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What are Hard Drives and its Related Type Mean?


Computers mean purpose is communication, it's our number one means of communication right now in this day. In order to use this machine, there are lots of hardware installed installed internally and connected externally. So in order this machine can perform operations, it is controlled and manage by a software called Operating Systems or commonly called “OS”. This OS resides or stored permanently in one of the drives or partition called drive c:. This drive c: is stationary drives of the operating system and other programs of the computer like for example the Microsoft Office. These programs need storage, and this storage called Hard Drive. These hard drives compose of many types, but it uses all a magnetic core called platter. This platter is non flexible compared to the other drive like CD/DVD ROM that can be flexible and easily bend. But in this year 2015, the SSD or Solid State Drive was born and this uses a NAND chip in order to store a files compare to the other drives uses platter. lets know what are the drives is and its related type means.


  1. IDE TYPE HARD DISK DRIVES OR IDE-HDD-(This is also called PATA or Parallel Advance Technology Attachment) This type of hard disk drive is an obsolete type. It uses the parallel interface connection on the motherboard using an IDE Cable as a bus wire through the motherboard. And have a maximum capacity of 120 Gigabytes per second. But in another country they have a type of IDE-HDD that have a maximum capacity of 750 GB. It is compatible before of the Intel Pintium 3 of a non-ata drive of a lower capacity like 4 MB to 80 GB. And ULTRA-ATA for the Intel Pintium 4 hyper thread, dual core, Core 2 Duo,  Sempron and Athlon AMD processor or higher version of motherboard that both Intel and AMD processor compatible motherboard that have an IDE connector. The manufacturers are Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung, Western Digital WD, IBM, and Hitachi.
  2. SATA TYPE HARD DISK DRIVE OR SERIAL ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY ATTACHMENT- This type of HDD is a new type that it is commonly used today of all computer desktop, laptop and notebook computer. It is also used a platter and a serial connector of the motherboard that uses a serial cable through the HDD interface connection. But this model has a big capacity compared to the IDE. And can supports of RAID or Redundant Array of Indepent Disk. This will allow to store a same data in a different place and supports multiple partition in one drive. This type has a maximum capacity of 2 Tera bytes and 4 Tera Bytes in order basis. One of the best competitor is the Western Digital or WD, These are compatible with the new versions of the motherboard like the G3 and G4 type.
  3. SSD TYPE HARD DISK DRIVE OR SOLID STATE DRIVE- One of the new type of the hard disk drive found in all computer stores is the Solid State Drive or SSD. This type or model uses a NAND IC Chips compare of the 3.5 inches Hard Disk Drive that uses a platter in storing data instructions. Like of the SATA HDD this type of HDD has a maximum capacity of 16 Terabytes in another country. But the common  capacity that affordable is only the 240GB and 128GB        

How To Integrate Other Application Using PowerPoint 2010

merginOtherPresentationUsing your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 you can integrate other application came from your Microsoft Office and windows program installed in your computer. Like the most common we use in our home and in our office, the Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Publisher, Paint, wordpad, bitmap image an so on that you will see when you follow the list of instructions below. Another application that you can insert object like the adobe acrobat documents that you can insert in your slides without error. You can also embed all old slides on your computer in your new slides, rather than copying and paste it one by one. So in this post you will learn merging your application with other documents and create a new embedded object in your application. Read the following instruction below:
Reuse Slides
Merging Your Presentation with Another Presentation- Merging your presentation means importing slides from one presentation to another, and can be one slide or all slides stored in a folder of your computer.
  1. In your PowerPoint Presentation window click Home tab menu and click ribbon called new slides.
  2. And click slides from outline.
  3. Then a new window will display, select the slide file then click insert button. (see the 1st picture)

Use another Slides from other Presentations- use or reuse another presentation slides available in your computer and import it inside of your new presentation.
  1. In your PowerPoint windows click Home, new slides and click reuse slides.
  2. In the right sidebar of your PowerPoint you will see a task manager bar called “Reuse Slides”. (see the 2nd picture above)
  3. Click the button called browse.
  4. Select either of the two storage distination called “Browse slide library or Browse file”.
  5. A pop-up window will display select your file, then click select or open button below.
    Create Handouts
Create Handouts in Microsoft Word- you may publish a word document format from you PowerPoint slides.
  1. In your PowerPoint Window click File Menu at the top.
  2. Click Save and Sent in a drop down list.
  3. Click Create handouts at the right.
  4. Then click Create Handouts button.
  5. Then a pop-up windows will display, select options either “Notes next to slide” or other options then click ok button below.
    Embedded Object
Create a New Embedded Object- Embedding an object means creating a source file in the presentation. It is an object came from another application like Bitmap image of the Windows Paint. You create object outside of the PowerPoint Presentation and automatically imported in your PowerPoint slides.
  1. In PowerPoint window click Insert Tab menu.
  2. In the text group ribbon click object button.
  3. A window will display, select option create new, then select your object type, example of what I did, I select the Bitmap Image then click ok button.
  4. The program will open, then create your application and it will automatically imported to your PowerPoint slide.

