How To Integrate Other Application Using PowerPoint 2010

merginOtherPresentationUsing your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 you can integrate other application came from your Microsoft Office and windows program installed in your computer. Like the most common we use in our home and in our office, the Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher, Paint, wordpad, bitmap image an so on that you will see when you follow the list of instructions below. Another application that you can insert object like the adobe acrobat documents that you can insert in your slides without error. You can also embed all old slides on your computer in your new slides, rather than copying and paste it one by one. So in this post you will learn merging your application with other documents and create a new embedded object in your application. Read the following instruction below:
Reuse Slides
Merging Your Presentation with Another Presentation- Merging your presentation means importing slides from one presentation to another, and can be one slide or all slides stored in a folder of your computer.
  1. In your PowerPoint Presentation window click Home tab menu and click ribbon called new slides.
  2. And click slides from outline.
  3. Then a new window will display, select the slide file then click insert button. (see the 1st picture)

Use another Slides from other Presentations- use or reuse another presentation slides available in your computer and import it inside of your new presentation.
  1. In your PowerPoint windows click Home, new slides and click reuse slides.
  2. In the right sidebar of your PowerPoint you will see a task manager bar called “Reuse Slides”. (see the 2nd picture above)
  3. Click the button called browse.
  4. Select either of the two storage distination called “Browse slide library or Browse file”.
  5. A pop-up window will display select your file, then click select or open button below.
    Create Handouts
Create Handouts in Microsoft Word- you may publish a word document format from you PowerPoint slides.
  1. In your PowerPoint Window click File Menu at the top.
  2. Click Save and Sent in a drop down list.
  3. Click Create handouts at the right.
  4. Then click Create Handouts button.
  5. Then a pop-up windows will display, select options either “Notes next to slide” or other options then click ok button below.
    Embedded Object
Create a New Embedded Object- Embedding an object means creating a source file in the presentation. It is an object came from another application like Bitmap image of the Windows Paint. You create object outside of the PowerPoint Presentation and automatically imported in your PowerPoint slides.
  1. In PowerPoint window click Insert Tab menu.
  2. In the text group ribbon click object button.
  3. A window will display, select option create new, then select your object type, example of what I did, I select the Bitmap Image then click ok button.
  4. The program will open, then create your application and it will automatically imported to your PowerPoint slide.

  • To edit embedded files, double click on the object in the presentation, the default programs handling in this application will open and you can edit and made necessary changes to your files.
  • In terms of a video files, once you click it, it will play so in this case you need to use a video editor program and embed it again in your presentation.
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Using your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 you can integrate other application came from your Microsoft Office and windows program installed in...
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