Maintain Power Supply Unit of Computer

PC Power Supply Unit
One of the most important parts of the computer is the Power Supply Unit or PSU. This device acts as responsible for converting, commonly in the Philippines is 220-240 Alternating Current Voltages. It will be converted down to low-level voltages called Direct Current Voltages of the computer. Commonly rated as +12, –12, +5, –5, 3.3 DCV standard use to function the computer systems. Inside of this device, it is built with a variety of electronic components, such as the electronic circuit board and the exhaust fan serves as the cooler or the blower of the temperature to maintain the normal temperature of the electronic components, such as the transformer, capacitors, and transistors. The common cause of the failure of this device is the dust buildup inside. That will cause the failure of the exhaust fan coil, because of the stoppage inside and this is because of the locking of lubricant. And this is the start of the weakness of the electronic parts that sensitive to overheat temperature such as the output capacitors that have only 150 degrees Celsius. If this happens to your computer it will cause you to restart randomly and this will cause you to corrupt and hang-up up the Operating Systems of the computer. That will cause the failure of the HDD in the next days of using your computer.
PSU Full Of Dust Buildup
To avoid this unpredicted failure that probably causes by the burning also of the exhaust fan coil inside of the PSU, we need to perform maintenance of the PSU by removing the dust buildup inside and check the rotation of the exhaust fan that will rotate freely counterclockwise. Follow the steps below of this post.

1. Open your system case (CPU).

2. Remove the power supply unit, but before to remove be sure that the power cord is unplugged and remove the ATX power connector of the Motherboard.
Maintain Power Supply Unit
3. Remove the 4 screws position above side by side or above the PSU.
Clean Exhaust Fan
4. Remove the Exhaust Fan by removing the 4 screws holding the Exhaust fan.
Note: Here in this step after cleaning this Exhaust Fan, you need to lubricate also this moving part, use WD-40. Then open the small cap at the center of this exhaust fan and spray it using the WD40.
Check Damage caps and remove Dust buildup Inside
5. And Remove also the electronic circuit board.
6. Remove the dust buildup of it using a paintbrush.
7. And check any initial burning of the electronic parts.
8. Put a lubricant grease on the exhaust fan by removing the sticker and remove the small rubber cap.
Test PSU Using Paper Clips
9. Then if all function of the PSU is normal, assemble the PSU and test it.
10. Use a paper clip and jumper the green wire and black to power up the PSU.
11. Use a Multitester to measure the voltage DC output of the PSU.
12. If the voltages are normal and correct as I said above assemble it in the CPU and run and test the computer.
Try To Run Windows Until Desktop
13. And if the computer is running normally, you're done now.

See you in the next post. “End”    

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One of the most important parts of the computer is the Power Supply Unit or PSU. This device acts as responsible for converting, common...
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