click "Show All".
  7. Then check all your application if it is yours or it is usable. 
  8. Then you can adjust the settings from public to "Only me" by pointing your mouse and click the pencil icon or edit settings and click the button at the right side of the pop-up window. (See the images at the top)
  9. You can remove also the APPS you don't need by clicking the " X icon" after you point your mouse in your APPS.
  10. Or you can DISABLE and ENABLE your Facebook application and plug-ins by clicking the "EDIT" button at the bottom of your screen. 

Other settings that you can use also under the settings menu are the SECURITY, Timeline, and Tagging. And also you can block any friends that you want to block in the list of your friends.

Microsoft Office: Automatically Save and Recover Files

Microsoft Office Program

Microsoft Office Word and Excel is always we use to create documents and data in the office or even in our personal use. This setting of Microsoft Office through this office works is not a substitute of manually saving your works by clicking the save button. By clicking the Save button or CTRL + S shortcuts is the surest way to save your document and data. But sometimes the Microsoft Office will close automatically before you can save your files you working on. There are different possible causes we can consider why this happen:

Microsoft Office Program

  1. Power Failure- the computer has no UPS (Interrupted Power Supply) to invert current/voltage if there is a total power blackout in your area.
  2. Power Supply Unit (PSU) failure- blown fuse of power supply that cause to instantly power off of the computer.
  3. System Unstable- this usually happens to cause the computer system to hang-up or failure made by another program installed.
  4. Microsoft Office Failure- this sometimes happen of the program that cause failures with unknown causes. Sometimes cause by malware or virus attack in your computer. That's why be assure to install known antivirus and update it normally.
  5. User Error- you accidentally close your Microsoft Office or close the program without saving your work.
To avoid getting trapped that cause problems of your documents and data. Because of the failures and problem of the computer I stated above, Microsoft Office created these tools I stated so that you have hope to recover and save your files. Follow the below instructions how to set these tools in your Microsoft Office.

2.) Enable and adjust Auto Recover and Auto Save
  1.  Open your Microsoft Office Word or Excel.
  2.  Once it open click the file tab menu above.
  3. Under help, click options.
  4. Click save button.
  5. Select or check box the "Save Auto Recover information every 10 minutes".
  6. In the minutes field, specify how often you want the program to save your data and the program state. TIP! The amount of new information that the recovered file contains depends on how frequently a Microsoft Office program saves the recovery file. For example, if the recovery file is saved only every 15 minutes, your recovered file won't contain your last 14 minutes of work before the power failure or other problem occurred.
  7. You can also change the location (specified in the Auto Recover file location box) where the program automatically saves a version of files you work on.
  8. Click Ok button after. 
Note: For your convenient, see the post picture above.

3.) Enable and adjust Auto Recover and Auto Save
  1. Click the file tab menu.
  2. Under help, click options.
  3. Click save button.
  4. Select or Check box the "Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving.
  5. Click ok button after.
Note: For your convenient, see the post picture above.


In Office 2007 Version, You can open this tools by:
  1. Hold ALT key then press F.
  2. Click word options button below.
  3. Then in next window click save at the left panel.
  4. The follow the instructions I mention above.
Note: If this instruction I stated here in not available in your Microsoft Office, it is understood that your Microsoft Office program is above 2010 version.

How to Remove Windows Bug using Command Mode

View Of The Screen Infected With Windows Bug

Windows updates are benefited grace for us by Microsoft, but there are times during updates we're encountering problem of windows 7, 8, and 10 versions because of the windows bug. There are common factors why this happen, one of the most common is using the pirated software. Mostly in Personal Computer or PC. Because the laptop is pre-installed during buying on it.

If we're enjoying the new update features of Microsoft but other also is struggling of their computer running smoothly. Because of the Windows bug error called KB3189866. Which causes freezes of the windows operating system. Full information and repair in this link: How to fix KB3189866 update bug on Windows 10?


USING COMMAND MODE TO FIX OTHER WINDOWS BUG- one of the bug cause problem is kb2565062, here are how to remove this bug. See images posted here to help you.




  1. Click start button, then click control panel.
  2. Once your in control panel, click icon called uninstall program in program menu.
  3. Then click view installed updates.
  4. Once it viewed right click on the updates.
  5. Then click uninstall.



