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Repair Netbook Computer Using MS-DOS

Repair Netbook Computer Using MS-DOS
Startup failure or damage of the Windows Operating system is very common in many portable computer. Such as the netbook and laptop or what we called notebook computer. The common cause is uncommon to the users, might be cause by a VIRUSES or user’s error. That cause to malfunction the OS and became damage or corrupted. And this will cause also to delete the entire partition by formatting the disk drive. And might be the entire user’s files will deleted and cannot be retrieve again. So that this computer will repair and can be use again by the owner or by your customer.

Through this event of the computer program, the desktop of the computer cannot be access and the boot-up of the windows will likely stop in the loading of the windows logo. So as a repair man, we need to find a solution to recover the important files before we go on in formatting the hard disk partition. So we need to use the advance recovery options to try recovering the files installed either in drive c: My documents folder or in the drive d: if available.

So what you need before to proceed? You need Microsoft Windows Installer to access the Advance Recovery Options. And the external drive DVD ROM. Because this computer have no DVD disk because this is a netbook computer.

Follow the following instruction below and configure your BIOS System for the loading of the startup files stored in DVD ROM:
  1. Connect the External USB flash drive in USB port.
  2. Be sure to power-up the DVD drive if needed.
  3. Insert the Windows installer in DVD drive.
  4. Now power-up the netbook computer and press the key displayed in the screen, ex. press “F2” key.
  5. Now once the BIOS system is displayed in the screen, go to boot menu.
  6. Change the first boot or the first drive to DVD drive by pressing the key to change the values. Like the F5 and F6 keys.
  7. If finish, press F10 key to save. The press “Y” as yes to save BIOS configuration.
  8. Now when back to POST press “spacebar”
  9. When “Windows Setup [EMS enabled]” displayed on screen press “Enter”.
  10. You will prompted in the options both the Install and repair this computer. Just select to “repair your computer”.
  11. Click next button in the next window.
  12. Now you will prompted in the System Recovery option window.
  13. Select/Click command prompt.
  14. The MS-DOS windows and the command line will display.
  15. Now in the command line called: x:\Sources> type this: bootrec /? or like this what you see. bootrec /?
  16. Now you will see instructions that you can repair critical disk structures. They are: /fixmbr, /fixboot, /ScanOs, /RebuildBcd.
  17. So run this commands in the command line: you can type this in command like this, where the x:\Sources> is the command line. Example: x:\Sources>bootrec /RebuildBcd then hit the enter key.
  18. If successful, click restart button to see the effect.
  19. If the startup file, failure again, go back to the step 8-17, and try to use another command to repair, like the /fixboot.


  • If the problem is persist even you tried the two command, you need to format your disk drive now. Be sure to not delete the 2nd partition to avoid deleting the entire files of that Drive. This drive is the important data where the user save its important files. You can leave your questions and comments in the comment bar below.

Manage FeedBurner After Changing Custom Domain

Manage FeedBurner After Changing Custom Domain

Dreaming to have an own website with an own domain is much wanted of billionth of web publishers and much of the bloggers in entire blogosphere. As a blogger I own a blogsite which is a sub- domain of Google. And I always wanted that in the coming days, I will own a domain that I originally paid from the other domain and hosting company. Such as the HOSTGATOR- for me Hostgator is the best hosting coming, one of it’s best is the 24 hours support whenever you got errors of our site. Like what happen in my side.

Now, talking changing from blogspot.com, like example.blogspot.com to your own or custom domain to example.com is not easy. More likely if your not knowledgeable in coded and design or a beginner of web hosting and domain management. But actually web hosting company like Hostgator can support of you through chatting. One of the most problem I encountered that before I migrated to wordpress, now I purchase another domain in Hostgator. My very problem in my migration is, I myself not registering my blog, instead I trust it to my co-teacher. But I will told you that this idea is not good. It will cause compromise in the part of you. When the time that your domain will expired. And you’re not satisfied in the new platform that you migrated, such as the wordpress. Now I’m back in blogger platform, now I strive to solve all the problems that I will encounter when I falling back in blogger platform.

PLDT ULTERA Wifi Filter Phone MAC Access


ULTERA is the predecessor of WI-MAX of the Philippines Long Distance Telephone(PLDT). This is the new ISP of wireless communication for internet connections. Because the bandwidth is limited only for different accounts, such as Home bro Ultera Basic, Homebro ULTERA Max, and Homebro ULTERA Pro. Like the Homebro Ultera Basic, this is only 3 Mbps, this is only good for 2 units of our device. If another device will access like tab note and any iPhone or android phones will reduce the bandwidth of our internet connections. And this will cause time-out when you PING(Pocket Internet Grouper) certain websites. And through this, you will log in when you access certain sites, such as Facebook. 

ULTERA Wifi Filter Phone Access

But in our router’s gateway, there is a menu that we can filter those devices without changing our pre-shared password, like the ULTERA of the PLDT. So I will let you learn this to help you to solve the problem of the access phone gadgets. This will help very much to protect our network from any hackers that will get access to our connections without permission.

