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How To Create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007

How To Create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007

Using pivotal table you can calculate a large bunch of data in your worksheets. Most especially if your data in a single worksheet compose of mix product. Actually you categorize it according to its data set, example location, Order ID #, Product name, prices, product category, and date purchased. This arrangement of your set of data, I’m sure it is scrambled or unsorted and not easy to calculate.

To solve this problem we can use the pivotal application of the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 version or Office excel 2010 or higher of this versions. And create your worksheets like for example, an order worksheets or any of your related worksheets you save in your computer.
Then follow the instruction below:
  1. Open your worksheets of data.
  2. Click any cell of your worksheets.
  3. Click Insert menu tab
  4. Then click Pivot table button left side position of the ribbon menu.
  5. Then click pivot table under in the list.
  6. It will open a dialogue box and it will select automatically the entire worskheet data.  
  7. Then click Ok button.

How To Add PDF And XPS File Formats In Microsoft Word

Attach PDF and XPS file formats for  Microsoft Word to easily convert word document

Internet is the best communication, high percentage of our document goes to internet as transmission. So that it can receive to the recipient's easy and in easy time. Like using the email services that we have, such as gmail.com, yahoomail.com, and outlook.com. In this way of idea, almost of us using the Microsoft Word as our word processing to make a documents. If this document is highly multiple pages, it is difficult to attach a file that have a big capacity using the internet or the email services. Like a document called manuals or service manuals or an ebook in internet.

So the best solution of this, is to equipped our word processing in this application. By adding a file formats called PDF. What is this PDF?, according of the wikipedia.com, PDF is Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware and operating systems. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics and other information needed to display it. And other file formats called XPS or XML Paper Specification (XPS), this is a Extensive Markup Language that the Microsoft uses this language to read a document through the internet file formats or through a xps viewer.

Understand the following instruction below so that you will learn how to use this application using your Microsoft Word Document. This application is available in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions. Follow the instruction below:

3 Setup To Consider Before To Print A Document

3 Setup To Consider Before To Print A Document

Printing a document is highly needed after creating a document or after saving a document. There are many things to consider in our documents , one of that is the spelling and grammar or it is communicative. And sometime there are documents came from the internet that we need to convert in word processing version, like the Portable Document Format (.pdf) if ever we need it in our document.

Now, after this document created in our document template in word processing, there are things that we need to consider before to make a hard copy on it. Because there are many document as of now that it is highly graphical. Like for example, a magazine like document that it have a color background or graphical background. Like the picture, pattern, or a gradient color. Another is the certificates that the logo of a company or schools is background of that certificates or we called water mark application using the different versions of the word processing.

If this document is like what I said here, then you print it, you will wonder why during the printing there no colors or background was printed. And this is what I need to impart here in this post.
Lessons you will learn in this post:
  1. Print background colors and images.
  2. Print documents either colored images and background or grayscale printing.
  3. Print document from last page to 1st page using your printed setup menu.
Follow the instructions below of this post, so that you will learn how to print your document correctly.

1.) Print background colors and images- set the printing options before to print document. How?