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Repair, Computer Mouse Problem

Unscrew this partOur pointing device or simply called mouse is important use in our computer. There are 2 types of mouse we use, the oldest one uses hard ball to actuate the mouse cursor arrow and the latest is uses a optical sensor or simple called lighted mouse. This mouse commonly cause failures because of the dust build-up. This particularly happen in the actuators wheel of hard ball mouse and in the optical sensor IC of the lighted mouse. Other cause failures because of the signal wire connected to the system unit. It causes cold sadder of the board soldered part of the signal wire. In the case of the driver of the mouse of the operating system it’s seldom to happen only if the operating system have a damage. To avoid this kind of problem you need to maintain the inside of the mouse and remove the dust build-up.Remove the Cover using twizzer
You can follow the below instruction to perform the maintenance and repair of this device.
Clean Optical IC
  1. Remove the connection of the signal wire to the system unit. Commonly in the usb port if the mouse is usb type and in the PS/2 port if the mouse is PS/2 type.
  2. Use screw drive to unscrew the mouse cover, see the post picture above.
  3. Remove the top cover using a twizzer or using your finger. See the post picture
  4. Once you open it remove the circuit board, remove the dust build-up using the paint brush, particularly the parts I pointed of the post picture above.
  5. Be sure also that the signal wire properly connected in the circuit board, if it’s loosen use soldering iron to fix and solder it in the circuit board.Check Micro Switches
  6. Check also the micro switches if its functioning by pressing it, if its not functioning remove it and replace it. You can buy this micro switches in any electronics store.
  7. If you’re sure that all the procedure is follow and you clean the parts, assemble the mouse and proceed to test it.
  8. And if its normal now return to full service.

  • It is recommended to clean periodically your mouse, particularly if your mouse is always use, use always a mouse pad to avoid crushes of the optical light mirror.

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