Follow the simple instruction below:

  1. Open your browser and type the default gateway of your router. If you don’t know you can use your Command Mode of your computer. Simply following this instruction, click the start button/type in the search button CMD/then enter key/once the black screen appears/type in the command line: ipconfig /all, then find the list of network information called default gateway/ once you find type it in the browser’s address bar then enter key.
  2. Then the browser will ask for the password, the password was given to you by the PLDT installer.
  3. Type the username and password in the bar provided, then click the login button below.
  4. You will enter in the window screen of PLDT Homebro
  5. Now on the left side of your window screen, find and point your mouse cursor in the button called security, then you will see a pop-up called “MAC Filter”, then click it.
  6. Then the window screen will change to MAC Filter table, you will see the list of the gadgets that access your network connections.
  7. Under the MAC address filter, click the option called enable.
  8. Then inside the MAC filter table, you will see a check box under allow and MAC address.
  9. Before you can click the apply button, be sure to select only the MAC address that you need only to access in your network by clicking the boxes under the allow.
  10. Then click the apply button below that table or on your window screen.
  11. You can try any of your phones and uncheck it under the allow of the MAC filter table. Then open your browser then type any sites, then you will see the response of your browser said “You’re Offline”
  12. Then you can log out now.
  13. Then you have done.

You can leave your questions in the comment bar below. See you next post.


Courtesy: Core Institute Of Technology- Davao City

This new course under the TESDA curriculum called, COMPUTER SYSTEM SERVICING(CSS NC II) is the predecessor of the former computer course called, Computer Hardware Servicing(CHS NCII). Through this new curriculum, all the CHS NC2 holder needs to take the exam for this new course. But if you passed now the competencies and competencies of the CHS, you can ask only for the training of the competencies that you have not taken under the CSS NC2 training regulations. Read the below CORE Competencies of this new course.

In order to check yourselves as a CHS NC2 holder that you’re capable to take the exam. Check the below information of the training regulations. I only omitted the other information because it’s too long. But I picked up rather the very important, such as the Competency Standards, BASIC, common, and the core competencies. If you want the whole Training Regulations(TR) of this course, just use the contact page of this course or email me at this email address greencomval@gmail.com

But a reminder to all, this is not a leakage for the exam but this is a part of the Training Regulations (TR). If you wanted to pass the exam, all you need is to check and study. The Base of the competency standards of this course written below.


This section gives the details of the contents of the core units of competency required for COMPUTER SYSTEMS SERVICING NC II.

Insert Header and Footers using Word 2007

Insert Header And Footers Using Word 2007

Headers and footers are measured areas of the document position at the top of your document screen. Either using the Office automation program, such as the Microsoft Word application. This is one of the features or menus found in the top position in all Microsoft office program. This is use to occupy the space and put a line of information that it is useful for the readers such as a tag line of a company, page numbers, authors, title. Also you can insert a letter head of a letter or in documents and logo, kindly read this link: Create Simple Magazine

In word 2007- 2013 you can select a pre-design header and footer for your document, follow this simple instruction below:

  1. Open your Microsoft Word application.
  2. Once it open, click insert menu at the top of your screen.
  3. Under the ribbon menus, find the menu called header and footer.
  4. Then select/click the header button.
  5. Then select a design, like austere

Configure Windows Writer in Wordpress Blog

Configure Windows Writer In Wordpress Blog

Windows writer is very common and selected as blog writing tools equipped with different utilities to publish post in every blog. This writing tool is one of the program package of the Microsoft windows Live Essentials. Blog Publishers use this tool came from the Microsoft company. Even this site use this tool for publishing every post writing in this site. You can use this even in bloggers, wordpress, typepad, and more. You can download right here in this link: Windows Live Writer Essentials. All you need is to install the program after you downloaded and add and configure your blog sites for the connectivity of this writing tool.

How To Install Windows Live Essentials
  1. After you downloaded the files, double click it and follow the screen instruction
  2. Wait a while, then select a program you want to install only, uncheck the program you don’t need.
  3. Then click install button below of that window.
  4. Then wait until the program will be successfully install in your computer.
  5. Now once finish, you can open it using your start button/all programs/then select windows writer. Right click on it and sent it to desktop for shortcut
How to add and configure Windows Live writer in your wordpress blog
  1. Open up your windows live writer by double clicking the icon in the desktop.
  2. Once it open your ready to add your wordpress blog and even the blogspot.
  3. Once it open click on blogs button above
  4. And click add blog account
  5. Then select option “Other blog service”
  6. Then click next button
  7. Then enter your blog Web address, user name, and password.
  8. Click next button
  9. After a while, the installation wizard will ask you to detect the blog temporary post to detect the blog theme. All you need to click “YES”. Note: the temporary post will be remove immediately right after the installation is finish.
  10. Then the last, is to finish the installation. Check if the name of your blog is correct, given in that window.
  11. Then click finish button.

How to Repair USB Flash Drive using Diskpart of MS-DOS

Repair USB Flash Drive Using MS_DOS diskpart

Diskpart is a windows 7 command mode or MS-DOS application. This is the former fix disk in old versions of Microsoft Windows like Windows XP. Now you always encounter a problem with your USB flash that causes damage. Because of the viruses encountered in your computer hard drives. When you insert your USB Flash drive, it will pop-up unreadable or format error or any of the problems indicated in your computer once you use your USB flash drive.

I will impart to you one of the best remedies on how to recover your drive in this error problem.
  1. Open up your computer
  2. Click start button
  3. Then in the search bar above it, type diskpart
  4. Then enter key
  5. You will prompt in the command line of the command mode of the windows 7
  6. Then in the command line in the root directory of diskpart, type: list disk, then hit the enter key
  7. The black screen will display a list of drives of your computer including the USB flash drive you inserted
  8. Then you will prompter again in disk part command line
  9. You are going to select the USB Flash drive, and the note is sure to select the USB drive because you are going to clean your drive. All the files will be deleted.
  10. Now type in the command line of diskpart, select disk 2. Note this is an example, look at your computer screen and identify the USB drive in your screen.
  11. Then hit the enter key