  • To edit embedded files, double click on the object in the presentation, the default programs handling in this application will open and you can edit and made necessary changes to your files.
  • In terms of a video files, once you click it, it will play so in this case you need to use a video editor program and embed it again in your presentation.

Repair, Computer Mouse Problem

Unscrew this partOur pointing device or simply called mouse is important use in our computer. There are 2 types of mouse we use, the oldest one uses hard ball to actuate the mouse cursor arrow and the latest is uses a optical sensor or simple called lighted mouse. This mouse commonly cause failures because of the dust build-up. This particularly happen in the actuators wheel of hard ball mouse and in the optical sensor IC of the lighted mouse. Other cause failures because of the signal wire connected to the system unit. It causes cold sadder of the board soldered part of the signal wire. In the case of the driver of the mouse of the operating system it’s seldom to happen only if the operating system have a damage. To avoid this kind of problem you need to maintain the inside of the mouse and remove the dust build-up.Remove the Cover using twizzer
You can follow the below instruction to perform the maintenance and repair of this device.
Clean Optical IC
  1. Remove the connection of the signal wire to the system unit. Commonly in the usb port if the mouse is usb type and in the PS/2 port if the mouse is PS/2 type.
  2. Use screw drive to unscrew the mouse cover, see the post picture above.
  3. Remove the top cover using a twizzer or using your finger. See the post picture
  4. Once you open it remove the circuit board, remove the dust build-up using the paint brush, particularly the parts I pointed of the post picture above.
  5. Be sure also that the signal wire properly connected in the circuit board, if it’s loosen use soldering iron to fix and solder it in the circuit board.Check Micro Switches
  6. Check also the micro switches if its functioning by pressing it, if its not functioning remove it and replace it. You can buy this micro switches in any electronics store.
  7. If you’re sure that all the procedure is follow and you clean the parts, assemble the mouse and proceed to test it.
  8. And if its normal now return to full service.

  • It is recommended to clean periodically your mouse, particularly if your mouse is always use, use always a mouse pad to avoid crushes of the optical light mirror.

Create Simple Movie Using Movie Maker Version 2012

Insert PicturesMovie maker version 2012 is a movie maker built-in in your windows 7 operating system. You can use this movie maker version to create a stunning movie using its enhance features or in the tabulator menu inside the ribbons. This movie maker have different functions under the home menu. These are adding videos and photos, recording, captions, title, credits, auto movie themes, editing, and sharing or uploading it in YouTube and Vimeo video sharing community. Another is the animations tab menu that you can apply different stunning motions and effects using the transitions. And the visual effects that you can apply to the pictures in your video files project. Also one of the enhance feature in this version is you can reduce size of the thumnails automatically using the view menu tab.
Pictures Added
To start to use this version, lets try to make a simple movie. Here you will learn how to add pictures to make it as video files and lets apply animation and effects together with the title and credits.
  1. Open up your movie maker by clicking the windows button/all programs then find and click movie maker.
  2. Once it open, click home tab menu and click ribbon button called “ Add videos and photos”.
  3. A windows will display, select your pictures and click open button below of that window.
  4. All the pictures will display right side of your screen and in the left side is your player. Same as what I did in second post picture here.Create Title
  5. Now you’re ready for the titles of your video must be located first before in your first pictures.
  6. Click first your first picture on the right.
  7. Click Home tab menu then click title.
  8. You will see a broken line box inside the player section, type inside your title same what I did of the 3rd picture.Apply Animations
  9. Then you can apply now your animations, click animations tab menu, then select your transitions below of that menu same as what I did of the 4th picture. Apply your transitions of all available pictures located at the right.
  10. Click the last picture, then create your credits, click the home tab menu then click credits button at the right side.Create Credits
  11. Inside the player section you will see a broken line box or layout, type inside your sentence as your credits. Same of what I did of the 5th picture here.\
  12. Now apply transition same as what you did of the title above and to the all pictures.
  13. Then you can test your movie by clicking the play button of your player section at the left.Save Movie Select Formats
  14. Then you’re ready to save your movie maker, click file menu at the left, point to “save movie” then click “for computer”. Like what I did of the 6th picture.Click Save
  15. Now a windows will display, type your file name in the filename bar then select only the file type MPEG-4/H.264 video file. Then click save button below right. Like what I did of the last picture.

  • You can apply both animations and visual effects to change the look of the pictures.
  • If you want to add music background just click the home tab menu and click add music, select your source either from internet or from your computer or PC.
  • You can add also recording narrations and snapshots.

The Computer Appeared to be Dead When I Power Up

Weak capacitor cause to no displayThis mode of computer seems to be like a dead computer. Essentially in light of the fact that you can't control up, there is no other reaction of the PC after you press the power switch. So the suspect is the power supply was damaged. In any case, different things you suspected is the power microswitch, the source voltage, either the voltage controller and the UPS. Or on the other hand the power cable connected with your PC from the AVR or ups. These things you suspected is basics, otherwise inside of the computer there's a lot of internal hardware you need to check. And or need to be and to free with dust build-up to rid out you in that failure of the computer. 

Before you proceed another decision for your computer, like changing the power supply unit of your computer.