  1. Open the MSDOS of your computer, click start button, then in search bar type CMD.
  2. Once you see the icon called command prompt, click on it.
  3. Once the black screen pop-up, you will see the command line.
  4. Type in the blinking keyboard cursor, the command stated in the image above here, like SLMGR-REARM if this command will not work, use this other command SLMGR /REARM. see the image below here:
  5. Click enter key.
  6. Once you see the instruction to restart your windows to take effect. Restart your computer now.
Once you go back in your desktop you can setup again your desktop properties like desktop background and screen saver. Here are other information about the software counterfeit: What Is Software Counterfeit Error In Desktop 

5 Ideas How to Speedup Internet Connections


If you have experienced a low signal on your internet, it is understood that your internet signal is strangulated, either the cause of settings or through other applications stored in history. Or either cause of one of the programs stored in your computer disk, like a virus scanner stored in system 32. 

Feel lucky if you read this post, we're encountered the same problem before. And found these commands and solve my problem before, you need only a basic application of the computer and use the command mode or CMD on your computer.

MS-DOS Command Mode

  1. Open your computer, and on your desktop, click the start button below the left side.
  2. When you see the search bar, type inside on it CMD.
  3. When you find it right-click on it and click "Run as administrator" and click yes in a pop-up window.
  4. Dark windows will appear or an MS-DOS command line. 


Type this in blinking keyboard cursor

netsh int ipv4 reset
netsh int ipv6 reset
netsh winsock reset
ipconfig /flushdns
netsh int IP reset c:\resetlog.txt
or use ping -t and type the IP address of your router, for example,

Disable Enable Network Adapter

  1. Right Click on the monitor icon of your notification area, it is right side down of your screen.
  2. A window will display, look on the left side of the screen to find the menu called. "Change Adapter Settings"
  3. The other window right-click in the "Local Area Connections"
  4. Then click disable, then after a few seconds when your internet is disabled, right-click again and click enable.
  1. Maybe you installed before the AVG antivirus, then a file that may be not removed during uninstall that cause the internet speed low.
  2. Open your My Computer Icon.
  3. Double click in drive c:
  4. And double click folders windows\system32\drivers
  5. And try to delete this driver called "avgfwd6a.sys"

Change settings DNS server

  1. Right Click on the monitor icon of your notification area, it is right side down of your screen.
  2. A window will display, look on the left side of the screen to find the menu called. "Change Adapter Settings".
  3. The other window right-clicks in the "Local Area Connections".
  4. Click properties.
  5. Click ipv4 or ipv6 and click the properties button.
  6. Then set the "obtain an IP address automatically".
  7. Click the ok button.
Likewise, you can run virus scanning of your computer for spam and viruses like a trojan. Also, you can run sfc /scannow using command mode to check any bad files or corrupt that will cause a hangup of your system. Also the firewall services and create a system restore so that you can restore your windows if ever there are bad causes happen on your computer.

How to Create and Run Slider of Soramag Template in Blogger Blog

Setup Soramag Blogger Template
Soramag Template Created by Soratemplates

Sora mag templates are very popular and high quality templates created in the internet. Many site and blog builders who are also beginner question how to install this image slider in blogger blog. There are users of internet questions regarding the installation of image slider in Google Plus. 

This template is created and complete blogger themes for news and magazines. But many also use this in other category like me as I install also on my site. This template is also responsive template and well created and attracted color that blind in red and black. This template is SEO friendly on a site without technical errors and also a mobile friendly.

You can buy this template in official site of this template, the Soratemplates site. You can download it freely or buy it in a premium option, the price is very affordable, it's only 6.95 dollars.

About the technical support as I experience during the installation, they provide instruction using the html. But personally you need skills or experience how to use the HTML editor of your blogger blog and your blogger dashboard.

There are features you will benefit after you downloaded this template, like responsive, SEO friendly, mobile friendly, custom 404 page, image slider, browser compatibility. And one of the features need to install and configure is the slider for your popular post or new post.

Here are the simple instructions and for me easy to install. But be sure you have plenty of posts or write-ups in your blogger posting and make it sure also that you're correctly put an ALT text in your images. And make it sure also that there are no complicating javascript codes or technical errors during the installation of your template.

