PLDT ULTERA Wifi Filter Phone MAC Access


ULTERA is the predecessor of WI-MAX of the Philippines Long Distance Telephone(PLDT). This is the new ISP of wireless communication for internet connections. Because the bandwidth is limited only for different accounts, such as Home bro Ultera Basic, Homebro ULTERA Max, and Homebro ULTERA Pro. Like the Homebro Ultera Basic, this is only 3 Mbps, this is only good for 2 units of our device. If another device will access like tab note and any iPhone or android phones will reduce the bandwidth of our internet connections. And this will cause time-out when you PING(Pocket Internet Grouper) certain websites. And through this, you will log in when you access certain sites, such as Facebook. 

ULTERA Wifi Filter Phone Access

But in our router’s gateway, there is a menu that we can filter those devices without changing our pre-shared password, like the ULTERA of the PLDT. So I will let you learn this to help you to solve the problem of the access phone gadgets. This will help very much to protect our network from any hackers that will get access to our connections without permission.

Follow the simple instruction below:

  1. Open your browser and type the default gateway of your router. If you don’t know you can use your Command Mode of your computer. Simply following this instruction, click the start button/type in the search button CMD/then enter key/once the black screen appears/type in the command line: ipconfig /all, then find the list of network information called default gateway/ once you find type it in the browser’s address bar then enter key.
  2. Then the browser will ask for the password, the password was given to you by the PLDT installer.
  3. Type the username and password in the bar provided, then click the login button below.
  4. You will enter in the window screen of PLDT Homebro
  5. Now on the left side of your window screen, find and point your mouse cursor in the button called security, then you will see a pop-up called “MAC Filter”, then click it.
  6. Then the window screen will change to MAC Filter table, you will see the list of the gadgets that access your network connections.
  7. Under the MAC address filter, click the option called enable.
  8. Then inside the MAC filter table, you will see a check box under allow and MAC address.
  9. Before you can click the apply button, be sure to select only the MAC address that you need only to access in your network by clicking the boxes under the allow.
  10. Then click the apply button below that table or on your window screen.
  11. You can try any of your phones and uncheck it under the allow of the MAC filter table. Then open your browser then type any sites, then you will see the response of your browser said “You’re Offline”
  12. Then you can log out now.
  13. Then you have done.

You can leave your questions in the comment bar below. See you next post.
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ULTERA is the predecessor of WI-MAX of the Philippines Long Distance Telephone(PLDT). This is the new ISP of wireless communication...
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