Let’s talk how you will repair this computer using your ability to troubleshoot this kind of problem.
 Remove the dust build-up
SYMPTOM OF TROUBLE: Power light of AVR or UPS is turn-on, nothing lights of the front panel of CPU, no action of the exhaust and cooling fan, monitor displayed “no signal”
 Lubricate the exhaust fan and cooler fan using grease
PROBLEM: No power of the system unit

Problem Cause: Either power cord is desconnected, power supply unit is worn-out or one of the electronic parts inside is damage like fuse, power transistor, and secondary capacitors output, ATX power connector is disconnected, micro switch power button damage, and motherboard is damage.


  1. Repair or replace the parts, remove dust build-up, check and reconnect the disconencted parts


Philip Screw driver, Anti static wrist strap, Rubber mat, Table, Paint brush, eraser
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: You will dealing with the high voltage of the power supply unit.

  1. Don't work on the insides of the computer with the Power on, turn   off the computer and the power cord before opening the computer.
  2. Wear anti static wrist strap to avoid static electricity and use correct mounting screw to avoid damage to the motherboard.
  3. Patients must be applied during troubleshooting.
  4. Prevent not to panic when confusion come along.
  5. Be careful on the high voltage part of P.S.U.
  6. Use proper tools and materials.
  7. Work in a well lighted and spacious area.
  8. Wear anti static wrist strap during disassemble and assemble.
  9. Handle motherboard with care and don’t unwrap it.
  10. Handle properly the HDD when removing it on the bay to avoid damage particularly of the files.


  1. Try to power up pc to identify the symptom.If problem persist, check all connections.
    Isolate the power supply unit.
  2. Use grounding metal to switch on the ATX P.S.U. using the green wire of connectors
    If the P.S.U. is good, remove all adapters and connectors to isolate the motherboard.
  3. Use paint brush to clean the motherboard.
  4. Use eraser to clean the contact terminal of all adapters and ram.
  5. Place the motherboard on the rubber mat.
  6. Insert the CPU chip, insert the VGA on the slots and insert the ram.
  7. Connect the P.S.U connector on the motherboard.
  8. Connect the DB cord on the VGA port.
  9. Then try to power on the motherboard, use grounding metal to switch on the P.S.U. using the switch connector of front panel of MOBO.
  10. If the MOBO will display POST, reassemble the system unit.
  11. Carefully check all connection for final installation.


  1. If the power supply unit can’t turn-on during isolation test, open the P.S.U cover and check the glass fuse inside using the VOM. Replace or repair the PSU if needed.
  2. If the power supply is good during test then the mother indicated power using the mobo LED try to discharge CMOS BIOS using the RTC jumper. See here in this link: Use And Function Of The Motherboard
  3. Check the DC voltage of BIOS Battery or dry cell using the VOM, be sure that have a 3 volts. 
  4. Be sure that the power supply ATX connector is properly connected to the power connector of the motherboard.
  5. Use always isolation test to test power supply and motherboard to take care of your HDD.

Windows Live Writer Now Became Open Live Writer

Windows Live Writer

Open Live Writer or OLW is a successor of Microsoft Windows Live Writer. Since Microsoft stops the support of Windows Live Writer, and now this program become an open source program under the development of.Net Foundation. Even this program is a clone of the Windows Live Writer, it is fully equipped for our offline and online publishing of our post in different blog platform. Like the bloggers and WordPress. Google officially updated this program as OAuth2 a modern authentication system build by Google. Since this post was posted here, My Blogger Tricks whom I receive the information through their email notification, all the bugs were fixed and we can install this program smoothly in our computer.

Allow OLW to communicate with our blog provider

You can download the bugs free installer of OLW by opening this link, Open Live Writer Installer called Nightly and this installer works on Google blogger's version 3. It is sorely tested, since I posted yesterday and today using this program. All we need in our post like adding accounts of our blog both editing and updating was working smoother, label, setting categories, fixing formatting errors, Insert hyperlink, videos, and pictures, etc. all are running in the ribbon under the three menus, the HOME, INSERT, AND BLOG ACCOUNT. You can install this program very simple same as the old Windows Live Writer or follow the instructions below.

Open Live Writer User Interface

  1. Download first the OLW installer from the link I have given above or simply open the .Net Foundation site. But to assure that your installer is free of bug you can use the link above of this post.
  2. After you downloaded it, open the folder location using your browser and double click the OLW download files.
  3. An installation wizard window will open, you will see the progressive indicator of the downloading the rest of files and the installation. All you need is to wait until it will finish.
  4. After it will finish all you need is to follow the onscreen instructions. Once the installation will ask your blog profile, select like bloggers or WordPress. It will ask after your blog URL, your username, and password. And it will ask you also to download your template layout. Just allow only to start to download in your Open LIve Writer program.
  5. After you will see the OPEN Live Writer user interface. Now start adding your blog account and you can start now your write-ups and publishing.  


Do not uninstall your Windows Live Writer, unless you will assure that all your posting is surely backup after the installation and adding your other blog account.

