The Computer Appeared to be Dead When I Power Up

Weak capacitor cause to no displayThis mode of computer seems to be like a dead computer. Essentially in light of the fact that you can't control up, there is no other reaction of the PC after you press the power switch. So the suspect is the power supply was damaged. In any case, different things you suspected is the power microswitch, the source voltage, either the voltage controller and the UPS. Or on the other hand the power cable connected with your PC from the AVR or ups. These things you suspected is basics, otherwise inside of the computer there's a lot of internal hardware you need to check. And or need to be and to free with dust build-up to rid out you in that failure of the computer. 

Before you proceed another decision for your computer, like changing the power supply unit of your computer.

Let’s talk how you will repair this computer using your ability to troubleshoot this kind of problem.
 Remove the dust build-up
SYMPTOM OF TROUBLE: Power light of AVR or UPS is turn-on, nothing lights of the front panel of CPU, no action of the exhaust and cooling fan, monitor displayed “no signal”
 Lubricate the exhaust fan and cooler fan using grease
PROBLEM: No power of the system unit

Problem Cause: Either power cord is desconnected, power supply unit is worn-out or one of the electronic parts inside is damage like fuse, power transistor, and secondary capacitors output, ATX power connector is disconnected, micro switch power button damage, and motherboard is damage.


  1. Repair or replace the parts, remove dust build-up, check and reconnect the disconencted parts


Philip Screw driver, Anti static wrist strap, Rubber mat, Table, Paint brush, eraser
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: You will dealing with the high voltage of the power supply unit.

  1. Don't work on the insides of the computer with the Power on, turn   off the computer and the power cord before opening the computer.
  2. Wear anti static wrist strap to avoid static electricity and use correct mounting screw to avoid damage to the motherboard.
  3. Patients must be applied during troubleshooting.
  4. Prevent not to panic when confusion come along.
  5. Be careful on the high voltage part of P.S.U.
  6. Use proper tools and materials.
  7. Work in a well lighted and spacious area.
  8. Wear anti static wrist strap during disassemble and assemble.
  9. Handle motherboard with care and don’t unwrap it.
  10. Handle properly the HDD when removing it on the bay to avoid damage particularly of the files.


  1. Try to power up pc to identify the symptom.If problem persist, check all connections.
    Isolate the power supply unit.
  2. Use grounding metal to switch on the ATX P.S.U. using the green wire of connectors
    If the P.S.U. is good, remove all adapters and connectors to isolate the motherboard.
  3. Use paint brush to clean the motherboard.
  4. Use eraser to clean the contact terminal of all adapters and ram.
  5. Place the motherboard on the rubber mat.
  6. Insert the CPU chip, insert the VGA on the slots and insert the ram.
  7. Connect the P.S.U connector on the motherboard.
  8. Connect the DB cord on the VGA port.
  9. Then try to power on the motherboard, use grounding metal to switch on the P.S.U. using the switch connector of front panel of MOBO.
  10. If the MOBO will display POST, reassemble the system unit.
  11. Carefully check all connection for final installation.


  1. If the power supply unit can’t turn-on during isolation test, open the P.S.U cover and check the glass fuse inside using the VOM. Replace or repair the PSU if needed.
  2. If the power supply is good during test then the mother indicated power using the mobo LED try to discharge CMOS BIOS using the RTC jumper. See here in this link: Use And Function Of The Motherboard
  3. Check the DC voltage of BIOS Battery or dry cell using the VOM, be sure that have a 3 volts. 
  4. Be sure that the power supply ATX connector is properly connected to the power connector of the motherboard.
  5. Use always isolation test to test power supply and motherboard to take care of your HDD.
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This mode of computer seems to be like a dead computer . Essentially in light of the fact that you can't control up, there is no other...
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