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Microsoft One Drive for Cloud Storage

Microsoft One Drive For Cloud Storage

We thank of the Microsoft is innovating a site of the internet that we can safety vault our data using the internet. An online file hosting service that allow us to upload files and synchronize files to a cloud storage using our browsers. Unlike other cloud storage such as dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive offered a highest storage amounting to 15 GB for free of a new users.

To start to use this cloud storage of the Microsoft just open this link in your browsers or click this link: OneDrive, you can start by signing up using the internet site.
Follow the instruction below:

  1. Click sign-up button
  2. In the next pop up window, you need to select of the two under it. If for personal click signup for free. And if for business select business as start for trial.

How to Repair NTLDR Missing of your Windows Operating System

Error On Post NTLDR Missing 

NTLDR means Windows NT loader is a boot loader of the Windows NT Operating, including Microsoft Windows Experience and Windows 2003. The Personal Computer or other machines designs to load the startup files after the POST (Power On Self Test). This is stored primarily in the first hard drive or a master drive of the computer located in the drive c:. This file is being loaded every now and then once you power up the computer as a boot loader. And even in the Optical drives, USB drives, FDD, or even in a ZIP drive once its uses as the primary driver of the Operating System.

This is usually happen if one of start file damage, you need to repair this using startup menu

Our computer may encounter this trouble once we power up and there are any other means why it cause and error. Either it is caused by a wrong boot drive, for example, USB flash drive, CD-ROM, Micro floppy Diskette, and even in the HDD where the Operating System resides. That it is not properly configured during the boot process or not a startable file.

Prevent Users to Access in Unsafe Sites

Prevent Users To Access In Unsafe Sites

The use of the Internet is both a positive and negative purpose but it’s for business purposes for us. But at the backend of this, business word has two perfect much and this for good and bad or positive and negative purpose. Many users got bad experiences regardless of how they use or surf the internet because of the word purpose which much in our mind using the Internet browser and the Search Engine of a certain site. But actually, beyond of this, it helps or it helps to do people doing bad or make violations against people or to his/her work. And that’s why we need to create a certain idea of how to prevent this or how to block this, not in a purpose to draw them out of the internet. But actually, our users prevent them not to getting access to that site.

This is also helpful to the company needs to prevent their employees not getting access to the sites that could be bothered their working responsibilities. Such as getting access to social networks, for example, Facebook and Youtube that may hindrance the operations of the employees and through their working loads time.

So, how to do this, and what we are needed to equip our computer or our computer network to prevent our users to access unsafe and prohibited sites? Just follow the simple procedures below:

First option: Set to disabled the cookies using your browsers