Blogger Layout Widgets Section

  1. Open your blogger dashboard
  2. At the left panel or menus, click layout (You must create first  the layout before it will run in your blogger site) see the image in the post picture above. 
  3. Once the layout widgets open type Looped Slider as title and in the inside also as text. See the image below. 
    Soramag Template Coding
  4. Then don't forget to click save button below of your widgets.
  5. After you save it go back to the menu and click post. You need to create labels in post settings to make the images run normally in image slider you need.
  6. Click at the top "Create New Post".
  7. Once it open, at the right side of your screen under the Post setting click labels.
  8. Type inside the box called "Slider"
    Post Settings
  9. And click done.
If you follow this carefully as it is impossible that it will not run. All you need is to put slider labels of all the posts you want to put in your slider. That's all bro, if you have questions, you need only to type it in the comment bar below. I will try to answer and share with you how to install this popular blogger template.

How to Fix Blank Black Display Screen of Samsung Laptop

Samsung Laptop is one of popular laptop or notebook this time, might be your one who owns one of the newest models of this gadget. 

If you encounter problems with one of the newest models, such as displaying blank/black display on screen with blinking cursor but no image you will see on the screen. And also attempts to boot windows, displays Samsung logo in POST display, but nothing displays on screen.

This commonly happens during the windows updates, in most instances, this will happen at the time of updates once the laptop goes to sleep. Then you attempt to wake on sleep, but after it will displays blank/black screen and blinking cursor on the screen.

This post will let you guide to try to resolve the problem of your Samsung laptop. Follow the list of instructions below:

  1. Remove your CD/DVD inside the CD/DVD ROM or any flash drive installation tools in USB ports.
  2. Power Off the Laptop by forcing the power button to off the system, If you worry that your Laptop will damage, don't worry about it, this will not happen.
  3. After you power off, power up again your laptop and press F2 key to access the BIOS system. If your laptop could not access the BIOS utility, power off again your laptop and try again to enter the BIOS settings.
  4. Once you enter in the BIOS settings, press F9 to "Load  Default configuration now" then press enter key to select yes.
  5. Press the F10 key then press enter key as YES to "Save configuration changes and exit now".
  6. Then the system will restart, allow the computer to restart and boot normally to windows.

If tendencies happen that you will not access your BIOS system, you can create an online service request. Click the link provided: Samsung Online Service Request
Then, if you access your BIOS now normally, but it did not resolve the problem. You need to restore your windows, you need to restart your computer, then press F4 key repeatedly to access the recovery software install in your laptop. For a complete guide in restoring laptop, windows, follow this link: Samsung Complete Guide In Restoring Windows  

Google Docs Presentation User Interface Parts And Functions

Google Docs is one of the Google Products known use of the internet. This product called Presentation, it's just like Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation. It's a highly organize and friendly user interface with ready made to use templates for your slide presentation of your documents. The best of this application is online base, that you can collaborate your presentation documents through the internet with your colleagues and business partners. And you can upload your files from any office application easily. 

Available templates are: Education, Student Certificates, Work, Personal. More templates are base of the common design, that usually use in our presentation application.

As you are beginning of this application by using the internet, you can open this application using your browser, you can use this link: Google Docs Presentation, and below the parts and function of the user interface. So that you may know and familiar the environment of this application.

User Interface Parts And Function:

  1. TITLE BAR- situated at the top left side of your screen and below of the URL address bar. You can change easily the title by clicking the bar with the default name.
  2. DROP DOWN MENU- Situated below the title bar, it's a group of menu name with a drop down mode. Once you click it, it will go down and you can easily now select your command. The menus are: File, Edit, View, Insert Slide, Format, Arrange, Tool, Table, and Help.
  3. STANDARD TOOLBAR- It's a toolbar located below of the Drop down menu, it's a command presented as a button, you can click this easily to apply it in your application. They are: new slide, print, undo and redo, zoom in/out, text box and etc. you can click on the buttons situated right to display as your task manager position on the right side of your screen.
  4. SORTER PANEL- A position left side of your slide template, it is used to arrange consistently your slide document or a template that you can use for your application.
  5. SLIDE TEMPLATE- It's the biggest part of the user interface application, it's a part where your slide and template will display in a beautiful manner. You can add text and design by using the drop/ down menu above of the application.
  6. TASK MANAGER- position right side of your slide template, you can add this task manager by selecting a menu in the right side of your standard toolbar. Like themes, background, layout, and transition for your animation.
  • You can start your presentation by clicking the command buttons, position above of the task manager.
  • You can apply comments and also you share your presentation with your colleagues by click the command buttons position right side of the present buttons above of the task manager. 

