How to Repair NTLDR Missing of your Windows Operating System

Error On Post NTLDR Missing 

NTLDR means Windows NT loader is a boot loader of the Windows NT Operating, including Microsoft Windows Experience and Windows 2003. The Personal Computer or other machines designs to load the startup files after the POST (Power On Self Test). This is stored primarily in the first hard drive or a master drive of computer located in the drive c:. This file is being loaded every now and then once your powerup the computer as boot loader. And even in the Optical drives, USB Drive, FDD, or even in a ZIP drive once it use as the primary drive of Operating System.

This is usually happen if one of start file damage, you need to repair this using startup menu

Our computer may encountered this trouble once we powerup and there are any other means why it cause and error. Either it is cause by a wrong boot drive, example USB flash drive, CD-ROM, Microfloppy Diskette, and even in the HDD where the Operating System is reside. That it is not properly configured during the boot process or not a startable files.

Sometimes you will stock it here once one of the startup file damage

Lets talk about how to solve this, and how to avoid this.

You will bring here after you solve the problem of NTLDR

  1. Once your computer halted during powerup and you will see an error above left called “NTLDR is missing, press CTRL + ALT + DEL to restart”.
  2. Turn-off first your computer before you proceed.
  3. Check whether you stored any storage media in your one of your drive, example USB Flash Drive inserted in USB port. Remove any drives that inserted in your drive probably.
  4. If there are no drives, check and update your BIOS System and check the first boot device sitted in your BIOS.
  5. Then change your BIOS first boot device
  6. Check and update also your main or standard BIOS sitting.
  7. Then check also the connection of your bus wire or IDE or SATA cable, might be it is loosen.
  8. If the boot strap is good, press F8 so that it will load in advance menu.
  9. When you are prompted, select safe mode with command prompt.
  10. And press Enter key.
  11. Just wait until the windows files are fully loaded and the Desktop will open.
  12. Once you there and the MS-DOS is open as pop up type in command line that have a blinking horizontal small line this command: chkdsk then press Enter. Wait until it finish, this will repair any bad OS files or a damage files inside the Operating System.
  13. Now when it finish, type another command like this: defrag c: then press enter key.
  14. Just wait until it will finish defragging your files. This utility command also use to perform to arrange the data into adjacent section of your drives. And this will also repair your disk in any error inside of your drives. Such as the Operating System Files.
  15. Now if you have also any registry cleaner such as CCCleaner just execute also.
  16. When finish just restart your computer. And it will fully load your windows Xp normally.
  17. Now your done.
And if happen after powerup and still the error is exist during the boot process including in the safemode, it is the time to repair or format your computer 1st HDD. But try first to repair using the boot console of your windows Xp installer. And if your trying to format your HDD be sure that all important files is backup. Do your best to repair using the boot console. And if this happen in your Windows 7 OS just leave your message below.
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  NTLDR means Windows NT loader is a boot loader of the Windows NT Operating, including Microsoft Windows Experience and Windows 2003. ...
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