Fix No Display Problem of Computer

No display problem of computer or PC is a common problem that we will encounter. There are many common factors involve why the computer will not display or no signal came from the system unit or CPU. As technology uses microchips that also use in the computer video system. Either built-in of the motherboard or in video card’s graphical processor unit. This easily damage because of dust build-up. Because users of the Personal computer are not performing maintenance or remove the dust build-up. This will cause to hang-up the system of the computer. And slowing the cooling system of graphics processor unit. And will cause damage of the memory chips. The same to the co-processors and main controller IC. Like the Southbridge (ICH) and Northbridge (MCH) of the motherboard.

Because both PC and laptop or notebook computer uses motherboards and graphical processor chips or display and VGA chips, including RAM (Random Access Memory). This is also the main cause why the computer will cause no display. And this because of the damage of the video graphic adapter.

So here in this post I will let you learn how to solve this problem. But in notebook, laptop, and notebook computer, you need a skills, how to dismantle this portable computer.
Kindly read the following paragraphs below:
  1. SYMPTOM: As you notice that your computer perform failure you need to know what is the problem or initial performance of your computer. So the symptom is computer won’t boot, power light is on and you can’t see nothing on the screens and nothing works.
  2. PROBLEM: After you understand the mode or symptom of the computer problem, you will know now that the problem is no data signal came from the video card or video port. And likewise no start-up data came from the main storage. And this the problem of computer is “NO DISPLAY”
  3. CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM: This time you know now the problem is no display, start to identify the problem cause. So lets identify the possible internal parts cause with no display: 
    • defective RAM or main memory
    • bad motherboard
    • damage adapter card
    • dust build-up

  4. REPAIR ACTION: Now you know what are the possible parts cause with the failure. And you need to know your repair action how you will deal the problem. And this you need to replace the damage parts and you need also to test it. And to remove the dust build-up that cause this problem.
  5. YOUR TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURE: You know now the above mention herein, this will proceed your troubleshooting procedure:

    • Do not forget to use safety precautions always to protect first yourself and to your  computer.
    • In oder that you will not forget the trouble, you need to jot down the cause of the problem at the time of the failure.
    • Remove the system unit cover and remove all the peripherals including disk drives.
    • Clean and remove the dust build-up.
    • Then test and after turn the system unit on.
    • If works, turn system unit off and connect and insert the parts or cards one at a time.
    • Then turn on and test each card. When the failure occurs on that parts, last parts you inserted or replace is bad.
    • You need to repair or replace the parts.
    • Then test your system unit, if it will display your computer now is good.

    • If not works, You need to isolate the power supply unit of your computer and test it.
    • If the power supply unit is working, motherboard is bad. And if not works also the power supply unit is also damage. Both of this two situation you need to repair or replace the motherboard and the power supply unit.
    • Once it done, test your computer and if the computer will display the problem now is solve.

    • In this troubleshooting you are using both the isolation and invaded procedure. Be sure to replace the parts with correct value or same value of the damage parts.
    • Besure to test the system unit or cpu be sure to remove the hard disk cable,it will cause damage to the hdd if during the test you failed to solve the problem.
    • Be sure to away the moving parts once you test.
    • Be sure to put thermal paste of the GPU and processor before the installation of the cooling system.
    • If the HDD operating system is damage you need to repair or reformat your HDD. But backup first your important files.

Connect SSD Drive And Manage It In Operating System

Connect SSD 240 GB Drive And Manage It In Operating System

SSD or Solid State Drive is a new type of highest storage device of a computer. The sum of a typical highest storage, it has a big capacity and you can connect it also using the SATA connections. The very difference of this drive is, the typical Hard Disk Drive is using an inflexible platter to store the data or instruction. But this Solid State Drive is using a chipset of IC’s to store a large amount of data.

Connect SSD Drive And Manage It In Operating System

The same with the IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) HDD and SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) HDD, you can use this also as the main storage or the stationary drive of the operating system (OS). Many users said that this SSD has a good performance most especially when booting an operating system like windows. And it is also good for running any stored games in SSD. It has a popular capacity of 128 Gigabytes and 240 Gigabytes. Its available type is only SATA.

Create PowerPoint Slides with Motion Background

Create PowerPoint Slides With Motion Background

In new versions of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013, you can create now presentation slides with motion backgrounds. Unlike of the versions 2000 and 2007 you can’t create a text above the videos or motion background. Now, thanks to the Microsoft Office, in this new version you have now to use motion background with text in the above. Talking with the motion backgrounds, there are many sites offered a free animated motion background of PPT, check this site: http://www.ignitemotion.com/ you can download right here any motion background you like in your stunning presentation. 

And all you need is to install the Microsoft Office 2010 version or 2013 and be sure that your computer have a windows 7 operating system compatible. Then if you have now in your computer follow the instruction below:

How to insert motion background into the slides
  1. Open your PowerPoint in your computer.
  2. Once it open click home tab menu, then click layout, then select title only in drop down list.
  3. To insert videos or motion background, click insert tab menu.
  4. Then go to media ribbon bar then click video button.
  5. Then click video from file, select in the destination the motion background you downloaded previously, then click insert button below.
  6. Now the video is in your slide now, use the node, or the tiny box in both side and drag it to fill-in the entire slides.