How to Change WIFI Password of PLDT Ultera Home Bro

WIFI or wireless fidelity is a loop signal within your locality or within your house as your Ultera Internet Plan. And it connects the router through your computer, LAN port. This router came from an Internet Service Provider or ISP called PLDT MyDsl. This is an internet plan that you will pay the exact amount of monthly, example 999 pesos per month.
This connection of the internet using your ultera router through your computer, there are two features that you can use to access the internet like the wired connections and the wireless connections. Which popularly called WIFI. Using this WIFI, it is dangerous that you will not change your wifi password. If you notice that there are other devices connected with your WIFI network. Might be you will easily hack or identified you or your bank account and credit cards. So, this WIFI you need to change its password, and this very easy if you know how to do it. By following the instructions written below in this post. Also there are images attached here so that you can easily follow the instructions,

Login page of Ultera ISP
  1.  Login in your ISP website page by typing the network ip address assign in your router, like this is only an example)
  2. Once the login page for username and password display on your screen, type the username and password assign to you, like homebro.
    Ultera ISP page display interface using your browser
  3. Inside of the ISP page, scroll it below and find the show password and right side of it, click the box to put the check. see the image below.
    Click the box to show the default password or your pre-shared key
  4. Under the Pre-shared key bar, right side, type your new password.
  5. Then click apply command bar at the right side of it.

  • If you want to change your WIFI SSID or your network name, just scroll up and find the wireless network name (SSID) at the right side of it's type in the bar your new SSID.
  • If you want to hide your SSID just click or check called hide SSID. or see the image below
  • If you want a good review for a best WIFI Adapters for your Desktop Computer and smartphones. You can read the best reviews here: 10 BEST WIFI ADAPTERS FOR PC GAMERS  

Virtual Assistant Course Training at KOM Academy

KOM School
Virtual Assistant or VA is an online job using the internet. It is one of the best jobs here in the Philippines, because you will income dollars for a successful client who will pay for you for a certain jobs after it will finish. Virtual Assistant is generally a self- employed jobs, you can work without an office, you can work either in your home, beach, malls, and even while in the refreshment store. This will provide professional administrative, technical, and creative assistance to a certain client remotely, while in home office using your computer with a high speed internet connection.

KOM Academy or Knights Of Online Marketers here in Davao, Philippines offered this course at a very affordable price in a 12 course package. This school is a highly reputable school, they are TESDA accredited school and many times conducted training's of different government agencies, like Department Of Trade And Industries or DTI. They are recipients and received more awards from different government agencies and private sectors.

Their programs or courses offered are:
  1. SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AND ENHANCEMENT PROGRAM (SDEP) - This course covered with 12 courses, from Administrative Assistance, Creative Assistance, Social Media Process, Technical Assistance, Introduction to blogging, Basic Off-Page SEO, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Content Marketing, Building Your Online Reputation
  2. LEARNING DEVELOPMENT TRAINING PROGRAMS (LDTP)- This course covered  with Social Media  Marketing in Facebook for Business, Content marketing in blogging, Email Marketing in Mailchimp, Search Engine Marketing Using Google My Business, Video Marketing Strategy Training.
  3. CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION PROGRAM (CPEP)- This course covered with Web Presence Optimization (WPO) Training, Photoshop Course for Beginners, Content Development and Marketing Training, Social Media Management and Marketing Training, Learning Photography from Scratch Training.

  1. INTERNSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM (ITP)- This is 80 hours internship/ on-the-job training.
  2. ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING PROGRAM (OTP)- This is 20 hours Virtual Assistant Training.
  3. ADVANCE LEVEL TRAINING PROGRAM (ALTP)- This course includes Real State Training for Virtual Assistants, Book Keeping Training: Accounting for Non- Accountants, QuickBooks Online Accounting Training, Business English for Career Development Training, WordPress Quick Start Training, Call Center 101 Training, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Light Room

For more details about their courses offered, you can reach them through telephone number: 224-4284, or log-on in http.//www.facebook.com/KnightsOfOnlineMarketers

This school is located at Door 21 Leonora Complex Ponciano Street, Davao City, Philippines. Just in front of UM Multitest and besides Techo Life computer store.

