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No display problem of computer or PC is a common problem that we will encounter. There are many common factors involve why the computer will not display or no signal came from the system unit or CPU. As technology uses microchips that also use in the computer video system. Either built-in of the motherboard or in video card’s graphical processor unit. This easily damage because of dust build-up. Because users of the Personal computer are not performing maintenance or remove the dust build-up. This will cause to hang-up the system of the computer. And slowing the cooling system of graphics processor unit. And will cause damage of the memory chips. The same to the co-processors and main controller IC. Like the Southbridge (ICH) and Northbridge (MCH) of the motherboard.

Because both PC and laptop or notebook computer uses motherboards and graphical processor chips or display and VGA chips, including RAM (Random Access Memory). This is also the main cause why the computer will cause no display. And this because of the damage of the video graphic adapter.

So here in this post I will let you learn how to solve this problem. But in notebook, laptop, and notebook computer, you need a skills, how to dismantle this portable computer.
Kindly read the following paragraphs below:
  1. SYMPTOM: As you notice that your computer perform failure you need to know what is the problem or initial performance of your computer. So the symptom is computer won’t boot, power light is on and you can’t see nothing on the screens and nothing works.
  2. PROBLEM: After you understand the mode or symptom of the computer problem, you will know now that the problem is no data signal came from the video card or video port. And likewise no start-up data came from the main storage. And this the problem of computer is “NO DISPLAY”
  3. CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: This time you know now the problem is no display, start to identify the problem cause. So lets identify the possible internal parts cause with no display: 
    • defective RAM or main memory
    • bad motherboard
    • damage adapter card
    • dust build-up

  4. REPAIR ACTION: Now you know what are the possible parts cause with the failure. And you need to know your repair action how you will deal the problem. And this you need to replace the damage parts and you need also to test it. And to remove the dust build-up that cause this problem.
  5. YOUR TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURE: You know now the above mention herein, this will proceed your troubleshooting procedure:

    • Do not forget to use safety precautions always to protect first yourself and to your  computer.
    • In oder that you will not forget the trouble, you need to jot down the cause of the problem at the time of the failure.
    • Remove the system unit cover and remove all the peripherals including disk drives.
    • Clean and remove the dust build-up.
    • Then test and after turn the system unit on.
    • If works, turn system unit off and connect and insert the parts or cards one at a time.
    • Then turn on and test each card. When the failure occurs on that parts, last parts you inserted or replace is bad.
    • You need to repair or replace the parts.
    • Then test your system unit, if it will display your computer now is good.

    • If not works, You need to isolate the power supply unit of your computer and test it.
    • If the power supply unit is working, motherboard is bad. And if not works also the power supply unit is also damage. Both of this two situation you need to repair or replace the motherboard and the power supply unit.
    • Once it done, test your computer and if the computer will display the problem now is solve.

    • In this troubleshooting you are using both the isolation and invaded procedure. Be sure to replace the parts with correct value or same value of the damage parts.
    • Besure to test the system unit or cpu be sure to remove the hard disk cable,it will cause damage to the hdd if during the test you failed to solve the problem.
    • Be sure to away the moving parts once you test.
    • Be sure to put thermal paste of the GPU and processor before the installation of the cooling system.
    • If the HDD operating system is damage you need to repair or reformat your HDD. But backup first your important files.

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No display problem of computer or PC is a common problem that we will encounter. There are many common factors involve why the com...
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