6 Common Keyboard Shortcuts Of Microsoft Word 2010

This will help to access easily the buttons of the ribbons of the Tab menu

The Microsoft Word 2010 is a new version of the Microsoft Office. This version is more enhanced compared to the old versions the 2000 and the 2007 version. One of the features that it has is images formats, numbering formats, check box content color, alternate text in color, and document navigation and search. The Microsoft Word 2010 is a new version of the Microsoft Office. This version is more enhanced compared to the old versions the 2000 and the 2007 version. One of the features that it has is images formats, numbering formats, check box content color, alternate text in color, and document navigation and search. With this enhancement to easily collaborate and to navigate through a long document, and to apply commands on it for your application. The Microsoft put and end of this, by putting a shortcut key for the menus and ribbon's different command buttons by accompanying with a letter on it. So by pressing the exact key and follow the letters displayed on it, you can easily open the command for your application. Also on the dialogue box which are commonly used, using the combination keys you can open this by pressing the combine keys correspond on it.

See below the common keyboard shortcuts I listed and perform the practice using your installed Microsoft Office 2010.

Parts And Functions Of PowerPoint 2010


Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 is one of the enhance version of the Microsoft Office PowerPoint versions. This version has an improved feature compared to the 2007 version. Like the video and picture editing enhancements, such as the playback application of the motion backgrounds that you can insert in the slide template. Additionally, transitions and animations run smoother and richer than ever, compare to the latest versions. In the tab menus it have a ribbon menu and more enhance SmartArt graphics layout and some photo- base that you can add it up in your application. And the most of all you can easily collaborate with your colleagues on presentations. And several ways that you can broadcast and share your presentations more easily.

Read the parts and function below in the order you learn the parts and functions of this Microsoft Office application on your computer.


  1. QUICK ACCESS- This button position top left portion, this toolbar is customizable, you can move this in two possible locations. This toolbar consists a set of commands that it is independent on the tab of the ribbon that currently displayed and you can add commands in this button.
  2. TITLE BAR- Position at the top of the user interface, where the file name will see here after saving a file, as a default once you open your MS-Office 2010 you will see it as Presentation 1-Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. CONTROL TOOL BOX- Located right top of the user interface, where you can close, restore and maximize, and minimize the windows program.
  4. TAB MENU or a tab of the ribbon- Position below of the title bar, this relates to the type of activity, such as to relate a ribbon menu name, like once you click the home it will open as home ribbon menu. The tab menus are FILE,HOME, INSERT, DESIGN, TRANSITIONS, ANIMATIONS, SLIDE SHOW, REVIEW, and VIEW. 
  5. RIBBON MENU- Position under of the tab menus, if you need to see it or control it, hold CTRL key and press F1. This menus contains all the commands and other menu items that you can help to find the command easily to finish your work.
  6. SLIDE SORTER- Position left side of your user interface, all the slides will arrange in vertical order from top as first slides down to your last slides. You can drag to rearrange the slides, delete, and other command once you right click your mouse.
  7. SLIDE TEMPLATE- This part is position at the center of your user interface, this is the biggest part where you can start and put your design in Presentation, animation, effects and more.
  8. ANIMATION PANE- It is a part and command of ANIMATION PANE, once you click this button, it will open in the right side portion of your user interface. This pane or panel will display the animation functions you use in your slide template. Also you can rearrange the animation and effects according to your own design.
  9. ZOOM IN and OUT SLIDING BAR- This part position right side down and above of the task bar. This is use to enlarge and decrease the view of your slide template at the center.
  10. ADD NOTE or NOTES PANE- This pane or panel position at the bottom of your user interface. Which you can type notes that you can accompany a slide. You can print these notes as notes pages or display it when you save a presentation as a web page.
  11. STATUS BAR- This part position below of the user interface and left side of the zoom in/out sliding bar and view buttons of slide show. This is only to notify what slide number you use in your application.
That’s all see you in next post.

  1. If you want a broader description of the parts of the PowerPoint 2010, you can open your Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and hold control then press F1 key. You can open also this Microsoft link, https://goo.gl/nTMFzB 
  2. If you want a more enhance application in PowerPoint, just install the PowerPoint 2013 version.

Why Your Computer Freeze, What Are The Reasons


Personal Computer or PC are commonly composed of three devices, the monitor screen, the system unit and the keyboards and mouse. This devices are controlled by controller IC's through the processor abilities. And this connected to the system units input and output system called I/O ports. Through this connections may the cause of the problem. Either the system units, the keyboards and mouse, or the monitor screen. But the very question is, why the computer freezing the moment I power-up and during the windows operations or during once I login to the internet. Or the entire system will freeze that I cannot use to shut down or restart my system unit using my mouse and keyboards. There are two things that we need to consider here the hardware and software to run its system. So maybe the problem cause by a software or hardware.

Lets talk first the cause of the freezing problem that may the cause is the hardware.

Inside of your system unit or commonly called (CPU) there is hardware inside called hard disk drive, motherboard, processor, main memory or RAM, power supply unit (PSU) and the daughter boards. The common daughter boards are video cards and WiFi cards because other daughter boards are built-in now in the new form factor of the motherboards, like the LAN port.