How to Register Basic and Advance Computer Courses in Tesda Online

Good news to all Filipinos! Technical Education Skills Authority (TESDA) now offered free online courses, like Information Technology in Basic Computer Operation for the beginners of computer who wanted to learn. 

TESDA find a good idea in using online of the internet. For those peoples who are busy, but they wanted to learn more about computer courses. This aims to promote courses which fitted in your own needs in every industry and business, like computer courses. And all this course is all demand, which can help you more to find a good job both abroad and here in the Philippines.

Every course have individual competencies, it's just like in TVET training centers, example in computer hardware servicing (CHS) it has both basic, common, and core competencies like to install computer systems and networks. 

Inside the online training, all you need is to follow the step by step instructions. It has also videos to keep yourself easy to understand and follow. Its easy to learn even no guides of a TVET trainer.

Here are the online courses in this images:


First face of the image kindly click it to make it bigger.


Second face of image, kindly click it to make it bigger.

How to register in this computer online courses?


1. Click sign-in link at the top right side of the screen


2. In the next window click "New Account"


3. Fill-up the form completely and write the CAPCHA and click "Create My New Account"


4. After you click the "create my new account" it will open in the next window. It will notify you to open your email for verification.

Click first this email link

Email Confirmation

Click this link to confirm your registration

5. After you open your email check for the link "TESDA Online Program Account Confirmation", once you find it click on it. And you will bring into the TESDA online program site.

6. You need to log-out first in TESDA online course program site and login it again using your new account.


7. After you will login, select your computer course you want. Like "Basic Computer Operation" or other course of computer you wanted to enroll.

8. After you select your course, follow the onscreen instruction to continue, there are links that will guide you until you will finish the registration to start your online class.

After you finish your course in this online program, all the learners that will graduate from this course can be ready to take the certification exam like NC2 (National Certification II). If you feel that you're already enough to pass the examination. Go to any assessment center like the Core Institute Of Technology in San Pedro St., Davao City.

If you any questions fill free to write it in comment bar below.

How to Install Windows 10 using USB Flash Drive

windows 10 installation

The Windows 7 operating system is no longer supported in the internet. Many applications including security updates, and new program compatibility could be no longer available. So in this case we need to upgrade or install windows 10 on our computer. So that all our needs for our computer could be available without problems. But of course we must consider the hardware compatibility if your computer could be compatible with the system requirements needs of this operating system. Like the processor, if it will support both 32 bits and 64 bits, memory capacity that have a minimum of 2gb, high capacity of hard disk drive, preferable SSD or solid state drive, and video card or graphics processor unit that it could be optional. As long as your computer meet the system requirements by the Microsoft.

But before to install this Window 10 be sure to backup your important files. Because you need to install this new OS surely that will not create problems after the installation. So in this post you will learn how to install windows 10 using USB Flash drive. Begin to follow the instruction below:

