Prevent Users to Access in Unsafe Sites

Prevent Users To Access In Unsafe Sites

The use of Internet is both a positive and negative purpose but it’s for business purpose for us. But at the backend of this, business word have two perfect much and this for good and bad or positive and negative purpose. Many users got bad experience regardless of how they use or surf the internet because of the word purpose which much in our mine using the Internet browser and the Search Engine of a certain sites. But actually beyond of this it help or it help to do people doing bad or make violations against people or to his/here work. And that’s why we need to create a certain idea how to prevent this or how to block this, not in a purpose to draw them out of the internet. But actually our users prevent them not to getting access of that site.

This is also helpful to the company needs to prevent their employees not getting access to the sites that could bothered to their working responsibilities. Such as getting access of the social network, example to the facebook and Youtube that may hindrance of the operations of the employees and through their working loads time.

So, how to do this and what we are needed to equip our computer or our computer network to prevent our users to access in unsafe and prohibited sites? Just follow the simple procedures below:

First option: Set to disabled the cookies using your browsers
I posted before How to disabled enabled cookies using your browsers installed in your computer. This will help you as a minimal settings but not more effective to prevent our users to access the prohibited sites.

Second Option: Install the programs that has an ability to block sites and other windows settings of our computer. One of the software utility that I know is the HT Employee Monitor. You can download it in any sites that provide a free downloads and subscription. Remember that if a free download HT Monitor or any site blocker software installed in your computer has only limited days or month to use as free trial you need to buy or pay the subscribe account you want to purchase.
How To Install HT Monitor Employee?
  1. Download first the HT Monitor
  2. Once you download it in your computer, double click the Icon and follow the onscreen instruction provided.
  3. Now you will prompted in a pop up windows or a current windows asking you to buy, register, or continue.
  4. Just click the continue button if you don’t want to buy the subscription. You have 14 days left during the days of the installation.
  5. Click Ok button of the next window.
  6. Now you are ready to block the sites you wanted to block. see the post picture shown above
  7. Example, if you want to block Facebook click the button link called “Facebook Blocking”
  8. You will see a next window that have a allow link of 3 sites which have a green color, just click it.
  9. Now you can select to block the three sites or leave one of it.
  10. And if you want to block a porn sites or other sites to block just click add sites button on the right of that window.
  11. If your finish click ok button of that window.
  12. Now you can go on for another settings of your computer that you want to block.
  13. If you’re finish all the blocking click all the close window in the top of HT Employee and memorize the keys instructed of the last window whenever you wanted to open again the HT Employee monitor.
  14. And you’re done now. 
Remember that this is not only intended for the employees but it most recommended also to the family to safe protect our Childs in any prohibited sites. It must better to prevent first than to apprehend. If our computer access always to any of the harmful sites that are prohibited we will always carried the V.I.R.U.S back to our computer storage. Excluded the Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. And that a very headache and profitable to the work of technicians and time consuming to the company MIS that manage the computer networks. “End”    
Prevent Users to Access in Unsafe Sites Arnel G. Cartoneros 5 of 5
The use of Internet is both a positive and negative purpose but it’s for business purpose for us. But at the backend of this, busin...
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