Now as what I experience in troubleshooting, the severe cause of the freezing is the overheating of the main processor and the video processor one at a time. The very cause of the problem is the dust build-up inside of the system unit. And the lower speed of the cooling system, much of all if you are using only an air block to cool the processor chips.

Consider the bullets text below so that you will learn what are the main causes and tips to avoid the problem.

Maintain the cleaning inside of system units. Consider below the bullets tips and reason:

Fix Problem Runtime Error Of QuickBooks

Fix Problem Runtime Error Of QuickBooks

QuickBooks or QB is a program of computer design to manage payroll, sales, inventory, invoicing and other solutions to maintain the company income or other needs of a certain company. This software is a user friendly that a company clerk or accountant can easily manipulate its data and files logically.

But this is only a software installed in our computer hard disk which is maintain by operating system, commonly the Microsoft Windows. I personally encountered the error called: “Program:\c:Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks Pro\qbw32.exe” in different versions of QuickBooks, example the QuickBooks 2010. This error primarily cause in the execution files of QuickBooks, the qbw32.exe. Once this files is corruptible, you can open the QuickBooks normally and you can login through your user name and password. But once your inside the application this error will pop-up and you have no other choice to click ok. But it will determinate your QuickBooks automatically.

I did a research through the internet using Google Search Engine. And I found different instruction to fix the runtime problem. But all of those I found then I apply by following it, I was failed.

So I use another idea through my self, then this was successful to solve the problem of the QuickBooks using the Windows 7 operating system. 

Follow the ff. instructions below:

Use System Restore

Use the system restore of your operating system. But remember, using the system restore all of your current settings and files of your operating system will reset to the default date or old date according to your restore point you selected. But if I where you, select the nearest old date from your current date to avoid loosing much files in your operating system. This is important to use restore your system in normal mode. Because if you remove the QuickBooks and reinstall it again without system restore, you will encounter again and again the error. Then another before to remove your QuickBooks be sure to backup your QuickBooks portable files.

How to open system restore?
  1. Click start button of your windows, then click all programs.
  2. Then click accessories then system tools
  3. Then click system Restore
  4. Then follow the screen instruction displayed in your screen. If you’re prompted to select a restore point according to a date, remember what I said above.
  5. Then if you’re instructed to restart the computer, do it to take effect the system restore.
  6. After a few minutes it will finish, then the computer will restart and back to the windows desktop.
  7. Now its time to uninstall the QUICKBOOKS that cause error and reinstall it again.
  8. Once it finish, open your new installed QuickBooks and login using your username and password.
  9. And you will be directed to open your backup files you backup before and select the portable files.
  10. Follow the instructions of the screen after, then customized again your printer setup for receipt and invoicing.
  11. And your done.
One of the primary cause of the error of the QuickBooks is the update of it. It will happen if your QuickBooks is pirated or not original. So it is recommended to buy and use license QuickBooks in order to avoid errors in the future.

How To Remove 360 Virus Scanner Chinese Version

Remove 360 virusscanner Chinese Version in your computer
Step # 1

One of the leading anti-virus scanners I use is the 360 antivirus. This virus scanner is an all-in-one speed booster of your computer. It can optimize your computer applications and windows system. Like memory space, junk cache files and it can protect your computer and keep you away of the virus, malware, vulnerabilities, adware, and Trojans. That it can cause your windows files damage and malfunction of the windows startup files.

Remove 360 antivirus Chinese version in your computer
Step # 2
But because there are versions of the 360 antiviruses that can be downloaded without any subscription. And the user installed it on his computer but after the successful installation, he observes that the language is the Chinese version. If this happened on your computer, how you can manage the virus scanner program if you cannot understand the language. Such as perform scanning and updates for virus definitions and other features available of that 360 virus scanner. And the most problematic of all. how you will remove that virus scanner in your computer operating system.

How to Calculate Electrical Bills Using Excel 2007

How To Calculate Electrical Bills Using Excel 2007

Using your computer you can calculate your electrical bills using the power of Microsoft Office Excel 2007. Installed in your computer system unit(CPU). In this application to calculate these electrical bills, you need first to create a worksheet’s table then input your worksheet data to be calculated.

This application of the Microsoft excel 2007, this is better if in your area, you are using solar panels that you officially own or you’re the property owner. And there are plenty of your customers connected to your electricity using the solar system as your source of electrical power. You can calculate it's of power consumption and how much they will pay every month.

To begin with, this application, open up your Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher versions and follow the instruction below to create this electrical bills:


Create your worksheets table with worksheet’s title above and input this following worksheet’s label: House No., House Owner, Previous Unit, Current Units, Unit Consumes, Electrical Charges, Surcharge, Bill Payable, Status.

How To Create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007

How To Create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007

Using pivotal table you can calculate a large bunch of data in your worksheets. Most especially if your data in a single worksheet compose of mix product. Actually you categorize it according to its data set, example location, Order ID #, Product name, prices, product category, and date purchased. This arrangement of your set of data, I’m sure it is scrambled or unsorted and not easy to calculate.