  1. First you need to check what operating system that you have, it could be 32 bit or 64 bit of windows 7 or 8.
  2. Right click in the My PC and click properties.
  3. Check in the preceding current windows, if it 64 bit or 32 bit.
  4. After you check it, open the Microsoft website download.
  5. After you open it, download accordingly the windows 10 either 32 bit or 64 bit, click on it.
  6. After you click it, it will download the installation tools.
  7. After it will downloaded using your browser, click on it.
  8. A pop-up window will display, you have to options, just select “Create Installation Media for another PC”.
  9. After you click it, you need to select a language in the drop down bar, windows edition like windows 10 pro, then architecture like 64 bits.
  10. In the next window you have another options for the creation of the tools, Just select “ USB Flash Drive”.
  11. Then click next button below.
  12. It will automatically detect your USB flash drive if it is connected in your computer. But if not insert your USB flash drive and click refresh.
  13. Then after it, click the next button below.
  14. Wait until it will finish creating the USB Flash drive windows 10 installation tool.
  15. When finish you will see in the window told “Your USB flash drive is ready”.
  16. Click finish button.
  17. Now you need to restart your computer and enter the bios setup for first boot of your USB flash drive tool.
  18. Press f2 or delete, or a instruction you will see in the POST information.
  19. Now when you’re in bios system, go to boot menu and select removable drive. Be sure that your USB flash drive is in the first of the list of drives. Note: not all BIOS systems have the same interface, it will look different of its others, but always use or find the boot menu and follow the instruction position on the right of the screen.
  20. Press F10 key and click yes in the pop up window.
  21. Once you save now the settings the computer will bootstrap that USB flash drive and load the windows startup installation.
  22. Once you’re now in the windows setup windows, click next button in the right side down.
  23. Then click install now in the next window.
  24. In the next window wizard you will ask to type the windows product key if you have. But if don’t have click SKIP button below.
  25. Then accept the terms and conditions in the next window by clicking the box or check box.
  26. Then click next button.
  27. Then select custom install in the next window to create drive partitions.
  28. Select the old partition and click delete command. Repeat this procedure for the rest of the partitions you need to erase. Just click OK to confirm in the pop up window.
  29. After you deleted or erase all partitions, create your partition by clicking the unallocated partitions. Note: In this step it will automatically install the windows files and format the partitions. If you want to create two partitions, click the new command and follow the onscreen instructions.
  30. Click next button below of that window.
  31. In the next window you will see installing windows. Wait until it will finish, it will put a check in every windows file after it installed. it will restart the computer several times. But just wait until it will finish. In this situation don’t press any key on your keyboard.
  32. Once you ask to enter the product key, press and select do it later. Then select use express settings in the next window.
  33. Then just wait a moment the windows loading, until it will ask you “Who Own This PC”. Just click I own it, if your computer doesn't belong to a certain organization.
  34. Then click next button at the bottom of your windows.
  35. In the next window, you will ask to enter your email address, but if you don’t want it just click “ Skip this step”.
  36. Then in the next window you will ask to create your computer account, type your name and your password in your PC.
  37. Then click next button below.
  38. Then wait until the desktop screen will display in your PC. And then you are done.
  • To avoid problems just reads and follow the system requirements in Windows 10 installation.
  • To avoid lost of your important file backup it first before install.
  • Be sure that your HDD have enough capacity or buy a SSD drive.

How to use Multimedia Files in Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint Multimedia FilesOne of the most stunning work of the Microsoft Office Application is playing a movie and SWF file in the Microsoft PowerPoint application. Talking with the movie presentation inside the application is made of very simple. Such as downloading first the movie you like in one of the best video sharing community, such as YouTube. Then insert the movie using the insert menu of the MS-PowerPoint. And this SWF (shock wave file) of the Adobe Macromedia Flash is used to create a better animation you own and created. Both the three new versions that highly made of user friendly environment, you can now insert both the Adobe Macromedia Flash and different movie file format such as WMP created using the windows movie maker.

In the following series of paragraph below, its a complete instruction listed in the proper order that came from the Microsoft Help. You can use this to create your own stunning movie and swf presentation using the Microsoft Office new versions, the Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, and 2013.
If you have an animated graphic that was created by using Adobe Macromedia Flash and saved as a Shockwave file with an .swf extension, you can play the file in a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation by using the ActiveX control called Shockwave Flash Object and the Adobe Macromedia Flash Player. To play the Flash file, add an ActiveX control to the slide and create a link from it to the Flash file, or embed the file in the presentation.

