How to Maintain Video Cards

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The video Cards or Video Graphics Adapter is one of the main hardware of the computer. This is responsible to process the display of the monitor screen in different applications, for example, the games of the computer that popular to the other user and most of all to the children. But in the motherboard of the computer, there is one of the built-in ports of the VGA but it is limited only to Gigabytes. So it is understood that will not compatible with the system requirements of the other program, example for the games. So this device of the computer is one of the budgets of our wallet, and we need to care of this to stay longer of this device of our computer so that no other budgets again for this by performing maintenance of our computer and through the video card.

PCI'e model with additional ports for monitor connections

Just see the pictures I posted here and perform by following the instruction below. And be sure that you have knowledge of technical works.

1. Open your system case, be sure that the computer is turned off and you ground yourself before holding any hardware of the computer.
2. Unscrew the blanket area of the VGA- PCI e type or any.
3. Release the lock of the PCI e slot behind it.
4. Remove diligently the VGA card.
5. Now use an anti-static mat and put the VGA card on it.
Use the paint thinner and paint brush to remove dust buildup before to installer the airblock
6. Clean the VGA by using a paintbrush.
7. Unscrew the screws of the GPU cooler fan
Using your screw driver you can remove GPU air block for repair 
8. Remove the cooler fan of the Graphic processor unit
Clean first the GPU chip using tissue before to put the air block
9. Clean the GPU microchip using 70 percent alcohol and be sure to remove the old thermal paste above it.
The VGA heat sink help to normalize the heating of the GPU processor
10. Clean and remove also the thermal paste under the cooler fan.
11. Perform contact cleaning of the pin using a paper eraser.
Using pencil eraser you can clean the contact terminal of the video card
12. Put a new thermal paste of the above of the GPU chip, only a peanut size.
 Putting thermal paste to the GPU will help to prevent overheat of the GPU
13. Then assemble the cooling fan and be surely tighten the heatsink of the cooler fan (air block).
14. Assemble it in the PCI e slot of the MOBO.
15. Then perform a test if there will be a display of your monitor screen.
16. And if ok return to full service.

To perform a test of the VGA card remember to remove the HDD cable and power cord to protect the HDD whenever there will be a failure of the VGA during a test. It will cause damage to the HDD that commonly happens to the old HDD. “End” 
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The video Cards or Video Graphics Adapter is one of the main hardware of the computer. This is responsible to process the display of t...
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