To solve this problem we can use the pivotal application of the Microsoft Office Excel 2007 version or Office excel 2010 or higher of this versions. And create your worksheets like for example, an order worksheets or any of your related worksheets you save in your computer.
Then follow the instruction below:
  1. Open your worksheets of data.
  2. Click any cell of your worksheets.
  3. Click Insert menu tab
  4. Then click Pivot table button left side position of the ribbon menu.
  5. Then click pivot table under in the list.
  6. It will open a dialogue box and it will select automatically the entire worskheet data.  
  7. Then click Ok button.

How To Add PDF And XPS File Formats In Microsoft Word

Attach PDF and XPS file formats for  Microsoft Word to easily convert word document

Internet is the best communication, high percentage of our document goes to internet as transmission. So that it can receive to the recipient's easy and in easy time. Like using the email services that we have, such as gmail.com, yahoomail.com, and outlook.com. In this way of idea, almost of us using the Microsoft Word as our word processing to make a documents. If this document is highly multiple pages, it is difficult to attach a file that have a big capacity using the internet or the email services. Like a document called manuals or service manuals or an ebook in internet.

So the best solution of this, is to equipped our word processing in this application. By adding a file formats called PDF. What is this PDF?, according of the wikipedia.com, PDF is Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware and operating systems. Each PDF file encapsulates a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics and other information needed to display it. And other file formats called XPS or XML Paper Specification (XPS), this is a Extensive Markup Language that the Microsoft uses this language to read a document through the internet file formats or through a xps viewer.

Understand the following instruction below so that you will learn how to use this application using your Microsoft Word Document. This application is available in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions. Follow the instruction below:

3 Setup To Consider Before To Print A Document

3 Setup To Consider Before To Print A Document

Printing a document is highly needed after creating a document or after saving a document. There are many things to consider in our documents , one of that is the spelling and grammar or it is communicative. And sometime there are documents came from the internet that we need to convert in word processing version, like the Portable Document Format (.pdf) if ever we need it in our document.

Now, after this document created in our document template in word processing, there are things that we need to consider before to make a hard copy on it. Because there are many document as of now that it is highly graphical. Like for example, a magazine like document that it have a color background or graphical background. Like the picture, pattern, or a gradient color. Another is the certificates that the logo of a company or schools is background of that certificates or we called water mark application using the different versions of the word processing.

If this document is like what I said here, then you print it, you will wonder why during the printing there no colors or background was printed. And this is what I need to impart here in this post.
Lessons you will learn in this post:
  1. Print background colors and images.
  2. Print documents either colored images and background or grayscale printing.
  3. Print document from last page to 1st page using your printed setup menu.
Follow the instructions below of this post, so that you will learn how to print your document correctly.

1.) Print background colors and images- set the printing options before to print document. How?

Repair Netbook Computer Using MS-DOS

Repair Netbook Computer Using MS-DOS
Startup failure or damage of the Windows Operating system is very common in many portable computer. Such as the netbook and laptop or what we called notebook computer. The common cause is uncommon to the users, might be cause by a VIRUSES or user’s error. That cause to malfunction the OS and became damage or corrupted. And this will cause also to delete the entire partition by formatting the disk drive. And might be the entire user’s files will deleted and cannot be retrieve again. So that this computer will repair and can be use again by the owner or by your customer.

Through this event of the computer program, the desktop of the computer cannot be access and the boot-up of the windows will likely stop in the loading of the windows logo. So as a repair man, we need to find a solution to recover the important files before we go on in formatting the hard disk partition. So we need to use the advance recovery options to try recovering the files installed either in drive c: My documents folder or in the drive d: if available.

So what you need before to proceed? You need Microsoft Windows Installer to access the Advance Recovery Options. And the external drive DVD ROM. Because this computer have no DVD disk because this is a netbook computer.

Follow the following instruction below and configure your BIOS System for the loading of the startup files stored in DVD ROM:
  1. Connect the External USB flash drive in USB port.
  2. Be sure to power-up the DVD drive if needed.
  3. Insert the Windows installer in DVD drive.
  4. Now power-up the netbook computer and press the key displayed in the screen, ex. press “F2” key.
  5. Now once the BIOS system is displayed in the screen, go to boot menu.
  6. Change the first boot or the first drive to DVD drive by pressing the key to change the values. Like the F5 and F6 keys.
  7. If finish, press F10 key to save. The press “Y” as yes to save BIOS configuration.
  8. Now when back to POST press “spacebar”
  9. When “Windows Setup [EMS enabled]” displayed on screen press “Enter”.
  10. You will prompted in the options both the Install and repair this computer. Just select to “repair your computer”.
  11. Click next button in the next window.
  12. Now you will prompted in the System Recovery option window.
  13. Select/Click command prompt.
  14. The MS-DOS windows and the command line will display.
  15. Now in the command line called: x:\Sources> type this: bootrec /? or like this what you see. bootrec /?
  16. Now you will see instructions that you can repair critical disk structures. They are: /fixmbr, /fixboot, /ScanOs, /RebuildBcd.
  17. So run this commands in the command line: you can type this in command like this, where the x:\Sources> is the command line. Example: x:\Sources>bootrec /RebuildBcd then hit the enter key.
  18. If successful, click restart button to see the effect.
  19. If the startup file, failure again, go back to the step 8-17, and try to use another command to repair, like the /fixboot.