ActiveX control, security settings are located in the Trust Center, where you can find security and privacy settings for 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. You may need to adjust your security settings to allow Active X controls to run. ActiveX settings in the Trust Center apply to all 2007 Office release products. For example, if you change a setting in PowerPoint, that setting is also changed for other Office programs that use the Trust Center. For more information about Active X controls and changing settings, enable or disable ActiveX controls in Office documents
The Shockwave Flash Object must be registered on your computer for you to play the Flash file within a presentation. To see whether the Shockwave Flash Object is registered, on the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click More Controls. If the Shockwave Flash Object appears in the list of controls, it is registered on your computer. If it is not registered, download the latest version of the Flash Player from the Adobe Web site to register the Shockwave Flash Object on your computer.
To guarantee that complex animations run properly, install the latest version of the Flash Player, even if older versions of the Shockwave Flash Object are registered on your computer. 
Add a Flash file to a presentation:
  1. Install the Flash Player on your computer.
  2. In PowerPoint, in Normal view, display the slide on which you want to play the animation.
  3. Click the Microsoft Office Button , and then click PowerPoint Options.
  4. Click Popular, and then under Top options for working with PowerPoint, select the Show Developer tab in the Ribbon check box, and then click OK.
  5. On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click More Controls .
  6. In the list of controls, click Shockwave Flash Object, click OK, and then drag on the slide to draw the control. Resize the control by dragging the sizing handles.
  7. Right-click the Shockwave Flash Object, and then click Properties.
  8. On the Alphabetic tab, click the Movie property.
  9. In the value column (the blank cell next to Movie), type the full drive path, including the file name (for example, C\: MyFile.swf) or uniform resource locator (URL) to the Flash file that you want to play.
  10. To set specific options for how the animation plays, do the following, and then close the Properties dialog box:
    • To play the file automatically when the slide is displayed, set the Playing property to True. If the Flash file has a Start/Rewind control built into it, you can set the Playing property to False.
    • If you don't want the animation to play repeatedly, set the Loop property to False.
    • To embed the Flash file so that you can share the presentation with others, set the Embed Movie property to True. (For the Flash file to run, however, the Shockwave Flash Object control must be registered on any computer that runs the presentation.)

Preview an animation in Slide Show view
  • On the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click Slide Show or press F5. To exit the slide show and return to Normal view, press ESC.
If you don’t have any program installed on your computer just download here the Adobe Macromedia Flash, just click this link: Macromedia Flash 8. That’s all again, see you in the next post. “End”

How to use Logical Function of Microsoft Excel Worksheets

Microsoft Office Excel widely uses in our community. It is a common use as a simulation of spreadsheets paper. This is a part of automation in our office works as widely use in the calculation. There are hundreds of formulas built-in in this program to meet our needs in our worksheets of data, from simple to more complex application of a formula such as the logical. This is common to the programming platform of computer from basics to advance such as the coding of the database.

Logical function is a form of different conditions itself to meet an exact decision of data without changing its reference data in a worksheet. It can decides even it is hundreds of range of data in a single worksheet using the autofill. It can decides even nested in different logical operators both addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.

Now this post will help you learn what is the IF function of the Microsoft Excel using even it is Excel 97, 2003, or 2007 buildup and even using the other Office Application such as Open Office and Star Office. Or else using the cloud application of both the Google Drive spreadsheets and the Skydrive application of the Microsoft Outlook.com of the MSN.

According of the Microsoft Office, IF means; “returns one value if a condition you specify evaluates to TRUE and another value if it evaluates to FALSE. Use IF to conduct conditional tests on values and formulas.”

Syntax IF (logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false) Logical_test is any value or expression that can be evaluated to TRUE or FALSE. For example, A10=100 is a logical expression; if the value in cell A10 is equal to 100, the expression evaluates to TRUE. Otherwise, the expression evaluates to FALSE. This argument can use any comparison calculation operator. Value_if_true is the value that is returned if logical_test is TRUE. For example, if this argument is the text string "Within budget" and the logical_test argument evaluates to TRUE, then the IF function displays the text "Within budget". If logical_test is TRUE and value_if_true is blank, this argument returns 0 (zero). To display the word TRUE, use the logical value TRUE for this argument. Value_if_true can be another formula.

Value_if_false   is the value that is returned if logical_test is FALSE. For example, if this argument is the text string "Over budget" and the logical_test argument evaluates to FALSE, then the IF function displays the text "Over budget". If logical_test is FALSE and value_if_false is omitted, (that is, after value_if_true, there is no comma), then the logical value FALSE is returned. If logical_test is FALSE and value_if_false is blank (that is, after value_if_true, there is a comma followed by the closing parenthesis), then the value 0 (zero) is returned. Value_if_false can be another formula. The above STATEMENT can be understood in the following example, using the IF function: The final grades of the students set as example table below:

Name of Students
Final Average
Juan Juan 70 70 70 failed
Pedro C. Pedro 90 99 94.5 passed
The syntax above states that IF (logical_test, value_if_true, value_if_false), now basing the worksheet table the remarks are only passed or failed. Combining the logical as stated I use the logical by writing it in the worksheet as follows; =if (d2>75,”passed”,”failed”) now it is understood that =if is a logical function, d2 is a logical reference or reference data, greater than 75 is a logical test, and both using the double quotation the passed and failed is the logical condition that will base of the data reference and will depend of the logical test you provided.
See the image shown above.

