Maintain Computer Motherboard

Computer Motherboard

The motherboard (MOBO) of a computer is the foundation of the variety of chips to perform lots of functions of the computer. And one of the microchips is the Microprocessor Chips that mounted in the processor socket built in the MOBO. The motherboard is housed inside the system case, that this system case simultaneously building dust inside. And one of the hardware, where the dust buildup gathers, is the motherboard and together the processor mounting air block or simply called processor cooler that cannot rotate exactly because of the dust buildup block on it. And this will cause overheated the heatsink assembly then the thermal paste will be dried up that will cause to not hold the processor and the heatsink assembly of the cooling fan or the air block. This will cause the malfunction of the computer because of the overheat. And the very will know symptom and error is the reset mode error in a moment of time. That sometimes will cause the blue screen of death (BSOD) of the computer that will damage the hard disk if the error does not solve immediately.

Computer Motherboard Intel Compatible
So the purpose of this post is to let you learn how to maintain your motherboard and how to clean and maintain the processor mounted in the motherboard. Just follow the instructions below of this post. (See the post image above)


1. Disassemble your computer system unit (CPU)
2. Remove the MOBO to be assured of the correct orientation of the connections before removing them. Such as the front panel connections
3. Perform brushing to remove the dust buildup, be sure to clean the PCI slots and Memory slots
4. Remove the processor heat sink and air block
Remove CPU Chip Air Block
5. Brush the dust build-up surrounded by the processor socket area. Note: Do not remove the processor to avoid brushing the pin of the sockets, it will cause damage to the pin that cannot be returned to its normal position.
6. Clean and remove the old thermal paste used above the processor chip using 70% Alcohol, wipe it surely.
Clean Processor 7. Remove the processor in the socket. Note: Be sure of the correct orientation of the processor mounted in the socket and check whether the pin has no dust or any broken pin.
Remove Processor

View Of Processor After Remove Intel
8. Then clean the air block
Clean Airblock 9. Brust the air block if necessary to remove the dust from it.
10. Then assemble the air block to the processor socket, be sure to put a peanut size of thermal paste in the processor and air block heatsink. Before mounting it in the motherboard socket.

Put Thermal Paste above of the processor 

 PC Processor thermal Paste

11. It’s done, assemble the motherboard in the system case after, be sure to mount the memory in the memory slot. And be sure to lock the lever at both ends of the slots.


  • Be sure to away the wiring in the moving parts inside the system unit.
  • Be sure to perform the safety precautions in assembling the computer system unit.
  • Be aware of the weak capacitors of the MOBO, it will cause serious failures of the computer once it turns on.
  • Be sure to insert properly the RAM in the DIMM slot, if you failed this you will cause serious damage to your computer.
  • Once you check first the display of your computer, do not connect first your HDD, if you failed this will cause serious damage to the operating system.
  • Once you check your HDD, check it in the BIOS system first.
  • If you have a problem with your BIOS/CMOS of your PC or laptop motherboard, you can use this site for further information how to reset BIOS firmware.

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The motherboard (MOBO) of a computer is the foundation of the variety of chips to perform lots of functions of the computer. And one...
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