  • If the problem is persist even you tried the two command, you need to format your disk drive now. Be sure to not delete the 2nd partition to avoid deleting the entire files of that Drive. This drive is the important data where the user save its important files. You can leave your questions and comments in the comment bar below.

Manage FeedBurner After Changing Custom Domain

Manage FeedBurner After Changing Custom Domain

Dreaming to have an own website with an own domain is much wanted of billionth of web publishers and much of the bloggers in entire blogosphere. As a blogger I own a blogsite which is a sub- domain of Google. And I always wanted that in the coming days, I will own a domain that I originally paid from the other domain and hosting company. Such as the HOSTGATOR- for me Hostgator is the best hosting coming, one of it’s best is the 24 hours support whenever you got errors of our site. Like what happen in my side.

Now, talking changing from blogspot.com, like example.blogspot.com to your own or custom domain to example.com is not easy. More likely if your not knowledgeable in coded and design or a beginner of web hosting and domain management. But actually web hosting company like Hostgator can support of you through chatting. One of the most problem I encountered that before I migrated to wordpress, now I purchase another domain in Hostgator. My very problem in my migration is, I myself not registering my blog, instead I trust it to my co-teacher. But I will told you that this idea is not good. It will cause compromise in the part of you. When the time that your domain will expired. And you’re not satisfied in the new platform that you migrated, such as the wordpress. Now I’m back in blogger platform, now I strive to solve all the problems that I will encounter when I falling back in blogger platform.

PLDT ULTERA Wifi Filter Phone MAC Access


ULTERA is the predecessor of WI-MAX of the Philippines Long Distance Telephone(PLDT). This is the new ISP of wireless communication for internet connections. Because the bandwidth is limited only for different accounts, such as Home bro Ultera Basic, Homebro ULTERA Max, and Homebro ULTERA Pro. Like the Homebro Ultera Basic, this is only 3 Mbps, this is only good for 2 units of our device. If another device will access like tab note and any iPhone or android phones will reduce the bandwidth of our internet connections. And this will cause time-out when you PING(Pocket Internet Grouper) certain websites. And through this, you will log in when you access certain sites, such as Facebook. 

ULTERA Wifi Filter Phone Access

But in our router’s gateway, there is a menu that we can filter those devices without changing our pre-shared password, like the ULTERA of the PLDT. So I will let you learn this to help you to solve the problem of the access phone gadgets. This will help very much to protect our network from any hackers that will get access to our connections without permission.

Follow the simple instruction below:

  1. Open your browser and type the default gateway of your router. If you don’t know you can use your Command Mode of your computer. Simply following this instruction, click the start button/type in the search button CMD/then enter key/once the black screen appears/type in the command line: ipconfig /all, then find the list of network information called default gateway/ once you find type it in the browser’s address bar then enter key.
  2. Then the browser will ask for the password, the password was given to you by the PLDT installer.
  3. Type the username and password in the bar provided, then click the login button below.
  4. You will enter in the window screen of PLDT Homebro
  5. Now on the left side of your window screen, find and point your mouse cursor in the button called security, then you will see a pop-up called “MAC Filter”, then click it.
  6. Then the window screen will change to MAC Filter table, you will see the list of the gadgets that access your network connections.
  7. Under the MAC address filter, click the option called enable.
  8. Then inside the MAC filter table, you will see a check box under allow and MAC address.
  9. Before you can click the apply button, be sure to select only the MAC address that you need only to access in your network by clicking the boxes under the allow.
  10. Then click the apply button below that table or on your window screen.
  11. You can try any of your phones and uncheck it under the allow of the MAC filter table. Then open your browser then type any sites, then you will see the response of your browser said “You’re Offline”
  12. Then you can log out now.
  13. Then you have done.

You can leave your questions in the comment bar below. See you next post.


Courtesy: Core Institute Of Technology- Davao City

This new course under the TESDA curriculum called, COMPUTER SYSTEM SERVICING(CSS NC II) is the predecessor of the former computer course called, Computer Hardware Servicing(CHS NCII). Through this new curriculum, all the CHS NC2 holder needs to take the exam for this new course. But if you passed now the competencies and competencies of the CHS, you can ask only for the training of the competencies that you have not taken under the CSS NC2 training regulations. Read the below CORE Competencies of this new course.

In order to check yourselves as a CHS NC2 holder that you’re capable to take the exam. Check the below information of the training regulations. I only omitted the other information because it’s too long. But I picked up rather the very important, such as the Competency Standards, BASIC, common, and the core competencies. If you want the whole Training Regulations(TR) of this course, just use the contact page of this course or email me at this email address greencomval@gmail.com

But a reminder to all, this is not a leakage for the exam but this is a part of the Training Regulations (TR). If you wanted to pass the exam, all you need is to check and study. The Base of the competency standards of this course written below.


This section gives the details of the contents of the core units of competency required for COMPUTER SYSTEMS SERVICING NC II.