A lot of examples will follow such as using the multiple IF function of the Microsoft Excel, it will help you to decide a hundreds of data using the remarks of your worksheets in different categories such as using the is greater than or equal to the principle. Just follow always this post, “End”

Use Windows Memory Diagnose Tools to Test RAM Failure

Windows Memory Tools
One of the problems of our computer is “windows lagging”, this logging is not only the cause of a damage files of windows or cause by a virus. But actually one of the problem is cause of the Random Access Memory Modules or RAM. The cause of the problem is might be the dust buildup or an over temperature inside the case or even the modules happen to be old. That's one of the chips of the RAM modules is damaged.

Through this, bad physical memory needs to be tested in order to know it and subject for replacement. Or else, a test for the better performance of the computer system. So the best way in checking this one of the main hardware of the computer is using the built-in utility tools of the Microsoft Windows Operating system. Through the backbone system called the MS-DOS, known as the Memory Diagnostic Tools in windows 7, 8, 8.1, and windows 10.

In this article you will learn how to use and run this utility on your computer using the MS-DOS.

  1. To run the utility you must click the start button, then type in search bar CMD. Or simply if you see the MS-DOS on your desktop or start menu to open it.
  2. In command line, type the command execution, mdsched.exe, like the command you will see in the post picture above.
  3. After you type it, press enter key.
  4. Then you will see a pop-up window on your screen, instructed you with the two options to restart your computer to check the problem.
  5. After you restart your computer and return to post, it will automatically start with checking for memory problems. The application will display a blue window that will display the memory status of your computer.
  6. After 100% memory check status, it will display the status of your memory, whether it has a problem.

When you see there are problems indicated after the check, you need to open your system unit cover. And carefully remove the RAM and replace it with the new compatible memory. But before to replace it, it must better clean or remove the dust buildup. Be sure to check that you installed the RAM tightly and correctly in the slots.

Backup Your Files Using Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 Backup

Important files on our computer are the number one attentions we need when we have a computer. Because our computer is always in the center of the fault, because of the different factors or cause. Like the damage caused by viruses, user error- like not properly shut down, and damage cause of total blackout. Because our computer has no UPS or the battery of the UPS is drained. Another, we need also to backup the important files on our laptop. Because our laptop could be accidentally bumped and drop that will suffer the most data loss. And additionally, the 2.5 HDD platter or SSD could be damaged due to longer or regular use. So, Microsoft equip this new Windows OS for this problem may encounter by the users of desktop or in laptop computer. You can follow the instructions below.

Windows 10

How To Backup Important Files
  1. Use the start menu bottom left of your screen or else use or press the Windows key on your keyboard.
  2. Then click on settings.
  3. On the next screen, click on the “Update and Security”.
  4. On the left panel of your screen, “Select Backup”.
  5. Then connect your external HDD by connecting it in your USB port or use the docking port of your system using the SATA port. Be sure that your HDD has a big capacity like the 1 TB and 2 TB of HDD.
  6. Once you have connected it, “+” button next to add drive at the center of your screen.
  7. Once you see and select the drive letters where your backup HDD drive is detected and your content will be back up and the selection is complete, the slider will appear under the “Automatically Backup My Files”. All your files and folder will be a backup or copy to the backup HDD by default.
  8. Click on the “More Options” located under the slider.
  9. Then scroll down to “Backup This Folders” and add folders as you see the “+” button add folder option. If you want to exclude folder and files, simply click the folders and files you want to exclude. Find the “Remove” button on the lower right hand corner of its selection.
  10. You can configure the “Frequency and Duration” of backup history in this procedure.

Now and then your system will perform to backup every time you use your computer with windows 10 OS, so you don’t worry now about your files. Because its secure now and backup to your backup HDD. See you next post.