Create Simple Movie Using Movie Maker Version 2012

Insert PicturesMovie maker version 2012 is a movie maker built-in in your windows 7 operating system. You can use this movie maker version to create a stunning movie using its enhance features or in the tabulator menu inside the ribbons. This movie maker have different functions under the home menu. These are adding videos and photos, recording, captions, title, credits, auto movie themes, editing, and sharing or uploading it in YouTube and Vimeo video sharing community. Another is the animations tab menu that you can apply different stunning motions and effects using the transitions. And the visual effects that you can apply to the pictures in your video files project. Also one of the enhance feature in this version is you can reduce size of the thumnails automatically using the view menu tab.
Pictures Added
To start to use this version, lets try to make a simple movie. Here you will learn how to add pictures to make it as video files and lets apply animation and effects together with the title and credits.
  1. Open up your movie maker by clicking the windows button/all programs then find and click movie maker.
  2. Once it open, click home tab menu and click ribbon button called “ Add videos and photos”.
  3. A windows will display, select your pictures and click open button below of that window.
  4. All the pictures will display right side of your screen and in the left side is your player. Same as what I did in second post picture here.Create Title
  5. Now you’re ready for the titles of your video must be located first before in your first pictures.
  6. Click first your first picture on the right.
  7. Click Home tab menu then click title.
  8. You will see a broken line box inside the player section, type inside your title same what I did of the 3rd picture.Apply Animations
  9. Then you can apply now your animations, click animations tab menu, then select your transitions below of that menu same as what I did of the 4th picture. Apply your transitions of all available pictures located at the right.
  10. Click the last picture, then create your credits, click the home tab menu then click credits button at the right side.Create Credits
  11. Inside the player section you will see a broken line box or layout, type inside your sentence as your credits. Same of what I did of the 5th picture here.\
  12. Now apply transition same as what you did of the title above and to the all pictures.
  13. Then you can test your movie by clicking the play button of your player section at the left.Save Movie Select Formats
  14. Then you’re ready to save your movie maker, click file menu at the left, point to “save movie” then click “for computer”. Like what I did of the 6th picture.Click Save
  15. Now a windows will display, type your file name in the filename bar then select only the file type MPEG-4/H.264 video file. Then click save button below right. Like what I did of the last picture.

  • You can apply both animations and visual effects to change the look of the pictures.
  • If you want to add music background just click the home tab menu and click add music, select your source either from internet or from your computer or PC.
  • You can add also recording narrations and snapshots.
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Movie maker version 2012 is a movie maker built-in in your windows 7 operating system. You can use this movie maker version to create a s...
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